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Alexander Platonovich got up from for a table approached a window, got blue Kent, frosty air rushed into an office from an open window. Couple more of hours precisely here to stick out, well an as wanted, won't wait for the state affairs. In an office knocked. It was the deputy, already in clothes. Alexander Platonovich, I signed all, girls will register tomorrow and will direct. To tomorrow, I nodded, and without having waited for the answer I left. Remarkably, the office and without me perfectly works and that I forgot here, guys called to drive in the evening on Kamenka. Ferrari sport on an underground parking missed. Platonovich never loved wheelbarrows, read was interested, there was money, came ordered the most expensive. There was no wish to sell too cheap before guys. Business went exactly itself years as 7, a for strengthening of positions businessmen are torn in the power, it is the capital truth, especially in sew that to the country. Couple of not difficult frauds, weighty communications and even the phony passport, here and serious work are done money so far where that are stirred up. The high brunette thin from the nature tired and in cigarette smoke seemed even more poorly, than was in the 29, Lenka said what wouldn't disturb podnabrat, even cutlets tried to fatten with onions which all life caused loathing, fie it is terrible to remember. Akh Lenka, Lenka, dumped, found pobogache and that now? I the successful businessman with the governor of an ee on you Vovchik wind term for excess of official. Ne you are able to take don't take as it is told. Phone called, having finished smoking, Lex took the call. Yes. Yes sent you. Did you see which hour? Also it isn't necessary so me as to talk to the boy, not in that situation already. And to you not to be sick. Having thrown a tube I swore a mat. A position other an of the creatures which are rude by phone till this time is enough. Na hours punched 7. Ancient hours with a cuckoo were presented for what next holiday the next girlfriend of the house toshno to watch that on them was, brought for work. A so employees come, representatively it seems. Yes all is trifles. Na phone the reminder tinkled. Having sworn a mat again, Lex opened the daily log as he could forget today the meeting with the chairman of committee on tourism about which was appointed he safely forgot. And Nin Romanovna has to understand all though therefore that last Friday he without hesitating tore up ee on the plotter at itself in a reception. In trousers it became close from one mention. Having interrupted the memoirs Lex all decided to try to take the most sensitive of the women. Whether stop from the? What is characteristic they never met, probably the humour forced out all possible serious options of development of a relationship with her. Too well she knew him, too strong and independent, liking to hold all on control. And to that already as two years married position of Nina Romanovny itself hinted at quite foggy prospects. No an opportunity to tear up the head of committee yes and just smart woman was to catch not easy. No Lex in this plan had the way. Knowing the person to trifles keys always to find much more simply. In a tube beeps sounded. One, two, three, four, on the fifth slightly angrier was distributed than usually to Alya .ego unperturbable hi, didn't make due effect. The interlocutor had a tired voice and angry. — Well I forgot pussycats, you would know how many you put here. — that I don't know a, good mine, it to you to trade not in clothes in boutique, the schedule not normirovan. — Ne be rude to me. — Also it isn't necessary to me my phrases, all right, Bodurov, che to you it is necessary, an appointment to reschedule?/В to a tube rustling was heard, probably, I got the daily log, not, excuse at me for 2 weeks ahead all is painted. Yes, yes Chairmen have many cases — Nina bit. — So, Madam Bragina, I would ask not to be rude. Well to someone doesn't happen, che you are evil such? What doesn't the husband give? In a tube beeps were heard. Here the fool well that in a day such. I thought, I threw sms with excuse. The smilie in a look faka came to the answer. here also talked. The arrow of hours was inevitably tightened to 8. Yes and the pack of cigarettes came to an end. Here the bitch — turned in the head, yes and not only it turned, opened the top box of a table, there in the middle of pieces of paper and a junk ee red panties as scoffing at him lay. I left in last time, specially I put in the top box, having pathosly thrown a phrase — it will be sad, you know how to cast memoirs So and left without panties that evening. All right, probably it is necessary to work still how many it is possible to sit here. Having made couple of calls, Lex continued to fill a tabular form. Konstantin called, the right hand so to tell, in Lex's absence always helped and conducted all his affairs, Lex never felt sorry on him for money, Konstantin dezhurno reported how there were affairs, and hurried to take the leave. it is written for A home all wasn't gone. Can be therefore that there nobody waited for, even the cat wasn't. Though what to him a cat, with such character. With such changeable desires. Lex himself also knew that he was windy. From that category of people who lie in the evening at the TV indifferently clicking channels, on Friday go to Cuba in the evening, having in a purse give god on the return ticket. No work in state bodies accustomed to an order. Having jumped up on a chair from a cuckoo, Lex started in her a glass, as that sharply came nine. Suddenly I heard the familiar engine sound muffled by a turbo. Someone that stopped by in the yard. Where that in Lex all with pleasure contracted. Well she couldn't, she proud, still and obkhamil. No ears heard a familiar sound. It without doubt of ee R8. It stood in the middle of the room with accurate understanding of the fact that he managed to make bloody nothing, and his office can rigidly be bent at the next meeting, but the knock of heels in a reception carried away all thoughts very far. She didn't knock. Just I opened a door and I threw a coat on a sofa. — I hate you, you are a boor, yes as you can speak so Approached closely, embraced — Yes, native, I am a boor, kissing on a neck Lex told, but you wouldn't arrive, be I another. Kissing on a neck, a chin, he undid ee a blouse Wait, well where you so hurry We some I wine took Nin, well turn back at me the whole case of a booze, all then, ee a jacket and a blouse departed on a floor. One movement of a hand all contents of a table departed in that direction, it put ee on a table. Reddened, smelling of expensive spirits, I carried out by hands on a leg Having stopped on an openwork elastic from chulkov Ne tear, they Italian They smart if that I will buy new. I will leave you in them and in shoes, She undid his shirt. His light-green eyes were covered with a dark haze of an Eye extended from excitement, an in blood with a mad speed was allocated adrenaline. Having filled up ee on a table I laid down from above. Nina my girl as I missed. Kisses in a neck gave goosebumps to knees, having exempted ee from linen, hands knew that they and how to touch Kisses in a neck were replaced by a clavicle, a breast, going down below to a stomach, he heard only frequent sighs and groans. What you sweet Went down below accurately parted leg ee with hands From his language at Nina skin He boiled I caressed ee directly there, a she span and groaned Slightly naavlivaya language on a clitoris, leading up to poluobmorochnogo states, he stopped and began torture at first it was possible to Shout, it was necessary to shout No not all so at once. I rose and again kisses in a neck I Started hands in the head to Nina massing a nape and gently passing a thick black hair through ee fingers, accurately I reeled up on a fist and sharply I lifted Nina so a table From pain and excitement from eyes sparks No flew he knew that only so she lyubitpostavil on knees before themselves They met a look, in ee of fox darkly blue played devil notes Took a hand accurately Lex closed eyes Took in a mouth More deeply, even more deeply Yet didn't rest against a throat Slowly licking She licked TO increased speed, on the contrary slowed down, were used hands, massing, squeezing is slightly lower, kissing the Throat, took out, again a throat, I took out again. He contrast at Lex darkened in Nin's eyes again I increased speed, feeling the approaching final, but I decided not to please directly here so, all sex is important too and very much there is a wish to feel as his sexual body is pressed to ee shovels directly into a negotiation table by Lex lifted ee back, developed the person to a table and pressed the head the Hand ran over the pussy Vsya wet Carried out by the dick on a bottom, went down to a leg carried out by a hand on a back — My God Lex please don't torment — Isn't present, I want to hear everything