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Life one, and everyone has the right to live it really in joy and pleasure. The concept "bonds of marriage" bears in itself some remnants of a serfdom and female lawlessness. To such conclusion I also came in connection with nizheopisuyemy events, and now I am happier. - When will we a normal sex, normal housing, prosperity and worthy life already have? – my wife was very irritable, sharp and angry today, but as she is beautiful in such state! – How many will I be content with your pod which and the dick that it is impossible to call? 15 second skorostret yours to me already where! – and the spouse the graceful, sharp movement ran a hand over a throat. – I want a full-fledged orgasm, with you I don't have it, my best years leave, I will bring to myself the lover or I will leave for good from you! From these words I felt ill at ease. But she was completely right. Each my "conjugal duty" was executed the last years at most one and a half-two minutes as I adjusted myself what I thought during the movement in the spouse's bosom of - everything terminated criminal quickly. I cumed, the wife didn't get an orgasm, it quickly bothered her and I hardly managed to finish her on another session of dissatisfaction of times a month. The patience at her appeared not infinitely. She returned at daybreak, slightly under the chief, the short leather skirt on her was shifted, it is visible that it was put on carelessly or she was tried to be pulled together, lifted up or with her to make something, hair are disheveled, cosmetics is slightly greased. - Where you were, darling, I didn't sleep all night long? – shy I asked. - At the girlfriend, - having shortly cut off, the wife threw, - the impotentishka and the loser with a small huyk – pricked вдогон the beloved spouse and fell to a bed, without undressing. I carefully took off from her shoes on hairpins, a skirt, a blouse and covered with a plaid my goddess and left for work. All day I was depressed. Will you leave me? Do you leave to another?! – so I thought of the wife. When I returned from work the wife still slept, having woken up, the spouse asked to have dinner. I resignedly put on an apron and began to make a lunch, and the spouse carefully dressed at this time, with love selecting underwear, cosmetics, spirits, stockings and other. On my question for someone she so carefully puts on she answered that today she has an important meeting and most likely again on all night long. When already everything was ready, the wife politely asked me to meet the child from school tomorrow and to go to the cinema with him. When she left, I rushed to her page in "schoolmates" and the first message to her old acquaintance: "Do you still sleep, forgive my love, - and how our "robust fellow"? Already wants and well?! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! He seems to me always wants and even when you sleep – here the spouse put down several smilies in a row. Here I was hit with current by a natural guess: My spouse has a lover and I already most likely the cuckold! The wife returned again at daybreak, on my question where she was the dearest spouse only полувиновато shrugged shoulders and smiled in reply, having added – bring me coffee, darling, yes more strong. – Irina, I addressed persistently the goddess, to me it is unimportant where you were all night long, the main thing that you are alive-is healthy and that it did you good, judging by your tired, but happy look, and I very much want you, now … - I concluded. - The computer is included? Bring me coffee there – having languidly and gracefully thrown up the handle of the spouse I went to the computer connected to a world wide web, to this reason, most likely, of suddenly gushed my troubles. Having brought the wife of coffee, I paid attention that Irina on the page and didn't even try again at we wash emergence her somehow to hide.– Yes, darling – the wife continued to communicate with the lover who amused her in response to that end of network, - I what write that, my hubby, mine рогоносик and an impotentishka desired me and … ha-ha-ha! – even more the spouse laughed loudly, having estimated his next grease joke at my address - very precisely! – she continued – yes what you?! This skorostret no more than 30 seconds if at all at him will get up and … aha … ha-ha-ha …, well, no, it precisely at the wrong door – was continued by my favourite spouse, laughing smilies – well I kiss and, I will miss, especially your kid robust fellow thirty-centimetric, yes … very ha … especially I kiss him and I love, he dements me, only about him both I think and I dream to swallow him all and not to release and suck passionately all night long! Yes! All everything, without coming off such charm, and at daybreak you will enter me - and it will be an orgasm avalanche!!! Ooh! Everything, darling, prior to a meeting, I love-love everything, very so far … I will take a nap".-Thanks for coffee, the hubby, also don't forget, the son today yours … Having returned with the little son from cinema, the wife greeted us joyful with a smile, she was in stockings and a men's white shirt, all torn, but happy, "danced to the heart's content", from for a short while pleasant fatigue, obviously not for nothing carried out three hours while we with the son were at cinema, and later had a bite in McDonald's. - Did you eat? Here and remarkably, make with the son lessons, darling. – the wife told and playfully I kissed me on a mouth. From her smelled slightly of wine and some third-party smell, I think, it is a smell of a men's cum, others men's cum! - Darling, I – added to a shower my favourite spouse. At night I managed her get to talking, she was very garrulous: - Understand, darling, with you I very long time ago had no orgasms, and having met this young man, I as though anew was born. Do you wish me only good luck and good, true? And it is impossible without high-quality, full sex. Your small penis, almost doesn't harden and