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She exactly sat in a saddle until one of her former torturers was behind attached and tied with a scarf her eyes that she couldn't remember the road to their secret settlement. There passed a lot of time before the robber drove up to the outskirts of the city and untied her eyes. Having turned her face to itself, he last time stuck on her mouth exacting we will kiss and lowered the girl on the earth. — Go, my birdie until I changed the mind and I disobeyed the order! — with these words he smacked the lips to a horse and hid behind the turn of the road. The girl stood, without knowing what now to do to her and where to go. On her there was a worn dress of one of women hastily hemmed on the girl's figure. Miranda indecisively went to the city, without knowing yet that her hell didn't end yet. She with grief thought of elder sister, without having an opportunity even to say goodbye to her, but was for some reason sure that at that everything is good. During stay in captivity, the girl learned that the leader of robbers not such and bad that he fair and wise, despite the bloody past. Miranda believed that this man will be able to protect Lilian... — Hey, the maid, and well come here! — the voice of the policeman was distributed from outside and Miranda shuddered. — Listen, and she seems reminds someone... — the second man told and I disappeared in a witness mark, in a minute having run out with two miniatures in hands. — Look! Precisely, it is one of the gone sisters! — Come on, nonsense! You look at her look, a dress and a figure... — No, look narrowly: to wash her, to brush and dress up and voila! — he stretched one of miniatures, sticking with a finger into it. Both fixedly looked narrowly and came to the general conclusion that it is more best to show the girl and if carries to earn a big reward for her. In two hours she faced in a smart office the father and the sister's groom. The duke Andzhuysky estimated the situation of affairs at once, but was at heart very glad that there was his younger daughter. Having approached her, he strong embraced a brittle body and couldn't constrain emotions, having smiled to the baby. — You need to have a rest properly, expensive... And then we about everything will talk to you and you will tell everything that you know... You lead lady Miranda to the guest room. — he ordered to the door of the maid expecting near who made книксен and left in a corridor, waiting for the young girl. Having taken a long-awaited bath and having changed clothes in one of the dresses, the girl sat down to a window, thoughtfully peering at the garden which was located below, listening to joyful singing of birds. But on heart it was somehow not quiet and uncomfortable, as if something had to occur. Miranda stirred up the head, having heaved a deep sigh. At this time her sister already had to get married to the Duke of Edinburgh, and instead she was in the forest in hands of the desperate robber now. After the hard conversation with the father, the girl understood that she could help nothing, so didn't represent at all where and in what place they were kept. As for her future, the father didn't know yet how to arrive, she lost the innocence and was discredited, and now couldn't count on successful party. But it least of all concerned her. Miranda felt suddenly pierced chill run on all her body and raised eyes on the groom of the bride, having noticed in his look something terrible and cold as if she glanced on a fraction of a second in a dark chasm. But the duke quickly hid emotions behind a polite mask, continuing to watch it. She would be horrified if she could read his dark thoughts about her, but it wasn't fated to occur and with everyone passed hour she approached the next hell which trapped her under a roof of the one someone was loved by her sister.The full moon brightly lit the room, and there was enough her light to make out the fragile figure on a bed which curled up. Hair were scattered by soft waves on a pillow, and the cover slipped to hips. The girl peacefully also slept peacefully for the first time for these dreadful days. Lyon quietly approached a bed, with greed taking a view of a seductive body, knowing that well used him to him, but from it he wigged out even stronger, having presented as jam-packs her bosom the dick. He moved as if the predator ready any minute to snatch on the victim. His lips stretched in a grin, and mentally he praised himself for the fact that he ordered to place the future daughter-in-law in the remote wing where nobody could hear her. Having quietly sat down near nothing not suspecting girl, the duke ran a forefinger over her naked hand, having slowly lowered a thin shoulder-strap of a nightgown and having bared her breast. Having inclined, Lyon clasped with lips a vershinka of a breast and began to suck and caress her language, slightly biting and sipping. The girl puzzly opened eyes and shout of fear stood on her lips when she saw these dark eyes which are silently warning her about that she didn't make noise. Miranda couldn't believe that the groom of her sister was now here, in her room and resolutely pulled together from her a nightgown. — That... what are you doing?! — she whispered, having tried to be covered with hands, but the man only hoarsely laughed and having intercepted her wrists, got her hands over the head. — Only I want to receive from you what you so generously shared with robbers, expensive! How many did you have them, and? — You... yes as you dare... let me, or I will shout! — she tried to escape, but he pressed down her the body and hissed on an ear: — Shout, shout how many you want, the darling, here only, I am afraid, nobody will hear you. And I love when the girl shouts and begs about mercy... Did you ask them and shouted when robbers moved apart your legs?! — Clean up... you are disgusting... and how my sister? — And what she? When we find her, she will become my wife, I need money and influence of your father, the darling... I think, I will own her body until she doesn't become pregnant my successor, and then... we will look... Lyon began to rummage lips on her cheek while he one hand squeezed her breast, forcing the girl to scream and damn him. Tears smothered the girl and the poor thing couldn't believe that she is exposed to violence from the groom of the sister, spread under him. The duke the sharp movement lifted up a hem of a nightgown and here his fingers thriftily squeezed it flesh, persistently spreading her legs. Miranda writhed and coiled under him, trying to dump him from herself, but he was stronger, and the girl only quietly sobbed when one of fingers slipped in her bosom and began to rummage there, hurting her and the next sufferings. Dreadful memoirs gushed an avalanche over unfortunate and now here again forced it and tormented. The man quickly threw off from himself clothes and, having caught it by legs, raised the girl's hips, having squeezed into her and having made deep attack. Miranda cried and drove in him cams, but he only laughed and accelerated, continuing to hold her intense legs. Having jerked her on itself, he forced her to sit down to him on knees and continued to stick on the dick, having taken teeth of nipples and biting him while his fingers painfully squeezed her hips, directing movements of the girl who, without ceasing, sobbed and shouted, without believing that it is not a dreadful dream, but terrible reality...