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There is no former understanding and proximity... Situation familiar to many couples. I even began to think of the mistress... She often hanged on the Internet, communicating in "schoolmates", corresponding with old acquaintances. I was never interested in her circle of contacts. A few weeks ago, I began to notice that she changed. If earlier she with the laptop sat at me in the room, then now sought to retire, and in general became less at me it to include. Though I also noted it, but didn't begin to worry about it. To me somehow was on "drum", so we moved away from each other. One night she went to bed, and sat down by her laptop. It was necessary to check quickly mail, and to get the there was a laziness. Having opened a cover, I saw what she forgot him to switch off. Before me her mailbox on "Yandex" opened. Folder entering. I already wanted to close it, but the last received letter interested me. I read it, then read all her correspondence lately. Heaven and earth for me was moved! The last three weeks and even more she corresponded with the ex-boyfriend from the rural childhood. Studying at school, she saw off every summer at the grandmother, in the village. She had many friends there. With boys she was on friendly terms even more, than with girls. With them is more cheerful, so she spoke. Some came to relatives from the different cities. One of her guys with whom she walked there came from Krasnoyarsk. Vanka he was called. According to her stories, nothing of that kind there with him and with others was. Kisses, embraces. Only to Vanka, she allowed to herself in panties a hand to climb and touch her there, but it is no more. I knew about her "children's" years. When we had normal relationship, I often asked her. I liked stories about "innocent" pranks. With Ivan she also corresponded now. Some love remained, and pleasant memories... At first there was nothing, so, simply "how are you doing?", "what are you doing?", "as family?". Then memoirs as together time was spent went. From memoirs, passed to imaginations, it seems "I should have made so", "and if I acted this way, then kind of you then?". Then began to share experience, she to the, it to the. Any standard situations. Further - it is more. She told him about our adventures, in particular, what we love (now liked) to photograph her undressed, and houses and outdoors, and on the street. And we, really, few years ago actively were fond of it. Specially traveled about on the city, trying to discover places where, it seems, and the street and it is possible to be photographed. And photos did everyones and almost innocent, to a little naked breast, panties, buttocks from under a skirt there. Were also frank, she absolutely naked, in transparent clothes, with a collar, in specially cut off skirt and without pants, on the street. With toys, with clothespegs, connected, and so on houses, or outdoors. After such photoshoots we always had a rough sex. There lasted fuse sometimes for two three days. She also sent a part of our photos to it. Too, at the beginning more modest, and are more and more frank then. He in reply sent her stories imaginations that he with her did. Very dissolute stories. They are her, judging by answers, very much made horney. Reading them, she caressed herself, and then described to him, as well as she did it. Normal cybersex. Further from it fell down a request — a task that to do to it. Executing his tasks, it was photographed itself. And so on. My first reaction was as it could as dared, such rastaky. There was a wish to strangle her. It is good that she slept. I didn't begin to awake Olga. It seemed to me silly. It was possible to understand and in the morning.The rage was such strong that even I went outside, to walk, the benefit summer. And, having smoked several cigarettes, considering what to tell how to punish it, I calmed down a little. I stopped, I thought. And what actually bad she made? To change really — I didn't change. With the man with that I didn't fuck. Only I wrote and I read. I don't mind if she reads Emmanuel, for example. I sent to a photo, so too it seems not crime. During our hobby for the photo, for the picture we posted online a part, in open access. On my initiative, by the way. I made horney me, a thought that a lot of unfamiliar men will be considered and jerked off on her. Tasks which she performed? Too, it seems, not crime. What there? To go couple of days, and on the robot and at home without linen. To caress itself differently. To be photographed so or so. Here they in general had problems because it is heavy to one to do it. Well, she thrust different objects into herself. Well, at work when there was one in an office, I caressed myself and it was a little bared. So he really didn't see it... Too like anything. And here still, remembering her tasks, representing her, I felt excitement. The thought that it did all this, or could do by order of another, very much it was pleasant to me. With such mood I came back home. Olya slept, and didn't suspect that she was accused and forgiven in some hour. And I had other problem. What to do and whether it is necessary to do something? On the one hand I felt her concern, on sweat of the fact that she should hide the occupation from me. On the