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All room is similar to a huge ant hill. — the Most boring dream from all that I saw — Nathanael rendered a verdict and I rose to the feet. If to be exact, he for several seconds soared over a floor, was smoothly developed in air, accepting vertical position, and landed on legs. Nobody turned on a similar miracle the slightest attention — clerks were too busy. Nathanael didn't know, what is the time he already carried out in the world of dreams. He vaguely guessed that in reality there passed not a lot of time, minutes, a maximum — half an hour. But here these minutes developed for him into infinite wanderings on scraps of dreams — he passed through the woods of elves and fairies, the cities captivated by the zombie's hordes, space stations, clearings with the iridescent ponies and small rooms shrouded in the intimate twilight. Every minute he accustomed more and more better here. Abilities of snokhodets still were at him, he could operate local reality as it is necessary for soul. The only thing that he couldn't make is to leave the world of dreams. There was no place to return. Nathanael didn't understand how Gillian turned this focus as threw his quite material carcass, to this non-material world, but was sincerely put on that if there is an entrance, that is and an exit. And so far he continued to move ahead. Gillian made one small mistake. The indicator which Nathanael threw in her aura a few days ago was still active. Jill bragged that noticed him practically at once, and left only to play with Nathanael but after their last collision or forgot about him, or neglected, considering that with the opponent it is through once and for all. The signal was quite weak as though it made the way from other world. However, why "as though"? Gillian was succeeded to use the abilities out of the world of dreams; she learned to control consciousness of people in reality. And (or already I became) Emily will become her first purpose. This fact forced Nathanael to rush like mad, through dreams and dreams, practically without paying to them any attention. — to Kill a dragon, to save the princess — Nathe gloomy spoke, punching a wall of office building and failing in the following dream. Two dreams merged together and some sectarians in loose overalls, with cries "to Ktulkh фхтагн", threw up sickles and fell upon office clerks. Snokhodets didn't even notice it. — We work according to the standard scheme * * * as Emily, blinking from pleasure, I threw up the head, setting up the person under hot water jets. Perhaps, Jill nevertheless was right when she sent her to a shower. Water flows washed away the remains of the pleasant fatigue which appeared in a body after several hours with Nathanael. The explanation with the girlfriend left a little not such as counted Emily. She prepared for long disputes and checks on sanity, however, to surprise of the girl, after her confused story Gill is only dumbfounded blinked eyes, told that she should digest all this and went to kitchen to make tea, having suggested the girlfriend to freshen up. At first Emily wanted to refuse, but later couple of moments for some reason changed the mind and now was very glad to this decision. Having luxuriated under water some more minutes, Emily switched off water, catlike I shook off, I removed a door of a shower cabin aside; shrouded in puffs of vapor, I stepped into a cool tile and I approached the misted mirror, on the run wiping the head a towel. Having stopped, she got rid some more seconds of water droplets on skin and, at last, having decided that the mission is executed, turned back a towel and ran a hand over a mirror. Emily shuddered. For some moment, it seemed to her that in a strip of the pure glass which remained after the movement of her hand Nathanael was reflected. However, she didn't even manage to turn back to check whether somebody isn't behind her back — troubles was gone, hardly she scaredly blinked. Several seconds Emily calmed the heart which for this short instant gave a part of percussions a track dub step then, was just in case turned round its pivot-center, and, having with relief smiled, grabbed a hairbrush and began to battle against the disobedient confused curls. Perhaps, there is nothing surprising that Nathe's image came in dream to her — eventually, now all thoughts of the girl were only about him. Once again, having mentally returned on a few hours ago, Emily nearly zamurlykat from pleasant memories. No ghosts disturbed her any more and, quietly singing some annoying song under a nose, the girl continued to be active a hairbrush, expecting to make toilet without any new shocks. It wasn't possible. The door of the bathroom was sharply opened, letting in a stream of cold air the room. Emily swore, and, having dropped a hairbrush, reflex tried and to pull a towel above and to lower it lower. Not too wide towel and so not too answered with the requirement red on concealment from foreign views, and having undergone and to physical impact from the girl who is torn apart by two opposite rushes, refused to perform the decorative and protective functions at all. The simple small knot holding a towel on the lawful place broke up, and fabric slipped on the girl's body, carried away down by relentless gravity. Again having blurted out something obscene, Emily picked up the deserting matter to a floor halfway and promptly pressed her to a breast, holding a towel both hands as if being afraid of repeated escape. And only after that I lifted up eyes on entered. More precisely, on entered. Certainly, it was Gillian someone else. Emily mentally cursed herself for awkwardness — before throwing away hairbrushes and towels, she could and think over the one someone else could rush to her into the bathroom. However, she didn't begin to lower the fabric pressed to a breast — having intercepted her it is more convenient one hand, the second the girl began to turn around in a towel again. She didn't hesitate of the girlfriend, but also to appear at her naked, didn't consider decent. — Gill! That you — began Emily, but she couldn't finish the offer. Gillian took still a step and is accurate, but firmly took her by hand which she red tried to wrap a fabric corner. Amy, having felt on the skin which was still keeping heat of water, cool touch of Jill with astonishment I raised the head, having met the eyes of the girlfriend, having already slightly opened a mouth to ask something. But words weren't pronounced, having remained to spin somewhere on a language tip. In blue eyes of Jill earlier unprecedented sparkles of violet color all expanding and filling her iris appeared. The look of the girl radiated soft, bewitching, pleasant light in the depth of which were concealed joy, determination and impatience. As at the child who took in hand a box with a New Year's gift inside, but didn't unpack it yet. Gillian it is soft, but persistently I pulled Emily's hand down. Then, also I grabbed the second hand red, still pressing a towel to a breast, and I took aside. The towel with a silent rustle landed on a tile, under legs of the naked girl. Jill's eyes blazed a celebration. Without releasing Emily's hands, she made one more small short step and, having got up almost closely to the girl, quietly whispered, hardly constraining delight in a voice: — At last you with me! In reality! Emily couldn't start back, even to pronounce words in reply. All body became wadded, language grew dumb and hardly moved. Hands which because of Jill remained in situation "on seams" small shivered. The girl couldn't understand in any way what occurs. More precisely to understand she understood, but here it was impossible to accept it at her.