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And here, at me near at hand, her hairy pubis. I gently smooth the puffing-up, rigid volosik, and a hand, submitting to desire of a body, slips below... And here she п..., excuse ladies a vulva! It is hot, mokrenky from juice and lubricant. The vulvar lips saturated with blood from one my touch, disperse in the parties. I slide on it, down, and then up. My fingers in vulvar lips. And suddenly, Katya, shuddered, began to tremble, from half-open lips the groan escaped... And I, felt under fingers, a small knob. "Yes, it he! Clitoris! Gently, caress it", I whispered, in exhaustion Katerina. I carried out on him by fingers, and felt that he "grows"! Becomes more and more densely! Katya has a snack a lip, but it didn't help her, to constrain groan of voluptuousness. Ways of a research of the world surrounding us, are old as the world. Eyes, sense of smell, touch. And to be honest, in this plan, the modern person, not far left the primitive ancestor. To touch, try a hand and language, to see... To touch language and lips, to touch and lick... I saw it at cinema, at first it wasn't pleasant to me, it was opposite! But looking at the screen, doubts began to creep in. And whether so it? What such opposite? And worst "things", some language try. (As the driver I can tell: both antifreeze, and gasoline, it was necessary to try on yaza more than once) And behavior of couples in film frames, gave a reason to doubt my correctness! And I understood that I want to make it and and! I want to caress Katerina "there", language; well if it is pleasant to you more, then to kiss! And I sounded it to Katya. She attentively looked at me, and stated the following: "I, wasn't mistaken in you! I wanted to offer, but I didn't know as, to present. Yes I very much like oral caress of a vulva and vagina! And to someone, from women, it won't be pleasant? Unless only "to the inveterate moralist not to pushchat and not to give type" which is more sweet than the carrot even if washed what I didn't try. Well or the full "silly woman" who went crazy on the bans! The main rule — "Is Not Present What Governed, for Two, behind the "Closed" Door if to Both of Them It Is Good!". "I was called a milk mushroom...", (A porn stories) Katya, slowly raised a bottom, and I, the shivering hands, began to pull together from her panties. When, this heavy business, was made, before me who is kneeling it was presented, the most picture which isn't forgotten in the world! For convenience, Katya leaned back back, having rested hands against a padded stool, behind the back, parted legs more widely! It is opaque the gleaming tummy, a black triangle of a shaggy pubis, and... A reddish, dark crevice, formed, not high big vulvar lips, and quite high small vulvar lips. The last, acted over big vulvar lips, millimeters on seven-eight, and were accurately bent over big, like petals. They were smoothly damp and brilliant. To a bottom from them it was visible, not the correct form an opening, an entrance to a vagina. Where I, so successfully, got, in the bathroom half an hour ago! Over all this magnificence, there where small vulvar lips began, urethra "asterisk" slightly was seen. And over her, under hood folds, пунцово pink "pea", "his majesty" — a clitoris! Having seen enough of this "miracle", I carefully carried out by a language tip on a vulva, having a little touched a clitoris head. Katerina began to tremble all over, lips not distinctly moaned: "Yes! Caress everything, a uvula there! And take your time!". As I also expected, it was pleasant to me.Both "taste", and interestingly exciting smell, ready to a coition, women, and smoothness of skin and as it isn't strange, the gentle, tickling touch of rigid volosik of a pubis! And then I started caress as the person, after the hunger strike, snatches on food! I licked and kissed, each centimeter, her vulvas. I caressed the trembling language, her clitoris. At each contact with which, Katerina groaned, and fidgeted the daddy, on a padded stool. I caressed her hips and a perineum, and at last, having taken courage. I got language into a vagina! It was something. Katya pined with caress and I also, felt as this caress "brings" me. I as though repaid "debt", for her caress. Caress of my dick, in a bathtub! Yes even, if it was also not, all the same would "give", for all and all women! When I at the same time touched hands nipples, and language a clitoris... She shuddered, her stomach strained, easy spasms ran on a perineum and a vulva, and I should have repeated it how it was shaken by a powerful orgasm! Her body was curved, hands squeezed and unclenched cams, on a body ran waves of convulsions, and she shouted! Wildly, passionately, with a shiver and joy in a voice... To me already was unbearable, and I just raised her on hands, transferred to a bed and having put on a back entered her. I entered with all saved-up passion, desire and tenderness... She answered me with passionate groan, and vigorous "podmakhivaniye" of buttocks. We merged in a passion rush. My excited and stagnant body as a knife in oil got into her vagina, ramming and smoothing folds. Balls, with a loud slap beat buttocks, and I, vigorously wagging a bottom, tried to bring it and itself the maximum pleasure. Of course in it a state moreover after two copulation in a row, I couldn't sustain "race" long! But I managed to bring it, to one more orgasm, and almost at the same time I terminated. Having filled in her vagina with a cum. Then we long lay, not in forces to come off, from each other. Recovering and comprehending the incident. Later, we had still meetings, and I took from Katerina, all knowledge which was owned by her. They also formed base of outlook and a way of life which I conduct. But the first meeting, was decisive! Of course, it was necessary to me, and studies much further. But, the end result, was worth it! Moloch 2013. Be continued.