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Means, now many to stretch before going to bed in a toilet, a shower or to smoke, will leave in a corridor, and there. Unexpectedly I felt that from understanding to be caught I strongly was made horney, the dick began to bulk up and rise. To be found in such look - even more I made horney. I reached already the middle of a corridor and passed by the leader's ladder on other floors, from a ladder voices reached, I turned the head also saw that flight above between floors several girls stand and smoke. I wasn't visible to them, and I saw them only from below on a belt, the ladder closed further. However from a thought that they will throw cigarettes now, and someone from them will go down on this floor, my goosebumps ran on a back, I went further and felt how my excitement grows, the dick was intense to a limit, palms became damp. I went and waited that in any second any of rooms or a door in shower by which I just passed and because of which water noise, loud laughter and voices was heard can open. At last I reached the end of a corridor and turned in ladder pass of a fire escape. Still the floor and I at the purpose. Here I the last steps to open a door, and there only five meters to the desired purpose. But the female voice forced me to stop I. On a voice it was heard that the girl left in a corridor and speaks by phone. - Hi! How are you? When will you arrive? I missed! Here so much it happened... Wait-wait, the talker. Time you will arrive tomorrow, and you will tell everything, and now I should run. I call, only to learn when you arrive. In my plans wasn't it will be lit in this social housing for needy. Witnesses weren't necessary to me. Having waited when the girl returns to the room, I passed to the desired room 315. The key in the lock quietly crackled, and the door opened. Was still early enough, and I didn't want to awake the production, at least, with a sound of the clapping door. I closed a door. I felt like a little bit the spy, I on tiptoe entered the room. Everything as it also told. Two girls, her daughters lay in the room on a bunk bed. In the room smelled of orange juice, so she already gave to drink them. It is good, so they will resist less. In an anticipation of so easy mark broke off my dick on a part. Nevertheless these forty thousand dollars of that stood. What bring debts, despair and love to the dying younger daughter to. This silly whore didn't understand that for this money she, and her daughters will jump on my dick still very long. Not for nothing I wrote down a conversation where she promises me the daughters on a dictophone. If they try to send me to prison, then their corrupt mummy will go together with me. No. I just adore paid medicine. What there are only no these pathetic losers for the sake of the treatment of the children on. I undressed, still trying not to rustle, and sat down on a bed edge at senior in legs. I had cold hands from the street, and I solved is sensitive to wait until they get warm. Besides several minutes of an anticipation will never prevent, and at all even on the contrary, will create the necessary spirit. Having stayed in such erotic meditation of minutes, five, I got under a blanket. Hands didn't get warm yet, but to my patience the limit came. Having accurately raised a blanket, I began to make the way to the purpose. The creator bless America. The ENT specialist, so it seems call senior, I lay, having turned in one leg. Her breath didn't change - means, she didn't wake up yet. Though to me also burned down one place from impatience, I tried not to hurry - I wanted it is possible will enjoy the moment longer, to wake her light caress so that she already in the sleep began to be made horney. Laura was very beautiful, 21 was her. Such blonde, with beautiful slender legs. The breast was good too, elastic, the average size as two great apples. Well, and her buttocks - the perfection is simple, I at all never saw such good buttocks! Not for nothing, it went to the gym as mother told it. On the top tier the younger daughter Gwen slept. For the 18th her body wasn't really developed. Probably the disease had an effect. Not big growth, nice legs, buttocks, well and boobies for such baby just magnificent. Laura was almost naked, in one undershirt and panties, I carefully climbed on her. I kissed her. Carefully I began to stroke her body. I saw off in her appetizing forms. Then I carefully lifted up a t-shirt. Also I began to lower slowly from it panties. From it the juice smell which I bought it was caught swear what she would give to drink both of them. I hope, I calculated quantity of tablets with sleeping pill in juice correctly and they won't wake up while I play with them. When I lowered Laura's panties to knees, she is unexpected, turned sideways. Probably nevertheless I didn't calculate a sleeping pill dosage. But to spit. I took off from her pants, and laid down on one side behind. My dick rested against her fine buttocks. I carefully raised her leg and the dick to it began to insert into a vagina. I accurately sent a dick to an entrance of her vagina. And the sharp movement I entered her. Laura woke up from pain. But me already was all the same, I shut her a mouth a hand and began to move slowly in her hole the dick. She began to twitch. - More quietly, more quietly. Everything is good, I want to give you pleasure, to you it is good?! You don't want that Gwen woke up. Therefore don't shout. I several times took out a dick and with a force inserted. Then I took away a hand from her mouth and squeezed her boobs. - Neeet someone you are stop - she Poorly moaned. - For anything, the bitch, your hole cost me in forty pieces. I won't stop. I drained in her and she became soft. I began to fuck her stronger. - I will fuck you long and persistently. - No, it isn't necessary, please. Why, why … I touched her breasts, she all coiled under me. I couldn't believe that I fuck such beauty. She tried, to escape, but I strong held her, she incoherently told something, but I began to be sucked with her again. In minutes 2 it stopped resisting, and I continued to fuck it. - Why? But because your mummy sold you to me. Because all in the nature is natural. Losers goods for successful people. - Not the truth, is not the truth. At Laura tears began to flow. It brought me even stronger. I with a force squeezed her magnificent nipples. Also the dick in her hole from all scope planted. - Still what truth. Your mummy got into debts completely. The unlucky whore lowered all money for treatment of your younger