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Galadriel woke up from deafening music - it the tape recorder, the track Futile belief turned on, heavy organ (orgasmic) music right there brought the woken-up elfinitka out of a semi-sleepiness. Time was about eight in the morning, the girl (!?) I cast away a blanket from a face and I stretched on a bed. Nearby, as always was nobody, she already got used to this cold (she treated a subtype of cool), an empty bed and the lonely apartment on the edge of the city (in 2 steps from the center). The truth it is impossible to tell that Galadriel was unfortunate and especially I am poor, she had the three-room apartment including the hall, kitchen, the bedroom and an office, also she had (interestingly how often) the car, a garage and giving in thirty kilometers from the city. But despite it Galadriel was one, and the reason was simple - she wasn't able to love (spiritually: so I will ask without platitudes!), not as inexperienced people but because she was a deviless, the witch, the sorcerer, the demon, [IQ10] of Kerrigan anyone from above the listed beings, but only not the person aren't able. And in general she was known as the girl of fifteen years who, ***************************** (user anymous access denied). And so it was on March 9, 2003, Sunday, Galadriel woke up in the apartment - she was going to go to the schoolmate what that would explain her a programming language which she not absolutely understood (excuse). Yesterday Galadriel naturally celebrated a holiday with the girlfriends - Yana and Natasha (having arranged small lesbian: all right I am silent), after all the International Women's Day (that's it - women's). And noted, of course, beer (95 percentage) with smoked fish, a konyachok with chocolates yes a fried chicken with the Korean salads. Well in a couple of hours after the beginning of a holiday it was no "limited company of kind people" and there was "a kind company of narrow people" as it was told in TUH (theory of uneasy hoofing), and three cheerful girls (and can not girls any more), who lacked only men were more ordinary it. And they can be him and aren't necessary at all? (in-in, the Lesbian most real). Her girlfriends left at night (вдумаётесь in this phrase and tell then it they left:), and Galadriel felt all morning that she splits the head (lower or top?). She got into a shower and got up under cold water which streamed on her beautiful body (with a large number of chitinous outgrowths and extremities), the girl had long black hair (it only seems, actually - a wig), dark brown eyes (result of a mutation), swarty skin (irradiate consequence), she was slender, but not thin with a small elastic breast, the tightened tummy and a little wide hips, but from what it a time men don't like roundish hips? (when any outgrowths stick out of them!?, dismiss-c) In a word at Galadriel there was an excellent figure and also a clever brain (lower) and strong, capable hands (I would tell, very strong). An ideal for any man (well how to tell). Having left a shower, Galadriel went to kitchen put to be heated a breakfast. And meanwhile she went to the room - took a pocket mirror and cosmetics, later sat down at a table - to be painted (actually - to shade already turned blue skin). Usually her make-up consisted of slightly led eyes: pink shadows and black ink, and the lips tinted by pinkish and nacreous lipstick (yes:). Having finished a make-up the girl sat down to breakfast - porridge (white, viscous with a large amount of protein and enzymes) with pieces of fruit and a cup of black coffee what gave her strength every morning. Having had breakfast Galadriel took a cigarette and as soon as she lit, phone called: - Hallo, - Galadriel told. - Galadriel, you will come? - the voice on other end of a wire answered. - Yes, in ten.- Come, I wait (guess for what).-Wait, it is possible to wait for the girl eternally, and your expectation will last only an hour, - voice, melodious without usual hriptsa, Galadriel spoke. - There was only an hour, and before, you think, I didn't wait? I all night long couldn't fall asleep (apart from those 10 hours which I slept like a log), thinking that you will come... (and representing consequences of your arrival) - it was stupid to you... And I celebrated a holiday with girlfriends!!! (how many joy that) - Two days running? - indignantly I asked a voice. - Well, - Galadriel innocently answered. - All right come, and you, in my opinion, smoke that, and I disturb you (as he learned, observer'a perhaps there threw?).-Yes, so far. - So far..., - and Galadriel hung up. She extinguished a cigarette in an ashtray and went to the bedroom - to put on (before she was naked!!!, where I was?!). The girl entered wardrobe and took jeans and a sweater - violet, knitted, with small holes, these clothes erotically fitted her beautiful figure, giving her graceful symmetry (and that isn't less important, allowed skin pores to breathe). She quickly put on, took a bag, put on a fur coat, a cap and a scarf, closed a door and left the house. Standing below, the compere (and still claims that she has no man!) Galadriel told that she won't be about three hours and to one o'clock in the afternoon she will come back home (a good joke). The girl slowly went along ******* ****** Street ** quarter aside (is called, solve a crossword puzzle). There was she not long - about twenty minutes and stood near an entrance necessary to her already soon. Galadriel dialed number of the apartment, opened for her a door and she entered, it was the usual entrance, as in all apartment houses - the elevator which constantly breaks, a ladder on which cages "non-smoking" residents and a set of metal doors smoke from all directions (and also machine-gun nests, rocket installations and other toys). Galadriel called the apartment necessary to her, Gandalf opened a door: - Hi! - I told young (!?) person (!?!?) (and also not the person can not young?).-Hi, hi... - Galadriel told, coming into the apartment. - Did you bring the program? - Yes, she in a bag. - All right, come, undress... - he began, but Galadriel looked at him with such look that Gandalf stopped short, - well not in that sense, - he corrected himself. The girl entered the apartment, threw off a fur coat and passed to the room. There was a usual youth situation: a sofa, a case with books, a table with the computer. Galadriel sat down at a table, the young man (it seems, we already discussed an issue about youth?), having entered after her, I sat down nearby and I asked: - Well what you should explain?