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These questions lived in me and didn't give me rest, everything that then occurred me humiliated. The wife with pleasure fucked with the guest, with that Mark though on the beginning she did a look that minds that doesn't want to change me, but in a consequence she dispersed, fucked with pleasure, with pleasure. I sat at a table, waited for the lunch, but the lump of questions stood at me in a throat. Now before me the faithful, silent housewife very courteous with the head of family turned. House hairstyle, usual household dressing gown, wearable in millions of Post-Soviet housewives. Stop a shot of those events emerged in the head, it approaches and on a threshold kisses Mark on lips, when he already went to that instant. It would seem if it doesn't make it, Mark would leave and everything could then be copied, to hide in a skin of an innocent lamb, a pier, a that I could, came and raped and didn't even ask whether I want, but whether it isn't enough that to you the pleasure seemed as if I test from it, also the point seemed to you. That on it you will tell, the burdock, allowed rape of the wife. Deadlock situation. I sat and looked at it in catalepsy, without seeing in it the obedient housewife any more, it was presented to me by the devil in a skirt, the artful little devil, I began to hate ee, so that on my face the spiteful grimace hung. — the Road that happened, on you there is no person as if you want to kill someone-to now — the spouse the words broke off the hung silence in kitchen. — I all want to talk to you, but didn't decide in any way. You arrived awfully, you humiliated me — itself being surprised to yourself I collapsed with an attack on the spouse. — Ne I understand you. O than you? — quietly she answered. I was enraged, flung away a plate with food sharply got up and a bullet took off from kitchen, reached the bedroom and failed the person on a bed. I chewed words, spitefully starting up them separate sounds in down. The wife came into the bedroom, I listened to ee, thus did a look that I don't notice presence ee. She stroked me on the head, I tried to evade from ee of touches. She understood it and decided to strike in desyatochku, pushed between a mattress and me a hand to the area of my groin, fingers tickled my dick. Instead of that to relax and get pleasure from ee of touches, my rage pressed me to a mattress even stronger, having blocked mobility of a hand of my spouse. Nothing remained to her how just to pull out ee from under me. And suddenly I felt that she sat down on me, probably having taken off pants and having removed a hem a dressing gown she sat down to me on a nape the pubis and began them to rub about my head. It was mad, she never before similar did. Maybe this long lack of sex so affected her. And here it is worth noticing that since the moment of leaving of our guests we didn't touch to each other. Having a little lost by the pussy about my head, she stood up, and tried to turn me on a back, on this time I didn't begin to resist, the curiosity to new and unusual is my big weakness. Obediently I turned over on a back and I saw before myself the pussy which hanged over my person ee and buttocks, without having managed to make out perineum ee, she smoothly fell them by me So far I was in thoughtfulness, the spouse began systematic movements with a bottom and pisey on my person. The spouse that time rose from me again and failed behind my head on a bed. Conveniently for sowing, here the sharp movement I seized me by my dense hair and I developed on a stomach, now ee the pussy was before my person. From ee of sure actions, I unexpectedly for myself began to be made horney and as the investigation I became more obedient. The wife continued to pull me for hair so far my mouth didn't rest against ee the pussy.Ee desire was clear, having been given under pressure of own excitement I began to lick a uvula ee the pussy. I licked diligently, trying to react sensitively not ee of emotion from my touches, I plunged a uvula into ee a perineum, into ee pizdenku. Coming up from her, the pubis, a clitoris, on internal side of hips fell a hail of kisses upon ee. I wanted to fall slightly below, and here I hundred to kiss the ee area of a hole. From this touch of my lips, a then and a uvula, the wife strongly shuddered a then two hands pressed my head to ee to the back as if speaking to me, lick ee thoroughly and poglubzhe. And I really began to lick greedy as if the teenager, hungry on sex. I licked ee an entrance, smacking the lips him, then began to push the uvula as it is possible more deeply in it, getting him into it, rested against walls, caressing them from within. It proceeded infinite amount of time, just therefore that I lost communication with the present during this instant. Having come off buttocks of my spouse I again gently touched with an edge of a uvula ee to a clitoris. The spouse exploded. I pressed me to myself and I began to cum violently. Only later couple of minutes when ee an orgasm began to fade, she let out me. — Oh — she said and smiled — a someone here at us on will to aspire? And during this instant as if showing o than speaks, by rather big, but very sexual leg it was stretched ko to me. The foot pressed Ee my standing dick trying to escape from pants and trousers. No he wasn't fated to escape outside, only the cum escaped outside only from him, having felt this easy touch of ee of a leg to my groin. I grabbed ee a leg, pressing even stronger to myself, to the dick and began to cum, it looked as if a careless puppy having rubbed about the hostess's leg, fights in the first sudorgakh. I failed on a bed nearby with the wife who continuing to sit in that pose, stroked my hair. We lay and were silent until the first my darling started talking. — the Road, you forgive that I tell you it, but I continue to love you and I can't lie to you, you the most expensive to me the person. Te two days that-to was blown up in me that-to unknown was lifted from my depth earlier. I ask don't become angry, believe, I also love you, but now I began to understand that this love even treason can't be a hindrance though what treason, you itself left me to him into hands. — No I couldn't risk your life, I had no exit. — Understand, an exit always is, but you chose that way, let's not be about it now, you don't become angry about me it is the fact. Let's not lie each other. We excellent couple and we understand the friend of the friend than the others much more better, we won't pull down our strong marriage. — Probably you are right, but I can't be measured with it, I want that you were only mine how I will share you with another? — A you didn't put me, I all yours and only yours, it I will share you with him — having smiled my spouse answered. — I don't understand you. — the Road, tell you love me? — Yes! — Do you want to be so me? — Of course! — Well here, then put the beloved wife on a new step, and adore me, love me and to you in it it will be so sweet as and me. No all I was tired and I don't want to tell about it more. A call — Hello is Mark, help me, I have problems, take away me please — on lomannom Russian Mark asked me help o. During this instant I lay on a bed with the wife. The wife, having seen my intense face, here I asked me someone it and that happened. — Mark hi. Well, I will help you, Carle with you? — No.