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The successful career, happy marriage, the careful husband — dreams of such life everyone. But Anna wanted another. All her thoughts were occupied by him — impudent, haughty, but devilishly attractive student Gleb. With him she forgot about an age difference and again felt like the little little girl. They kissed on a divorce of bridges, vanished in night clubs, ran away from police on the motorcycle and swam at night in others pool. Here only sex wasn't. Gleb asked, and she didn't resolve. "Suddenly the husband learns!" — she said and almost always after that I left. But once to the student bothered to wait and ask. It happened today. On one of couples when Anna had a window, he rushed into her office and persistently kissed her. She during an instant lost the head and forgot about the works. Gleb sharply lifted her and drove into the corner. One hand wandered under her blouse, and another lifted up a skirt. — Gleb! Not here — Anna squeezed out. She was inflamed also all her body which yearned on male caress was eager to be within his power. — Will be enough, Ania! Nobody will enter. He sharply sat down on knees and here she already over him. His face appeared under her skirt, and lips kissed her panties gently. — Gleb! We will be seen — she protested, and the body demanded his caress. He carefully treated her pussy and didn't decide to remove white panties yet. His hands caressed her hips, his lips through fine fabric soaked up her juice. Suddenly behind a door steps were heard. Anna Alekseevna sharply pushed away the student and corrected a skirt. When steps passed by her office and abated in the distance, Anna Alekseevna told: — Today at me in 4 — also I left, having taken the textbook of methodics and phone. Gleb stood minute - another, and left after it. After the university Anna came back home and in vanity of household chores absolutely forgot that to her have to come soon. The call to a door found her at the most unexpected moment — she was in a toilet. Having quickly celebrated need, she left and went to open a door. Gleb was on the threshold. Without wasting words he entered and in several seconds they were weaved in a passionate kiss. At the sight of this student Anna Alekseevna often lost the head and forgot absolutely about everything. From the hall they moved to the room to a sofa. Gleb didn't waste time in vain and here his hands already caress Anna's hips. The woman tried to stop him, said something that it isn't ready, but to him was all the same. He gently removed with her panties and felt slightly saltish droplets on lips. — Gleb, me it is inconvenient. I returned from a toilet recently! Let me leave for a while to the bathroom and I will return — Anna said, reddening with shame. But her words sank in groans of pleasure. Gleb carefully licked the pussy to the teacher, teased a klitorok and investigated a vagina. The student did all so gently and tenderly and already after a while Anna terminated. The guy with such pleasure soaked up women's juice that Anna Alekseevna choked with pleasure and unforgettable feelings. Gleb came off t of so attractive pussy of the beloved and returned to her full soft lips which from kisses became reddish. — Anechka — Gleb falteringly spoke — let's try something new. — What? — In buttocks. — What? No, Gleb, give only not today. — Why? — I said that I returned from a toilet quite recently and — she couldn't finish speaking. Gleb took off trousers and here his dick already slowly enters a vagina. Anna choked with pleasure again and covered eyes. Gleb continued to persuade the partner to try analno meanwhile. Anna through the braiding language explained that now they shouldn't try analno since she isn't ready not physically, not morally. Still she said that her anus will easily reveal because she is a married woman. — And yes here it? — Gleb asked. He already left Anna and now tenderly kissed her tummy and breasts. It was difficult for woman to concentrate, she often lost conversation thread because emotions read off scale, and excitement was too strong. — Tell, and you are aware what in marriage of the man often have the wives analno? It is a great way to precisely avoid pregnancy. — Therefore?.— Yes. Anna tried to distract him a talk that he didn't decide to try after all it analno. But Gleb was difficult to be dissuaded. Having finished with caress and, despite quite serious protests of the woman, he began to insert a dick into her anus slowly. He went easily and without lubricant. Only later Gleb saw particles of excrements on the trunk, but even it didn't stop him. And he with even big eagerness began to have her in buttocks. From so extreme copulation Gleb terminated the first, and Anna as a token of gratitude tenderly kissed the student. An hour later Gleb left, having left the teacher to enjoy fine memoirs. At 9 o'clock Anna met the husband from work, and after a dinner at them brilliant sex took place.