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Thieves constantly kept the captive under supervision when it was required to leave, one of them was always on duty with the girl, and two others left. A sound of the running engine of their car — in fact the only sound from the outside world which Ira could hear. Time went, money wasn't. Bandits began to be nervous, splashing out rage and the hidden fear at each other and, of course, on the captive. The ringing slap in the face from which shook the head of the girl so that the neck ached taught her not to climb with requests and entreaties to Unshaven. Several times, the girl locked in a tiny room, heard as Dan swore at Thickset as he Unshaven shouted at both companions as those snapped in reply. Worst of all was when one of thieves rushed into the room of the captive and "I exhausted". Panties, a brassiere, a blouse — all this was torn and thrown out. To Ira only the wrinkled short skirt on hips, here and all clothes was necessary to sit in captivity naked. When one of thieves rushed to her, to him was to pull down enough inertly resisting girl from a couch, to bend and when she rests hands against a bed, to throw a skirt on a back. Ira didn't try to kick any more, the angry bandits weren't too soft on the captive. Ira's buttocks already freely accepted dicks of tyrants, sex on two — three times a day made the business. Feelings when it was forced, were, of course, unpleasant, but already not sharply — painful, as at the first penetration. Pain was practically not, but the feeling of terrible humiliation and vulnerability tormented the girl when her body was in power of tyrants. She only gritted teeth when her rectum was polished once again by men's genital body. Three long days three adult men forced gentle maiden buttocks. Ira was broken and humiliated, as well as her sphincter. Raped her not on the cam any more, and just like that: for own pleasure, a discharge from a stress and simply to mock. Most often I visited it Thickset. Seizing each free moment, he visited to snuggle the girl's breast, to massage a finger a sphincter. He in general had some unhealthy interest in the captive, even when he didn't want to fuck her, all the same came to a room, stacked a stomach on knees and long, selflessly entered fingers into an anus to the victim. I massed a back hole with circular motions, I stretched, I moved with a finger inside. It did it obviously not on a pointer Unshaven, not to cook up the next video, and just just for fun. Ira tried to relax as much as possible, feeling the movement of fingers in buttocks. After the visits Thickset, some more hours seemed to her his fingers in a bum, feelings were very sharp and annoying. Frightened the girl and the fact that every day villains wanted more and more thrills. Unshaven, for example, having seen as Thickset stacks her on knees, I decided to repeat this focus too. I threw Ira through a knee a bum to top, but instead of having a good time with a sphincter, ruthlessly I spanked. It gave him such pleasure. That even I asked Dan to film all with the camera. Now video as a wide palm of the bandit torments the buttocks which reddened from blows, was stored on the villain's laptop. Again abuse behind a wall. This time is far louder, than usually. The door with a roar was opened and Ira reflex squeezed a sphincter, having a presentiment of the next invasion. Dan, obviously tipsy, with a knife in hands, hung over Ira. The girl scaredly looked askance on a table knife. The bandit cut with one movement her fetters, threw a knife aside and, having grabbed by hair, dragged to the large room. — Forward, a creature — the drunk rage overflowed the bandit. — Yours got me daddy! Now you will be responsible me for him! Will be enough to nurse you! In the room with vodka and snack I sat at a table Thickset, indifferently watching the events. Dan bended over the sobbing schoolgirl before a sofa and, having lowered a little trousers, the dick in a bum set. Ira creaked teeth, the point kind of wasn't developed, but on dry to fuck it was sick. Probably, too such intercourse didn't give special pleasure to Dan. — Grease with her an ass — I advised skilled Thickset — you Will tear her, then it is opposite on to dryuchit krovishche. — you Hear, the whore, you won't grease — I will tear an ass — Dan developed Ira and forced to the knees. — Give begin to suck. If saliva will be not enough, your bum will pay off. To take a crimson dick in a mouth, visited her own buttocks, it was opposite, but there was no repeated wish to feel pain in a gut too. The scared girl zachmokat a mouth, earlier, than itself thought that does. Dan didn't begin to give an initiative to Ira, caught it by the head with two hands and began to fuck roughly in a mouth. When the tyrant considered that saliva on his dick is enough, for hair he lifted the girl from knees and again set in buttocks. This time business went on more softly, the developed hole accepted a dick completely, saliva provided painless friction. Ira needed only to puff and wait quietly when Dan exhausts. The tyrant acted with roughness habitual already, getting deeply and vigorously. The girl didn't build groundless hopes for the fast termination of an execution. She was it is sure that after Dan Thickset, and this pervert will undertake her can think up that — be on more rigidly. The hot seed filled Ira and Dan's buttocks with a negligent kick sent the girl to a sofa, and itself undertook a bottle with vodka. Thickset I remained to sit quietly in the place, Ira calmed down on a sofa, recovering and trying not to draw attention. From the crumpled phrases, the getting drunk Dan, she understood that money to thieves wasn't paid, and negotiations came to a standstill. Unshaven, probably, I left "to punch options", and these two toil from expectation. Half an hour later Dan's mutter ceased. The bandit was chopped off, sitting at a table. Here also I began to act Thickset. He approached scaredly contracted Ira. With a grease smile the bandit sat down on an edge of a sofa and began to caress the girl's breasts. His hands thriftily rumpled gentle flesh, fingered firm nipples. One hand slipped on a stomach below, to the gentle pussy. Rough, calloused fingers began to caress pink petals. The forefinger tried to get inside, but came across a barrier. Ira waited when she Thickset bothers. He more than once studied her virgin bosom, but every time receded, remembering the order Unshaven: Not to touch the virgin. — Relaxed? — гаденько the bandit grinned. — And in vain! Sharp the movement the finger punched a thin barrier. Together with a tselochka in the girl something else broke. Something is deep in soul cracked, feelings left, there was only an understanding that it has nothing to lose more. Thickset mad eyes I looked at the blood-stained finger, then slowly I licked it and I smiled. Ira, as if the doll, lay without the movement when the man pulled hard on her all weight, parted legs and got into a bosom. The hard vagina densely clasped a dick. The head rammed interiors and rested against a uterus. A game didn't react when Thickset at first slowly, then I did by wide movements of it the woman. Progress of the tyrant was given at first by dull ache, but through some time it left. If consciousness of the girl was disconnected, then the body itself knew that it is necessary for him. Natural lubricant was emitted quickly enough that the coition passed without knot and a hitch. Are thickset long I considered the girl's perineum, slightly I thought and, having taken the captive on hands, I went to the street.