quickly shoots, all this awfully bothered me, I need sex, I need the Man, but not a floorcloth, I want a young stallion, this young man ебёт me long and qualitatively, but nobody is going to pull down family, for the sake of children and for the sake of decency. And then, if suddenly I divorce you, and with him we will get married – we will quickly bother the friend the friend, and I don't want it. There is nothing postyly a word – the husband – the wife concluded the awful tirade. - Oh, darling, if you saw his dick – you would understand me. He at him such big, fleshy, firm as the rock, - joyfully shared memories about the lover's dick my wife, - Represent, darling, he cumed to me in a mouth several times, but all the time remained firm and fine! It was something, I didn't manage to swallow him completely everything, he stuck me completely on all throat, but I didn't manage to reach lips the basis of his dick, I choked, he pushed everything, it was something! – enthusiastically the spouse spoke. – I wasn't too lazy, took a ruler and measured this miracle of the nature, upright 27 cm (at you and to 10 doesn't reach), and in not standing I didn't see him. Eh …. this Lover! – languidly the spouse stretched, then I moved with a finger my dick which from her words began to bulk up, grinned and having turned to a wall fell asleep. I needed only to kiss her on a cheek and too to try to fall asleep. In the head any thoughts climbed how to me with all this to be or more best not to be? To throw it? But, first, it is a pity for the child, secondly, I love very much it also in the third that the most awful and pleasant, her talk on the lover and everything that she told me about her meetings with him me strongly made horney and concerned. I also felt inexplicable pleasure from her humiliations and comparisons of her lover with me which were always not in my advantage. For the morning I very much wanted the wife.- Wait a moment minute, mine рогоносик – the wife answered my request for sex and clung to the laptop screen: Minutes fifteen she playfully with a happy smile corresponded easily to guess with someone and, having finished, a minute of pleasure later, she, kind of went down on the earth, looked is indifferent on me, moved apart the long, slender legs: - Well what you watch?! Fuck! – I sounded as team. I immediately on it snatched, without being self-controlled at all, and … terminated, even without having managed to enter into it properly. Right there the spouse roared with sarcastic laughter, having pushed away me with words aside: - More we will have no sex, you terribly bothered me! And a bit on the side don't dare to have, you will jerk off when I resolve for now be engaged on economy, in the apartment a mess. - the wife told and I turned to doze further. – yes, nearly I forgot, - yawning, she continued – as you understood at me an appointment with my lover tonight, find in my clothes linen more sexually and the clothes, a short leather short skirt and a jacket fitting and black don't forget stockings, I want him to dement the sexual look, blowjob on all night long and, at daybreak, sex today! Уф! And now don't disturb, I need to get enough sleep – and the spouse fell asleep again. Since then I already more than half a year I have no sex with my loved spouse, I was very strictly forbidden even to mention or hint at it under the threat of a divorce, but I so love and I idolize blessed that it is ready for everything for the sake of her mental well-being. She, in turn, without hesitating of me at all, brings lovers, one behind another, they impudently call by telephone, at a door, write her in various social networks. She, without being confused at all, runs away to them on an appointment and even invites to us home and if the son of the house the wife asks me to take a walk or go to the cinema that with him, circus, a zoo that I also submissively do. I walk with the son while the spouse is dissolved in various joys with lovers, sometimes them comes two, three at once and once them was five at once, I was told to walk very long with the child, we since morning visited cinema, cafe, exhibitions and came towards evening. The wife was already one, in her room there was a full jumble, sheets were crumpled, filled in with others men's cum, the wife all is uncombed, lies, not capable even to move. I had to bring on hands her to a bathtub and to wash carefully, hair, especially bound together from liters of others men's cum. Later she told, that joined five after even their friends, all tipsy and how many they literally jammed into the room? - she even couldn't count, got off on the third ten. Rub, and four tens healthy, young men a mouth her can, without stopping for a minute in everything where she could put a dick, and hands continuously jerked off her at the same time to two men. It proceeded as it became clear later, 10 hours in a row, I will repeat, without being interrupted for a minute. The mouth, a nose, hair, ears, a bottom, a vagina of the beloved wife of all 10 hours were filled constantly up with a new portion of a men's cum. From a cum she couldn't even open an eye. From a bottom, a vagina, a mouth, ears, hands, a nose as soon as one dick was pulled out, following was right there inserted. Process stopped for a minute. It I was fuck my wife, notable fuck after which she couldn't see men and even to hear about lovers the whole month. She used me only as the ATM or in economic needs, in me ceased to see the spouse's man long ago. But I reconciled, I love the wife and even if all men on the earth vyenut my spouse, I all the same will remain her is true and devoted, and let I won't be her man, but I will be her slave, the servant, a devoted dog – and it is more pleasant to realize it. Yes, my wife is created for love, it is not my property, she doesn't belong to me, she belongs to many men and it is pleasant to her, and I am ready and submissively I will suffer it especially as it indescribably is pleasant to me. There is such lavstori.