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Well, in the end of the ends — a cum, of course. Directly on the gentle face, chubby lips open in the eternal surprised misunderstanding cornflower-blue glazishcham Na the thin end it is possible also on boobies — huge, trembling, round, with huge auras I Observed them not time — Sashenka loved dekoltestye blouses and open brassieres, and pink auras quite often looked out outside nearly on a floor - circles. The most favourite my reminiscence was as Sashenka I signed at me the sheet recently — that day it played "the real secretary": the tight black skirt to knees which is fitting hips and accurately depicting the delta of a pubis, a white shirt with three unbuttoned top buttons and a long sharp collar which specified by the shooters on an outstanding bust: say, nipples in that direction — the crimson sponges put by a bow, stylish points with simple glasses, business high plotnosvyornutaya a hairstyle. She walked ko to me on high hairpins, her breasts were pulled so together with a shirt that waved under fabric only most their top polukruzhya. Suddenly the sun left because of a cloudlet, and the beam lit it Sashenku, precisely a star on the stage, and I distinctly saw that she without brassiere — and auras, the size from a saucer of children's set, with pimples on a contour, both dense knobs of nipples, and even their central dimples appeared through and is accurate konturirovalis a shirt. My heart was driven in in a throat, the dick rested against trousers. — Igor Viktorovich — without noticing my state, I told Sashenka and I bent over a table, spreading before me the sheet.Ee magic boobies hung over a table. I hasty picked up them from below, having muttered the broken voice that-to about the tea spilled on a table and that it didn't soil a blouse. Sashenka remained in a halfbent state, it is lost looking at me cornflower-blue glazishchami and trusting each my word. I zhamkal the shivering hands her wealth, gentle, heavy, slippery — Thanks, Igor Viktorovich — sincerely thanked me Sashenka and, at last, became straight. — Sashenka — I shook the head, like, disapprovingly — with what it a time you ceased to wear linen? It is impossible to breathe. At me, for example, breath filched. — I carry — objected Sashenka is offended. — Just not that I put on a brassiere today: cups are strongly big, look out here here — she showed a manicured finger in a depression in the ground between the boobies which were seen in a shirt cut and instructively continued — an it is impossible that linen was visible, it is vulgar! Then I inside by two times put cups and the breast from above put — she even laughed own ingenuity. — And grudochke it is convenient, and in linen, a not as the skank what! Yes still the brassiere so grudochku podsobral, raised, you look as it became beautiful to look — she put the buffers to me in a nose and shook them. — I, probably, always will go now so. The truth, tit are one size more than steel, a shirt, here, not spravlyaetsyaiskrenne having grieved, Sashenka heaved a deep sigh. Two buttons in and without that the stretched loops didn't sustain and scattered in the parties. The shirt swung open, Sashino advantage rushed forward, having flashed in the sun. Really pulled together with shoulder-straps of a brassiere and lying in his velvet put cups as in palms, a breast hard shook and stared at me nipples as if two trunks. — Oh! — I screamed Sashenka and I pressed palms to lips, having even more squeezed boobies, so that huge auras were inflated, and on them the network appeared bluish vennaya. — Sashenka! — I sobbed and grabbed stretched to me. — That you did! Ouch - ouch-ay! A if someone enters? Let me cover them though simply hands! — an itself greedy squeezed heavy, cool, silk boobies.— Forgive me, Igor Viktorovich! — I regretted Sashenka. — I so set up you! — Nothing, Sashenka, we will correct! — I muttered, reveling in feelings of her breasts in the hands. As there was a wish to fill up directly now her with a back on a table, to tear a skirt and vperdolit the smoking dick on the balls in it is damp the squelching pizdyoshka! That she groaned, an of a breast waved in a step to frictions, pulled together with her extended hands, a then to pour their cum. And to force her everything to pinch — that not to dirty a brassiere, of course. No, it is impossible. Therefore that Sashenka in this situation sees nothing erotic. Even frivolous doesn't see. She thinks o a disorder in clothes and o the fact that she sets up me (a suddenly will enter someone?), and o the naked boobies in my palms doesn't think at all. She tried to pull together the top buttons, but floors of a shirt didn't meet. She put pressure, and tore off one more lower button. Sashenka helplessly I parted with hands, without understanding what faces me naked, and her boobs are so helplessly shaken. — Tie in knot, on-kovboyski — I advised. Sashenka happily I smiled and, having undone a shirt completely, hardly I got stuck under a breast for corners. — Well as? — I asked me, turning in the middle of an office. The thin translucent shirt two sacks fitted boobs so that consider, it remained naked, only milk poured over boobs. — Very well, Sashenka. Modestly and on-molodyozhnomu. So she also pleased all our Contra two remained workers of hour. The toilet was constantly occupied, a men ran with wild eyes, red, puffing. Such other two of our aunts — these for rage ran. And only Sashenka I understood nothing, I clapped the long eyelashes and cheerfully I walked up and down on all office. It would seem, at such mind and innocence — bring down and fuck, but Sashenka — the girl of the high moral principles. She is married, and the husband to her doesn't allow to fuck with strangers. She directly so also told when I on one office party got with hugs and tselovashkami. However, boobies Sashenki didn't leave my imagination in any way, and I decided to stock up with massage oil. Today all leave for opening of our new sex shop, an I as the chief, I leave myself at work for, type, preparation of tax documents, and Sashenku I leave. Will get tired, poor, an I to it — massage It, the silly fellow, won't understand, will regard as care, and will agree. A there as will trample. Ne I will fuck, so pozhamkayu. — Sashenka! — I called her in impatience as only all parted. — Let's work with documents already! — Da, Igor Viktorovich! — she entered an office, dressed in a spacious blouse with a jabot under which the naked boobies only supported from below by the put brassiere cups and in the very narrow trousers crashing into a pizdyoshka and fitting big sexual sponges waved. The fold slightly got damp — a seam, probably, when walking rubbed Sashenke klitorok. In hands Sashenka I twisted an oblong box. — Look, the first sample of our new peignoir! I so forget to show yesterday's day you. — A-I-yay, Sashenka. Approach, I will punish you. Having sighed, she approached and habitually caved in, having substituted me hardly fitted by trousers zhopku. I admired konturiruyushchimisya tesyomochkoy thongs and rather short sexual crack framed with fleshy sponges. Shchyolochka got wet more thoroughly, than I thought. With ottyazhechkoy slapped several time Sashenku in hard buttocks, I passed a finger on soplivenkoy to moisture, I pounded her between fingers and I smelled — any doubts, a vaginal secret. — All already, Igor Viktorovich? — Yes, Sashenka, offense frivolous.