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The queen wasn't bad, beautiful and clever too, but there was no that in her passion what was necessary to the king. She preferred to be engaged in the children, a not in adulatings of lewd desires of the husband. She, of course, knew that the husband fucks peasants, but didn't oppose to it, the honor was that more that in their kingdom there is already long ago a law which says that each girl and each young man who reached 21 anniversaries, without having lost virginity, are obliged to lose ee in day of the day of the birth with that person who will be chosen by seniors in a sort, and, certainly, for the girl will lose the innocence in embraces of the king if of course he wants it. On the road 3 cars with flashers quickly went. Peasants looked and were surprised someone there goes. When the sun began to sit down, cars approached ko to the palace where servants, the queen and the king already waited. Claire was delighted, having seen the approaching carriage, of course she so waited long ago when there arrives the cousin who has to remain to live in their palace, the poor girl remained absolutely one and the queen was obliged as senior to take care o to her. Kartezh stopped. The man in a black suit went out of the front car and approached to open a door and gave to the girl a hand, having inclined thus the head. From a door the leg in a red shoe with thongs seemed, then the second also seemed young Malia, high, with black as a resin the hair which are going down on ee to shoulders. Dressed in the black fitting dress to a floor with a high section almost to the top of a leg. Long sleeves of a dress fitted ee thin hands and a collar. Ee clothes extremely differed from local fashion that was noticed at once by meeting. In her was that-to mysterious. In ee darkly brown eyes it was possible to drown. Having approached meeting she smiled the scarlet lips, smiled and greeted the king as it befits bow and having turned in the party of the cousin, smiled even more widely, having shown snow-white teeth, not having sustained the accepted etiquette they cheerfully embraced, meetings as little children began to laugh and rejoice. There was a solar day. Children were sent to have a rest for the city with nurses of an adults decided to have a rest in this warm weather near the pool and at the same time to acquaint the countess Malia with friends from the highest society. Guests gathered, had a rest, swam, drank, ate someone-to swam someone-to played beach games someone-to conducted a business talk. men are beefy, high, low, big-bellied. All color of bohemia and woman all to a floor bared in bathing suits, bikini, there were also more modest, but all equally well-groomed. People began to be whispered, look back to them there were 2 girls the queen Claire and the countess Malia. stories sensuality Na to the queen I was bright bikini and tonenko pareo which niskolechko didn't hide ee a body. Nearby there was Malia ee a bathing suit only with a stretch could call a bathing suit. Ee a magnificent breast covered only several strips of fabric, it seemed that fabric covers only nipple ee. Pants fitted ee buttocks and if to get accustomed that it was possible to see the fitted sponges. Hair are tightened in a hard bunch because of what it was possible to see ee a suntanned body, a long neck and a royal bearing. Torahs I approached girls I embraced the wife, I kissed ee, I took Malia for a hand and I began to acquaint with guests. Men at a type of such beauty quickened, women admired a figure, were surprised to so revealing bathing suit, began to straighten out the husbands. So time people relaxed and began to have a rest. Malia was able and liked to play with men, looked frankly a conducted itself quietly and only occasionally as accidentally would make advances to men and at this ee of an eye became devil. On the house she walked in thin, cotton T-shirts on shoulder-straps, it was sometimes possible to see nipple ee, but ee it didn't confuse, and shorts or short short skirts from under which it was quite possible to see buttocks and even ee panties which sometimes were shown can if she bent down. It wildly got Tora. He began to demand from the wife more often than sex, looked for sex beyond borders of the house more often, but the queen didn't notice reaction of ee of the husband to the cousin. He was always loveful also insatiable. To the lock there was a convoy of cars. One is smarter another. Today ball. A ball in honor of anniversary of a crowning of the king Tora. Women in smart dresses, in expensive jewelry. Men in tuxedos. Looks of people were turned to owners. The king in a crown, it is so necessary on etiquette and in a royal red cloak, glad with him the queen with a diadem and in a dress - princesses, with a magnificent skirt, the corset decorated with precious stones favourably allocated to ee a small breast. alcohol flew a hand, a business and secular talk was conducted, contracts consisted. All evening of Torahs watched Malia, I tried to do it not considerably, occasionally I looked at her. Ee a snow-white cocktail dress, fitted ee a body. it was possible to put easily ee a body. It smiled, had fun, communicated. Approached it some other guys. Torahs I turned attention that one grandee extremely often approached Malia. To the glass of champagne will bring, will embrace, the fact that-to it on an ear whispers this young major so became impudent that in time of the next dance he began to press ee to himself all stronger, to lower a hand from a waist on ee buttocks. It here on everything was pleasant to Malia, so she would already be discharged of him. Chto-to distracted Tora, when he looked at an in the party of this couple again that they weren't any more, he tried to find them, run eyes on guests. The king suspected that-to not fine. Torahs I came to the street and as-budto that-to led him, and he went to side of the stable, without understanding itself why, but very much I hoped that all his thoughts it is all - only thoughts. In a distance from the lock, near the stable he heard laughter, ee laughter, not with whose another not to mix him. He began to go quicker, but tried to do it as it is possible more quietly. Having approached a building corner he glanced, in darkness, and saw. That major, it stood a back and kissed Malia. Ee a leg were is a little lifted as far as ee the tight, a little lifted up skirt allowed, and covered it. His hands wandered on ee to a body slid on legs, squeezed a breast through a dress. I began to kiss ee a neck, she opened eyes and saw looking out because of corner Tora, looked at it, cast away the head, give the best access to this male to ee to a neck back, I moaned in a voice and I pressed him a leg more strong to myself. From what was seen in Tora as the demon was installed he flew on a major, cast away it in the party and ordered to fail. Malia so also stood leaning against what-to table and smiled. Having looked at her Torahs didn't sustain during an instant it appeared near her I pressed to myself and I kissed on lips. I kissed ee passionately, it is a little rough with greed. through time having realized that it does, it was discharged, I looked at the girl and prigrozilchto he would see not what the man be near her to ee 21-letiye. also I left.