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He aspired home — there where there was OHA. Isabella. Approaching "den" of vampires, Edward listened to thoughts of all reasonable beings nearby. His extremely useful ability "reading thoughts" was unique. Thanks to this feature, Kalleny an uncountable set of times avoided various troubles and dangers. In the building there was nobody, except his darling and desired Bella. The girl didn't know that he so is mad about her. Edward wasn't going to report A to it about it. Judging by thoughts, Isabella was engaged in washing of ware. Manually. The dishwashing car and other inventions of mankind in "family" were decided not to be bought — so girls constantly with what-to were busy and often were in kitchen on the first floor, available to others desires. Isabella's smell pursued the vampire to the course of all hunting. Ee aroma always very much was pleasant to Edward as also taste of ee of blood which Ad tried only in fucking time, for strengthening of pleasant feelings. Edward and other vampires ate exclusively animal — the body of the person simply wouldn't sustain such feedings, frequent and big on volume. The intensity of aroma of Isabella increased. The vampire approached her. Having run up a porch of house Kallenov, Edward quietly got inside and went to the purpose. He approached a threshold of kitchen and stood a little, enjoying a type of the girl. Light jeans densely fitted elastic popochku, a chestnut curls went down to the middle of a back. Bella washed ware in earphones. Edge of an eye having noticed whose-to presence, it was developed and saw the eager Edward's eyes. The girl took out earphones from ears, expecting orders from one of the owners. — You approach and suck away to me — she heard the imperious order Эдâaрäa.В the house there lived several girls - slaves — Rosalie, Isabella and Alice. Two last relatively appeared recently in house Kallenov. Each of slaves, belonged to all Men in this house at once. To misters. To owners. In the beginning, when girls only joined family of vampires, they not always wished proximity and vampy imposed on them the charms. Charms practically completely disconnected consciousness of the person and allowed to send his desires to any party. stories about sex For bitches it was very sexually active time. Them snoshali it is very frequent, being interrupted only on food and a dream ÷eëoâe÷eк.Ñeй÷aс Edward didn't begin to use the magic abilities — he wanted that Bella was real. He knew that his dick is especially pleasant to this girl. He was those sizes which brought to Bella special pleasure both in a mouth, and in a vagina, and in buttocks. To that, charms in general practically ceased to impose — girls absolutely ceased to resist. And, by a bigger part, sought for sex. Bella, having heard the told words, I switched off water and I wiped wet hands. I approached Edward, and, without tearing off a look from his groin, I fell by knees. Having bitten the lower sponge, she accurately undid jeans — a button and a lightning, and got his ideal poured penis. With easy groan she licked language a bridle and took in the warm mouth all head of his big dick at once. Edward often allowed Isabelle to suck away to him what she always thanked him for. Sometimes aloud, sometimes in thoughts. Having begun to suck his penis, Bella couldn't stop any more, and accepted it in herself more and more deeply. Vo the vagina and in buttocks began to prick from excitement and there was a strong wish to fill them. It is desirable other dicks. Bella could not be distracted by expression of the thoughts aloud — Edward could read with ease them in ee to the head. Ee of a thought were quite simple: "Shit, he with work is located at me in a mouth, but the neck", "Thanks, Mister so pleasantly tickles, I dreamed of it since morning "and "As I love this dick Mmmmmmm ".uslyshav Bella's thoughts, Edward loudly moaned. Bella sucked away strongly and deeply — so as bronzovolosy the vampire usually preferred. Hands she caressed the basis of his dick, an a throat made glotatelnye movements when it was necessary. Thus the beauty moaned — creating okheritelno pleasant vibrations. Edward loved blowjob in Bella's execution more suctions of other bitches. The girl intuitively felt what exactly movements by a mouth, language and the head and at what moment the owner wants ee.