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He and the secretary Masha all night long touched lots of payment orders, trying to understand them. A mess in the computer. … Only by the morning everything was reduced and ordered. It was clear that, how many, when also to someone for what it was translated. The sum, after a deduction of all payments and taxes was clear and pleasantly pleased. On a table the folder, a personal record of his brand new bookkeeper lay and there was a glass of cold orange juice which was sweating, expiring drops brought by Masha. - What with her to do to me? To dismiss to hell … - the Drink from the sweating glass, and cool moisture, swept a cool wave on a throat. - Or. … And the conditioner should be put, and not slowly. Masha! Call Irina! The room was entered by the tall fair-haired woman of years 30 dressed in the summer dress which from a heat stuck to a body stopped before a table at which Yury sat. Caused? - it is guilty she told. Yury raised eyes and, not randomly having glanced in a deep low neck, noticed a strip of the dark blue brassiere hiding elastic breasts. - Yes. Fig. Not only that you are late every day, you parted such mess in payment orders. We all night long worked with Maria Petrovna, sorting your mess. - Yury Ivanovich … Yury nervously zaterebit a tie and took a sip from the sweating glass. - Such mistakes and such mess it isn't pardonable. Do you understand it? It isn't important that my uncle brought you. - Yury Ivanovich, it not to repeat any more, I promise. - You will be punished. Yury opened the folder lying before him lovingly prepared by Maria Petrovna. - It is the order on your dismissal, it was necessary only to sign. You have two options. Or take away the order and slide to hell, or you will be flogged. I will give you chance especially as you promise that it not to repeat. Choose. Irina, having made eyes, round from surprise, I looked steady at Yury. - you it is serious? - is more serious not where. Choose - or, or. Did you nearly ruin me, you think, it to you so just will escape punishment? Irina thought of how she long looked for more - less decently paid work, and at home two children. There is no husband. It is necessary to suffer. How it is a shame … - And someone will strap me? You? Yury, angrily having looked, I stretched an envelope. - On an envelope phone, you will call and you will give an envelope. Go. Irina, having turned, I hurried to an exit, and Yury, having looked in a trace at the round bottom fitted by a thin dress I thought that, probably, this whore of pants doesn't carry. Having returned, home Irina got a treasured envelope from a handbag and, worrying, dialed number written on it by large figures. - Good evening. May I help you? – To Irina's surprise she was answered by female cheerful. benevolent voice. - Good evening. I from Yury Ivanovich, he asked to give you an envelope. - Yes, yes. He called me. You Irina? Very pleasant. Come to me since morning, children at school so far tomorrow. In 10 at me. I wait. And she called the address. In due time Irina knocked at a door. She was opened by the slender girl of years 25. - Hello. You Irina? I am the Stele. You pass. It then – she stopped Irina. Trying to get the fingers shivering for nervousness from a handbag an envelope and I allowed her into the apartment. In the large room the wall had a sofa on which several small pillows lay, on the middle the carpet lay, there were backs to each other two chairs. At other wall the narrow couch fitted by skin. Several belts and strange flexible rods with a handle hung on hooks. - You pass, undress – she smiled to Irina who quailed from not a clear situation. – You to me came to have not tea. Here, you can undress there – I showed a hand in a corner where on a wall there were not how many hooks. Undress to pants if you hesitate. And you can also to a goal, all the same pants should be taken off. Behind that you will pass on the middle of the room, don't forget an envelope.And she took seat on a sofa, having put thin hands on a breast, having thrown a leg on a leg, with interest inconsiderately considering Irina. - You so well sunbathed. Where did have a rest? - To Bulgaria went, Golden Sands – I answered, being confused, Irina, having turned away and lowering pants. - One or with someone? If it isn't a secret. - Not a secret. With Vadim. He works as the doctor in the 2nd city hospital. - And with Vadim … The shadow ran on her face. - And you know him? - As to me not to know him, he doesn't pay the second month alimony to me. And itself with you means, on the abroad drives about. - Sorry, I didn't know. We left him – Irina told, having shrunk and being covered with hands. - Left? Why? You are a girl visible. In total at everything. Well and it is fine. We will begin. Take an envelope and become a reblast furnace on the middle of the room. The stele got up from a sofa, and, having approached almost closely, took an envelope from her shivering hands. Irina felt as vorobyshka on a visit at a cat. A nervous trembling, having run pimples on a body, I stiffened in tips of nipples. - Lower hands, exactly stand. The stele broke off an envelope and rounded with astonishment eyes, увидав figure on the sheet of paper. - What did you do? - I was mistaken in calculations. Irina answered nearly crying, trying to summon pity. - I was mistaken in calculations, means. The stele disapprovingly shifted eyebrows and frowned. - I offer you at choice - to strap you on a back, on a stomach, or on all fours. Irina, being in perplexity, I was silent. - Well, then I will solve.