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Hot tayka are a dream of any man respecting himself who isn't fixated on one woman and loves sexual adventures. But I was interested not in a banal fucking as and in Moscow I wasn't deprived of attention of cow calves, and the Thai blowjob, speaking Russian - blowjob. My friend who was in Thailand recently, said that it is so widespread goods, as well as soft drinks - at every turn suggest to take for a cheek. Unlike domestic prostitutes, a tayka just of the goddess of blowjob - my companion who on "carrots" as the Russian tourists call the Thai prostitutes, lowered everything grandmas who I had to spend for purchase of the cheap equipment (behind that he, actually and I went to Thailand claimed). The only thing that not really was pleasant to it - the fact that after the trip he found in himself some intimate sore which was quickly cured, however. I never had such problems as I though practice free sex, didn't forget about safety. I am registered on the portal long ago, and I try to choose partners checked with fresh analizm for venereal infections too - then not to tear hair on balls... With tayka in respect of safety of course it is more difficult – but I hope a condom and processing of causal places any zarazoubivalka, like a miramistin - and no problem. The easiest way to remove "carrot" in Tye is to come into go-go of bars and to choose the pleasant girl. Someone said that in some places checks are even issued for blowjob, but I wasn't going to check it. The friend told me what tayka from go-go unscrupulous - suck at everyone, in a day can pass more than ten clients therefore it is more best to look for carrot on the embankment, among removable - and the choice it is more, and meet more beautifully. So I also arrived. My Sonni (I don't think that it was her real name, but what to me eventually a difference?) I was a clear head - we agreed with her that she will come to me every evening to certain time (I removed a beach lodge near the embankment). Sonni told that for three thousand baht a day I can do with her everything that I will want. Looking at her nipples which are sticking out from under a streychevy undershirt, I wanted it right there, on the embankment, though we were familiar only ten minutes. The friend told me that, removing carrot on the embankment, it is necessary to ask her to show the female accessories, and that so nearby to run on ледибоя - the girl with a penis. I told Sonni that I want to look at her pussy. Probably, she got used to similar requests because she at once took me by hand and took away in a shadow of trees. She shamelessly unzipped a jeans short skirt and I saw her oiled pubis and small leather cherry below. It was the girl, fine, attracting and making horney, but not nasty lediby. When Sonni smiled, I saw her snow-white teeth which resembled a pearls scattering in a velvet cavity of her small mouth. I presented how these teeth bite a head of my dick and felt that at me in trousers, as they say, everything woke up. She noticed it and without ceremony suggested me to suck off right there that I could estimate her skill. What at me will be sucked away in the middle of the park first confused me, but then I remembered - same Pattaya, all is possible here! I wanted to take off jeans, but Sonni pomotat the head, having let me know that it is optional. She unzipped also my horney penis which suffered in an imprisonment already half an hour slipped out on will. I wildly wanted that she at once took him in a mouth, but Sonni as if didn't pay attention to my gestures. She began to delay slowly skin, baring the doubled head, gradually increasing the pace. It was so not similar to habitual masturbation: its gentle as if children's fingers as if plunged into my flesh on all length of a penis, and he responded on each her touch by a new wave of excitement. Suddenly she released me. Sonni easily pushed me on a wide convenient pack which was in the place of our privacy very useful. I understood that now there will be a show. In some inconceivable way the tayka made a start from the earth and got up on hands, having thrown legs to me on shoulders. Her bosom which revealed from excitement appeared in several centimeters from my person. I approached him and inhaled this erogenous smell - a youth smell, a smell of the flesh which is eager for copulation. Suddenly I felt as if electric current pierced all my body - it the Bay Sonni at last reached my dick. I didn't see how it does it because before my eyes there was only her juicy chink, but felt how her sharp tongue draws zigzags and spirals on my little friend. She licked it greedy, violently as the child sweet tooth licks ice cream. It was improbable - she manufactured such things, without touching with a hand my penis - hands she stood on the earth! I terminated in a few minutes after the beginning of blowjob though I could constrain unperturbably myself very long earlier. Sonni swallowed everything to a drop. Whether it is worth saying that after that I gave her an earnest in two days and moreover I gave money for the taxi. When I got money, I assumed that Sonni can not come to me - yes the devil with it, it is possible to pay three times more for such blowjob. But she came same evening. Also everything began with massage. Oh this massage. I didn't have it yet. Her hand were so strong that sometimes not the girl seemed to me as if it at all. With such tenderness and force she warmed up all my body that I was already as if wadded and didn't want to move at all. But far from it. She turned on the relaxing music and in total with aromas of some candles which she kindled even before massage, she showed such striptease that mine дружек just began to boil. Once I didn't sustain and snatched on her. She was all mokrenky and warm. I entered her and almost at once terminated as the youth of school age. … such overexcitation I tested the Daaaaa decades. We took rest a little and went to walk to the beach. Night was bought and to hurry to me was not where. We lovely talked also her exciting attire under a moonlight, allowed me to concentrate less and less. We decided to bathe. Slightly остыв in water she nestled on me and began to kiss me. I lifted her on hands and washed ashore. In a moment I took off from her and myself all clothes and in spite of the fact that here can walk still someone entered her buttocks, I don't even know why, but I wanted anal sex. It was stunning. She slightly moaned and by that made horney me more and more. This night it seemed to me that my genital body will be erased at all as there was no wish to stop. Time flew by quickly and didn't manage to look back as brightly orange sun began to rise from water. We met dawn and dispersed then I overslept almost till the evening … She came to the next evening to me again and came every day, my Pattaya fiesta didn't come to an end yet...