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We as I also spoke, live in marriage 10 years. And over time desire began to die away not that, but to become slightly more dimly. brightness and sharpness of impressions began to vanish and I didn't know as to correct it, prior to one memorable event. Somehow once we decided to drink a little Saturday evening, but there was no wish to go anywhere especially, and one to sit was dullishly too. Therefore we, having rung round several friends, invited them on a visit. Evening passed quite pleasantly, there was a lot of communication, jokes and the audience didn't regret that they came to us. But all became closer by the night slowly to disperse. Our old acquaintance Ilya remained the last. He well became slightly tight and the wife suggested him to spend the night at us. We live in the private house and above on the second floor there are two small rooms located the friend opposite to the friend. One of them our bedroom, other bedroom for guests. When all dispersed, the wife approached me and told: — Give to darling you here be tidied up a little, and I will go to Ilya I will lay in the room, and he fills up that already. It was the truth, high and thin Ilya was already sleepy also Natasha having taken him by an arm led on the guest upward to the guest bedroom. I remained below and removed empty bottles, rinsed glasses, collected pieces of paper, etc. Somewhere in about 20 minutes doing the cleaning and in fact almost finishing, I heard some sounds which guarded me. Having got up quietly I listened. From above silent rhythmical blows and a poskripyvaniye reached. I at first didn't understand that it. But then the sound seemed to acquaintances and when I understood that the bed so creaks and hits in a wall near which costs me went hot also cold at the same time. "He that... He her there... Fucks? Fucks my wife? My Natasha?" In the head everything mixed up, heart without restraint beat also it as though poured hot syrup, the forehead and cheeks burned, I breathed as if ran couple of kilometers, and the dick strangely enough got up and was firm as a stone. Quietly going on wadded legs, I slowly opened a door and listened. Skips and blows became more distinct, and among them I caught the same rhythmical postanyvaniye of my wife. Without understanding what to do, I began to walk quietly upstairs. I, of course, would need to rush to them and to stop treason, but the closer I approached, the more distinctly understood that not for the world I won't begin to disturb them. And sounds became more distinct. I already heard how his balls clap on vulvar lips of my wife, heard how her vagina tastefully champs. when he drives in her a dick. "She so strongly became wet!" I thought. I heard how with each his blow my wife quietly and with pleasure groaned "Yes! Yes! Yes! Still! Still! Yes!" Ilya began to accelerate, driving in the dick into her is tougher and tougher, and I heard as she began to howl and understood that an orgasm close. Here he still accelerated, here she began to groan very quickly, then suddenly became silent for a moment and only the sound of frictions and knock of a bed on a wall was heard. And after that from her breast the loud lingering groan escaped. "It terminated!" — I understood. My wife terminated under other man! — My bitch! — I heard Ilya's voice — Well, it was pleasant? — Daaa! — with pleasure my wife sang and I felt that she smiles in all mouth the whorish smile. which was only seen before by me. — Still you want? — he asked — an agaa! — she moaned. — Then get up dog-fashion! — Ilya's team followed and judging by a sound, my Natasha implicitly obeyed. For some instant sounds stood, and then in silence the abrupt joyful groan of my wife and an easy slap sounded. Ilya entered it breakthrough and also rough breakthroughs began not to fuck even, and just to tear up my wife as the whore. — What, the bitch, is pleasant to you? — again Ilya asked.— Oh, daa! Daaa! Daaa! — my wife in a rhythm to his blows groaned. And suddenly I heard a loud and biting slap from which my Natasha somehow joyfully and in a whorish way screamed. "It struck her an ass! — reached to menya-On slaps her in a bum as the cheap skank and it is pleasant to her, judging by joy in a voice!" For some reason now I fully understood that Ilya not just fucks my favourite wife, and he fucks the most lewd and cheap skank. which my wife now also is. It made horney so strongly that I almost couldn't restrain any more. And in the room slaps were heard even more often and on each of them Natasha is grateful and in a whorish way joyfully podvizgivat and howled sometimes putting these abrupt povizgivaniye in the word "Yes!". And Ilya tore up her! Gods, as he tore up her! The squelching sounds of frictions were carried on all house, the bed violently fought a back in a wall and creaked, my wife squealed and howled under it and in her voice only pleasure, gratitude and happiness were heard. Her whorish happiness. I already counted that Natasha terminated 4 times. but Ilya didn't think to stop. He changed poses and here at the next change he told: — Move apart buttocks! "He wants to fuck her to the back!" I guessed. But whether she will agree? She gave me all time 3 in an anal and every time tried to shirk anal sex. Maybe here will refuse? But I heard as she with pleasure sang "Uauuummm!" and apparently I obeyed. — I will shout. — she whispered — to shout loudly, but you don't stop, I want to shout under you! And I heard as loudly she moaned. when most likely he began to enter the dick into her hard anus. (Especially for And madness was farther. He tore up her still razmashisty more roughly, walls just shuddered from such sex, Natasha shouted at all house. I fought under him and I cumed again and again. And I terminated already 4 times too. When sounds in the bedroom began to calm down, I also silently went down. Through some time I heard easy steps. The wife went down. The door opened and I was struck dumb. Natasha faced me absolutely naked. She all shone from sweat which streamed on her streamlets. Hair are tousled, on a breast, a neck and shoulders traces of hickeys, on a face and in hair a cum, on a breast and hips red prints of male palms, and buttocks just burn with crimson.