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From memories of the temple at her only increased determination, in this snake nest to her would never allow to rise above a rank of the adherent. Though her Magic and physical abilities allowed her to become the full-fledged priestess Llos for a long time, the Senior priestesses refused to her advance in hierarchy of the temple year after year. Llos's cult and therefore, matriarchy reigned in her clan. From the childhood, in the temple, Liriel accustomed to despise men, to be cruel, cunning and artful. But she always was in this sense "black sheep", all this for her was unnatural, it is one more of the reasons why she didn't become the full-fledged priestess yet. Liriel was obsessed with thirst of knowledge. Actually, it was also the main reason of her leaving. Access to library of the temple was forbidden adherents and studying of any magic except mental is forbidden. "And now, I walk, knowing a way only approximately, to the Kingdom of Vaypur where judging by RUMOURS there is a guild of magicians... Madness... Ya. Soshla. From mind. — Gloomy Liriel thought. — But anyway, the way back to me is closed, and the Senior priestesses will only sigh more quietly." Sunk into the gloomy thoughts, Liriel heard rustle in bushes at the last minute, and then short whistle of the released arrow. The arrow with deaf knock hit it in an eye, and with silent the ring scattered personal protection. Liriel was instantly developed and sent a powerful mental impulse to bushes, from there with a low moan the body fell out. Having carefully approached him, Liriel briefly examined him. "Forest Elf?!" — She with astonishment thought. — Yes, you are right. — the derisive voice was distributed behind. Liriel, imperceptibly got Chris, having sharply developed I struck blow, marking at a face to the opponent. But her hand was intercepted, and the second elf struck punch to it in a stomach. Liriel, clenched teeth from wild pain and stretched to the opponent the mental feelers. And here... Nothing occurred. Any shouts and prayers. Her hands all were also roughly got for a back. "That for...?" — Liriel only also managed to think as she was hit with something heavy about the head and she failed in drowsiness. She regained consciousness, on the same glade. Only around her it appeared four elves from whom in three it was possible to recognize hunters at once, and on the fourth there was a black raincoat with a complex system of jewelry from crystals of lilac color. "Lines! Same Anti-magician!" — Liriel scaredly thought. — Hm and this little girl isn't silly! — Having grinned one of hunters said. — Forest elves are able to read mind? — the fear gave way to surprise Liriel. — No — the elf with a necklace from wolf canines with astonishment told. — generally, you told all this aloud. Чертыхнушись, Liriel remembered for herself this weakness, sometimes, especially at the moments of sincere nervousness, she began to say aloud all that she thinks. — Listen! — the hunter the person, similar to a bird of prey exclaimed. — What will we do from this Uvanimo *? Naked still hurts me. — to Kill, dark, and all here! — the third hunter at whom to the horror Liriel noticed signs of a lycanthropy growled. Calm down the Animal — by a soft voice the Anti-magician said. — You know how many gold pay in brothel if to bring there the drow. — But she nearly killed the Hawk! — The werewolf roared. He sat down on hunkers to Liriel, having disregarded the words of the Animal: — What is your name, priestess? — cold he asked. — Not your business, Tlakhkhat or влатэ *! — with a call Liriel answered. — She is quite capricious! — the anti-magician sighed rising from cards. — A canine, the Hawk, undress her and check.Liriel, despite dull ache in a nape, began to resist desperately what received short blow for in solar plexus why she has a fit of coughing at once and so far she tried to restore breath and to resume attempts to resistance, from her took off all her not numerous clothes consisting of two 3 strips of fabric: two fastened with thin gold chains on womanly, roundish hips, and one hardly covers a beautiful, elastic breast of the third size and all this is supplemented by graceful sandals, numerous jewelry and, removed by a complex system of hairpins in a bunch, beautiful hair of color of new-fallen snow. All fabric which is rather not hiding, and on the contrary, podcherkivashchy Lirieli's figure, appeared on the earth. — You are a virgin? — directly I asked the Canine. — Ert драалан Warta *! — Liriel snapped. — Means and — the elf with satisfaction said.