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To me, well it isn't clear at all why you have no girl. You aren't similar to the egoist. Perhaps you aren't gentle, you don't pay attention? Your work disturbs? - absolutely in a feminine way, at the same time and tenderly and with a reproach I glanced to me in eyes. - Remain with me.-No, I can't, I can't even for one night. Do you very much want it? - she also looked everything to me in the face, isn't present more likely in soul. I sincerely answered: "Very much".-Please, be obedient. Pledge me the word that you will obey me. - I will be obedient. I pledge the word. - Well you stand? I am your guest. Where you have a bathtub. We have not enough time. I will go, I will powder a nose. (What lovely smile at her). I, without realizing, mechanically, hasty I began to spread a bed. It left a bathtub in a few minutes in some panties. I, continuing to prepare our bed, I began to admire. High, not thin and not full and even not sports, womanly is the most suitable definition. Long legs. Flat stomach. Slender waist. Small, beautiful breasts and just fascinating hips. She stood, specially allowing to admire herself, without hesitating at all. Naturalness. Playful sparkles in eyes. I rejected a blanket, they are silently invited her. She looked at me with curiosity, expecting when I begin to undress. I began to do it so that it was convenient to it to consider me. I hurried. I removed everything and I became directly before her. She looked there playfully - approvingly smiling. He didn't get up. It just increased and waited for permission. She approached me, gently embraced, having nestled all over so that to feel a stomach him. So we stood several seconds. - We go, - I took me by hand. Also, having nestled bodies to each other, we laid down. We bathed in caress, it bound the legs mine... gently I touched, warm, slightly moist hands, such family. on a stomach. she embraced the slender fingers the dick. He though was filled with elasticity, but was still soft. I whispered: "Don't hurry. I want that you caressed me language there. Lick, please". She laid down on a back, having parted legs so that it was convenient to me. She there already had all mokrenky. and tasty! Pleasant, sweetish taste! Smooth sponges revealed, and there everything gently pink! I stuck there, my lips, language, her sponges - everything became ours, for two. It is a pity that I have small language, and I can't deeply enter. Eh! There would be though centimeters ten, - I distinctly remembered this naughty thought. And here her magic dance began. She moved smoothly, slowly, so to melt glass. She was bent so excitingly, at the same time absolutely without disturbing me that couldn't be had eyes glued. My person was between her legs, and I could, without distracting to admire this fascinating dance. She began to moan quietly. - And you can caress at the same time me a mouth and hands a breast there? I tips began to touch with a finger firm nipples, to caress breasts, a stomach. She raised a bottom that I could squeeze her elastic buttocks... my language. I not just caressed, you won't express it in words. I entered a mouth her all. I already enjoyed her pleasure, without paying attention that my head was already completely bared, from me тянучись, lubricant dripped on a sheet. I pounded her on a head. I very much wanted. She saw it. - Suffer my darling, still slightly. I didn't manage to enter the fingers into her chink as it squeezed them there and I began to receive such orgasm about which I only heard. My fingers in an improbable rhythm (I don't know how to replace this word) jerked off it. How many can be moisture in the girl! She coiled, quietly groaned, and it lasted long very much. Can be to me it seemed because itself I wanted to enjoy an orgasm. She instantly squeezed muscles so that I stopped fingers and here began to feel feverish her! Shook her. We stood, I accurately began to take fingers, the last wave of a shiver swept on her body. Literally minute we in exhaustion lay having embraced, she gently kissed me. - You miracle! Give rather now I while you are hot. She turned me on a back, slightly touching, the naked dick captured the fingers, gently I pressed the head basis, having squeezed out residues of lubricant and began to kiss, pounding lubricant lips on a naked trunk. Then I sucked a head again - podraznivy a uvula, having swallowed balls - I tickled them language.