other hand, how to let her know that I don't mind her entertainment, and she has nothing worries. The most interesting that, reflecting on it, I felt tenderness and care to the darling. Feeling which I didn't feel for a long time. The decision lay on a surface. In the last letter which came tonight he in detail described their appointment. Where in addition, she before him crept as a cat, on all fours. At the end of the letter he "ordered" several photos in this pose. Exchange of letters at them happened every two days. The time difference affected. She didn't manage to make a photo yet and to send. Suited me that tomorrow there was Saturday. Whole two days of days off ahead. Next day I was careful and attentive to the wife. It wasn't difficult. In the light of what I learned she for me became, is for some reason more attractive and desired. After a lunch, I offered: - Ol, I want to remember old and to take several your pictures. That you represented a cat. Recently I came across such in network, and I wanted to photograph you. Let's make? She looked at me with astonishment, and it seemed to me that now, as usual, will refuse. Doesn't want like, I was tired and so on. But, then quickly I thought, and it is pleased I agreed. I didn't begin to delay. I explained to her what photos I want, and we began. At first, for mood in panties, then without them. I forced her to slip from a sofa and to creep on it. To accept different "cat's" poses on a floor, at a wall, at a coffee table, repeating the situation described by her Victor in the last letter more and more. She can something and I began to understand, but the arisen excitement at us didn't allow her to think of it seriously. She was always brought by our photoshoots. And now she had absolutely wet chink. Couple of droplets hung on her sponges. I tried that they got into the shot too, but at the same time that everything didn't look as "butcher shop". Then we had sex as in olden days, and sometimes I had a feeling that there is with me other woman … After a shower, checking photos, we as usual, rejected a half. And from remained I noted pieces five as the most successful. That is, enough beautiful and at the same time exciting. It was our ordinary procedure. After a while, I, having told that it is necessary to me which what to make in the car, and it will take not less than two hours, left. Having returned to a dinner, I found Olga of cheerful. But sometimes setting a dinner the table she darted strange glances at me. As though wanted to ask about something and I wasn't solved. At supper we talked about us a little, having agreed that it should be repeated more often. But over a table a certain innuendo soared all the time. Or perhaps it seemed to me. In the evening, in a bed there was an outcome. We some time lay nearby and were silent, then she moved to me that, I embraced her, and asked. - And why you wanted to photograph me moreover so today? What happened? - Yes, anything. Just I decided that I want to see you in the form of a cat. - More than anything? Truth? - Truth! - Successfully coincided, - she told, - I needed these photos too. I pretended that I didn't pay attention to her significant reservation "are necessary".-You see as it is good that our desires coincided. More often so, - I answered neutrally. It seems that both of us understood double sense of this conversation. And what me pleased, her this recognition and default at the same time, arranged. - And can you have still some desires which should be executed. I always am ready, especially, if an ending such remarkable as today. - Is, - she unexpectedly answered, moving is closer to me. I put a hand to her on buttocks and began to stroke her through fine fabric of pajama panties. – Tell. - I in a short skirt and white panties have to sit down in the minibus on back seats where people sit against each other. To wait when opposite there is a man and as if unintentionally to move apart legs that he could see my panties. - So the good idea, - I supported it, at the same time thrusting a hand to it into panties to caress her shchelochka without any hindrances. – And how many times you so will make to how many you will show the panties? - To at least three, - she answered, moving so that it was more convenient to me to caress her. - Perfectly, give tomorrow and we will make, directly since morning, - she was already wet and I became without hurrying to fuck her a hole two fingers. I remembered, she received the letter with such task somewhere, a week ago. But I that decided that she executed it, and it turned out that isn't present. In that task there was also the second part. Having taken off from it trousers from a pajamas, I two hands was engaged in her sponges and holes. Itself was horney, is even stronger, than in the afternoon. - Yes, and when we will go out of the minibus, we will go to the next park or the square, there you will remove panties and you will sit down on a bench. Inadvertently you will move apart legs, but it isn't wide. You will sit so until by there pass five people, - I specially used formulations from the letter. – so correctly? - Yes! Yes! - my friend answered, being at the same time given to my caress. - And you will be with me there? - I will be, and still I will photograph you in such look on a shop.