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There was on her only a dressing gown not hiding ee of knees. Without having entered the apartment yet I noticed that on it there was no brassiere therefore nipples were clearly visible and stuck out in the different parties, an of a breast shivered at each ee the movement and hypnotized me. — will You on a threshold celebrate?! — with a cheerful smile she asked me, having returned me back to reality. We passed to one of rooms of the two-room apartment where there was a sideboard with the TV, a sofa, a with him nearby a table near which I stood Kostik and I placed plates. Having congratulated him we presented gifts, pulled at ears and took seat at a table watching that as his sexy mummy runs from a table in kitchen bringing us salads, binge and snack. — Let me help-vyzvalsya initiative Mischa and I began to help her in kitchen. When all table was hammered she went to change clothes both returned to us and began to edify. — You boys don't drink you see yourself properly much and don't break glass in my new sideboard. — having threatened with a finger she told — yes if that food is in kitchen, you cope, a that I leave. — Well where you?! — we protested in one voice - give with us sit — began to persuade ee of Mikha with Zhekoy. — we Will sit slightly we will drink for health of your son - I continued Mikha — And look after us what the sideboard wouldn't be broken — I blurted out looking the beautiful person at ee. She looked at Kostika with such look in which was read that she wants to remain with us and asked him, the look, permissions. — Yes all right mothers — Kostya immediately answered — remain. if he knows what mistake made, then there is nothing didn't ask ee to remain. Aunts Natasha was obviously delighted and returned to the room back to change clothes. There was she in that dressing gown and took seat on a chair between me and Kostikom. Aunts Natasha was always the cheerful woman, spoke much and joked her probably it was pleasant to communicate with friends of the son and in general young society was pleasant. music, a played we tossed a glass behind a glass, told a toast behind a toast, doing cheerful pauses on pleasant communication. Natalya Vasilyevna's face was lit and reddened when Zheka gave out: — We will drink for aunts Natasha, so if she isn't so beautiful, kostya would be a terrible freak - all burst out laughing, from this Kostya just began to shake, we wildly began to laugh, he was obviously jealous the mother. On her it was visible that to her to be pleasant attention so the parties us. At those moments when something similar occurred I noticed as she stuck out the big breast so that she hung over a plate as if, the rock over the sea, at those moments of a nipple stuck out more and more and were visible not armed eye or tried to keep step with salad teasing me a which slightly seemed a nipple then got up and put away empty ware wagging a round bottom left on kitchen, frankly showing the forms. Behind a window it was already dark and from drunk cut down Mischa to sleep. We led him to other room where laid to sleep. All already were drunk, but all continued to drink. The second drove off Zheka, became him badly and that vomited in a toilet so that to us it was even heard. — Can sleep too? — suddenly Kostya, sedentary on a chair, blurted out, having interrupted my conversation with his mother. — a that too already cuts me. — I still will a little sit if I don't mind-skazal having switched the attention back to mummy. — Go lay down the sonny at me in — Natasha showed care of aunts. Having slightly sat and having thought he-ne told, to walk so to walk — and took seat at edge of a sofa. — Here the bastard - thought I — to see very strongly is jealous time doesn't want to leave ee one so by me. — Give a TV set will look-predlozhil I aunts to Natasha. She agreed. Having switched off the center, I included a TV set and extinguished light, took seat on a sofa having dragged for myself aunts Natasha. We three together drank a spill of vodka on liqueur glasses and stared a TV set. It was between me and ee a son who in sedentary situation already snuffled in three nostrils. Light from a TV set fell on a table and all that on I am mute stood it was visible well. Having still drunk vodka of aunts Natasha began to tell me that she brings up the son one his father of a ski soaped when that was born. Then she began to complain that at her no someone is present and as to the woman hard one. I at the same time listened and spilled vodka on piles - trying to give to drink ee thus touching as not purposely with ee elbow a breast. — Probably I am already old — poditozhila she and hung up a nose. — Nothing you not old — I told ya-Vy very much even well and sexually you look — I consoled in ee I put also a hand to it on a shoulder — let's drink still. And having thrown back stoparik she I told: — Thanks Anton, but I am not o volume - it — the Woman of very hard one subjects began more with the son. A male hand so to tell isn't enough in the house. — So you don't hesitate of aunts Natash address we we will help you, we are able to do all — I cheerfully told — I will know Thanks - she-no smiled it is a trouble floor, even with your help it won't become easier for me — Natalya Vasilyevna told pulling a dressing gown tip on a knee.