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In the languid summer morning Vika went to a shower, to cool down under cool water. She was already going to leave as suddenly a stream water from a shower fell in her little, slightly fluffy girl. All body became covered by goosebumps, legs began to shake, and Vika sat down on knees in a bathroom. She directed a shower to herself again and gasped a little. Thin streams of water strongly beat gentle skin of the girl, slightly got inside and escaped outside. Vika moaned and strongly squeezed a shower watering can legs, she began to cum. All body is strained, breath is brought down, a couple of seconds more and Vika is weakened laid down in the bathroom, the shower lay a row and fountainlets hit in a young body of the girl which still shivered from new feelings which muscles are strained to a limit. Vika thought of it constantly, her it was so good, more than ever wasn't. Several times she tried to repeat it, but it turned out not always. Gradually this feeling began to own the girl. In the evenings before going to bed she tried to achieve these feelings, smoothing out the body small gentle fingers, and only then fell asleep strong. But here the day which changed her destiny forever came. On the street still hot, Vika with girlfriends had a rest on the beach, time is already closer by 20:00, they began to gather and went home. A silly talk, gossips, Vika was slightly tired, she almost didn't listen to girlfriends, her there was a fast wish to retire to enjoy itself. Passing by dense bushes, near the old disorganized house, Vika stopped, shouted to girlfriends: "You go, I will change clothes, and in shop still!" also I went to bushes. Girls said goodbye and dispersed. Vika made the way in bushes, looked round and began to undress. On the one hand she was closed by a wall of the old house, from others dense bushes. Legs already shivered, Vika hastily began to take off a bathing suit at once began to caress. She stood, a hand holding a house wall, having placed legs is wider, caressed herself fingers. Virgin I became its to shchelochki wet, the finger gently caressed the small, bulked-up clitoris, and from gentle lips of the girl sweet groans sounded. And this noise in the distance, someone shouts on the beach, on the road the car passes. Vika went crazy and began to cum. Again all body strained, legs shivered, and the girl didn't resist, sat down on knees still moaned through greedy drinks of air. Seconds as minutes fly by, Vika got up, did up hair and began to put on. Evening passed as usual. In the head thoughts of how she caressed herself there, on the small street near the old house were turned. She understood that such situation brought her more emotions and pleasures, that vulnerability and extremeness. And these thoughts made horney girls again and it for the night was still played by itself. Morning came very quickly. It seemed that the girl only blinked, and already light. Vika got up from a bed, she was naked, after her from a bed panties which were removed before night caress fell. She smiled, and thoughts of yesterday forced to become wet her girl. Having had breakfast, she went to that place, to those bushes and those ruins of the house again. Vika disappeared in more densely bushes again, looked round, listened, silence. She pulled together the fitting shorts and panties from herself, hung up them on bushes, and fingers set to work at once. But here some scratch in the house was distributed, the girl in fear stood, again looked around, slightly departed from a house wall to look in a window and was dumbfounded. From a window Mishka from a parallel looked at her, he smiled, examining a seminude body, then sharply jumped out and grabbed shorts from bushes. — again you sukhodrochit the Saffron milk cap here? — Mishka told and I burst out laughing! — Yesterday I saw you here, I didn't want to disturb.— No, I just changed clothes — Vika whispered and added — give things. — Yes I saw how you change clothes! Even I shot with phone! — I told it and I stretched in a hand phone on which screen Vika with pleasure caressed video made of the same window where Mishka appeared. — What? Are you nuts perhaps? Darings! — Vika whispered and shivered before him, covering the wet fluffy chink with hands. — to Remove? And you to me what? Give I more better I will post all this on the Internet? — The bear burst out laughing again. — You are a fool? It isn't necessary! Darings. — Can lay out? — The bear maliciously told and approached closer, stretched her shorts with panties. — it isn't necessary, I ask. — Vika whispered and looked down in a floor, having sharply pulled out clothes from his hands. — Then make to me one favor, and you will remove all from my phone. — What? — Vika told and raised the head to top. — Tonight come to me. In 19: 00 I wait for you. And if you don't come, then I will show all how you change clothes — again with laughter he told her. — What you want? — Vika already slightly cried, slezki swept on cheeks. — Well! Give till the evening! — Mishka told roughly, and left. Vika fell by knees and began to cry, she so was never afraid as today. What with her will be now. Somehow I put on, I wiped tears and I went home. All day she just lay on beds also thought of what was and that can be today. Even houses she shivered with fear, each noise from a window or neighbors forced her to be afraid more and more. As a result of Vick I convinced myself that will make everything to remove this video. I went to him, all body shivered with fear, heart without restraint beat, the reason said: "What are you doing", but all the same in due time she was on the threshold of his doors, panting, called a call. The door opened, Mishka in some shorts was on the threshold and I smiled. — Oh, the Saffron milk cap, and I was afraid that you won't come! Come. — it is necessary to Me that you removed this video! — Vika told and came into the hall. — Give come, now I will explain what you will do, and you will remove everything from phone! He told her, closing an entrance door, and continued — pass to the bedroom. — I Go, don't push — Vika whispered. — So! Sit down. I thought here if you want to remove this video, then you have to — Mischa broke off and waited so far Vika will sit down in a chair. — What? What do you want? — Vika whispered. — Well, you now just as in bushes will touch the pi*da, and then you will suck! — No! — loudly Vika told, got up from a chair, approached Mischa and tried to grab phone.