sister. Because of it you threw college. Be not upset. It is the fate of losers. Your mummy substituted a pizda under such loser as your late father. You will thank me still. I will correct your gene pool. Ta and Gwen awaking to give birth, birth and birth only to successful children. My children. From these words I felt that I cum, but the dick didn't begin to put out, I terribly wanted to terminate in this beautiful pussy. I set with her on the balls and began to cum, I cumed strongly and very many. Then I still lay down on her without putting out the dick. - Don't touch Gwen, the bastard. Laura tried to make angry a grimace, but under the influence of sleeping pill, the pathetic grimace which caused in me laughter turned out. I turned Laura on a back, and itself sat down from above and began to drive the dick on her lips. Laura lowed. Also I began to twirl by the head. - Lenochka open a mouth, please, suck my dick, I so helped you, and you don't want to concede me even it. The private clinic in which by your lovely Gwen can make transplantation of marrow costs much. Such losers as you will never have such money. And I have them. I am your benefactor. And the benefactor needs to go on a meeting. I finished it. I still moved the dick on her lips, and she slightly opened a mouth, probably intending to tell something, but I right there pushed a dick inside. I began to squat over her face and to fuck her in a mouth. And this whore didn't even manage to swallow of air, and soon began to breathe a nose. - Remember the babe, America the country of opportunities. Only losers think that for these opportunities it is unnecessary to pay. To you, pathetic losers there is nobody to complain more. Even your Komi won't help any more. And you know why because the Komi too the losers who got a false idea themselves capable to create justice. They wanted to exchange freedom of opportunities for freedom of justice. Yes in a coffin I saw their red freedom. I if I can stick such pretty girls. I was made horney by a thought, that it can become pregnant. I solved specially terminated in all her holes. I watched how she swallowed my dick, and fucked her more and more stronger, and terminated, again directly in her soon. I began to throw up violently a cum to her in a mouth, then the dick put out, and I nakonchat the remains to her directly on a face and hair. The ENT specialist to see, I couldn't swallow everything, and from her mouth, on a chin the cum began to flow down. I got down from it. - You are a cool nipple the babe. And with these words I wiped the dick about her hair. Looking at it, my dick got up again. I перевернулЕё on a stomach. To a campaign already everything was indifferent for her, she didn't even resist, tolkootreshenno looked in darkness of the room while the drop of a cum flew down from her cheek on a pillow. I looked at her, she was beautiful, beautiful legs, these delightful buttocks exposed to me on display. I could do with her everything that I will want. Only from this thought I was already ready to terminate. I stroked her buttocks, then raised it, and bended over, it not willingly accepted a pose. I moved apart her buttocks and zaglyadetsya on her. From her broken-off pussy blood flowed, and from above there was one more tiny hole, her anus was so fine that I wanted to otjimet her in buttocks. I inserted a dick in е to a pizd and made couple of movements to grease a dick with a cum. At the same time I thrust a club into a point and began to move it there, even the finger entered hardly and it began to resist. - No, it isn't necessary, only not there, I am afraid, it will be sick, I yet never... Plaintively she mumbled. But the blow of my fist to her sideways, forced her instantly will shut up and to whine plaintively. - Relax, now I will grease a dick with a cum and everything will be good. I told inconsiderately. Then I pulled out a dick from a pizda, it all was in a cum and its allocations. I put a head to an anus. Also I pressed, the head slowly, but entered there. - Painfully...-Quietly, everything will be good, your savior won't hurt you. I waited a little that she got used and began to move ahead inside. I already broke her the virgin, and now I wished to tear her buttocks. I held her by hips, and pulled her buttocks on the dick. Soon I already tore up her in a point. She began to cry, but it provoked me even more. At the same time I took her for a chin and pulled down, she opened a mouth, and I put the fingers to her in a mouth. It was fine, she began to smack the lips. A free hand I took it for hair and stuck her buttocks on the dick. I so her so about a quarter of hour. From me sweat flowed, and my dick didn't encounter any resistance any more, I quietly planted with her at all length, put out completely and planted again. It was pleasant to feel how her buttocks clasp my dick inside, squeezes it. I couldn't constrain more myself and began to cum in her rectum. It was magnificent, I pulled out a dick, moved apart her buttocks, an anus sphincter, didn't even contract, the hole was already such big that there four fingers without effort climbed. From her point my cum as however and from a pizda followed. Her legs were all sticky from my cum, and it was even not pleasant to me to lean against it already. And from her chin my cum dripped. Laura lay in a bed, weakened, humiliated. To see from shock this bitch fainted. I remembered that at on the top tier Gwen lies, now obviously the turn came for a dessert. On top, having been curtailed a ball, Gwen slept. To see sleeping pill all acted. I pulled together from her a blanket, I took on hands, I put on a floor and I began to undress her. Before me the beautiful naked eighteen-year creature lay. She had beautiful boobies, and nipples are hitched a little up up, is direct as I love. I spread her legs, pushed a finger in a pizda. He came across a barrier. - And this too the virgin though however, and it is unsurprising. I decided not to pull the moment, I laid down on her, the dick sent to her pussy and sharply I inserted. Gwen woke up from pain, and screamed from pain. - the baby is more silent, rejoice you already the girl. As well as your sister. Gwen began to escape and shout, but I closed her a mouth. I began to fuck her quickly. - Shut up the little bitch, and you will receive that. With these words I slapped her strong face, from her eyes tears rushed. - you are more silent, your sister lies in your bed, all fucked and obkonchany, you will behave well, you won't shout, and I won't beat you. I will even make to you pleasantly, understood?