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But about everything in stages. So, as you already know, my name is. I wouldn't like to brag, but, to the truth there is a truth, I am a smart girl. Not just smart, but stunning. I have a beautiful figure, a nice attractive face, a big breast, elastic buttocks, and magnificent, silky hair which I dye in light color. Generally, I am a typical colored blonde, but I never considered myself silly. I am a daughter of rich parents and very carefully I approached the choice of the groom. I am not a touchy person, and by 26 years I had a lot of relationship and with men is more senior also with my age-mates, but all of them were from my circle, people with good prosperity. Eventually, I stopped the choice on Andrey. Nice young man. Love? Ah, leave. I don't trust in love, and probably I treat that type of women who can't fall in love just like that if their man is poor. My groom — the son of the deputy, but he isn't any brainless major. The father attached him to a good position, and Andrey in the future, on all deals, too in the near future had to get to the Duma. To go so to speak in the footsteps of the father. I was always at the same time looked after by several men, to me with the appearance never made work to enchant them. When time has come, and I understood that time to marry came, I chose Andrey as most suitable candidate, especially the guy, seems really fell in love with me. so having made the choice, I didn't regret for a second. Andrey literally carries me on hands, carries out all my desires. At the same time he doesn't drink and earns decent money. I have to be the happy woman. And me it was really comfortable with Andrey though I understand that I conduct with him sometimes as the real bitch, but, it seems to me that it I also hooked on him. Anyway, in my life there was recently a case which can destroy my happy life. Reminiscence of him forces to tremble all my body, and I want to share with you it. Recently, Andrey was invited to himself on a visit to England, by one his friend, Victor. Victor too the son of rich parents, apparently, his father is some ambassador in one of the countries with the name difficult to pronounce. The father earned enough money that the sonny married and moved to live to England, having married the foreigner. And here Victor decided to acquaint the new wife with family of the old friend and invited us with Andrey to himself, to Christmas on England. I didn't need to persuade long and here after short flight, we appeared in England. Victor's house was located near London. It was the small, nice two-storeyed cottage. I will miss our meeting with Victor and his wife because it has no relation to the case interesting us. I will tell only that I and Victor's wife having a little sat with our husbands, dispersed to bedrooms, and Victor with Andrey sat in kitchen for a long time and remembered the institute years. Having been tired of flight I quickly fell asleep, but not the next morning, having woken up, felt as cucumber. Desire to take a walk in London immediately began to hold apart me, and I began to part forcibly the husband. But Andrey properly drank with the old friend for a meeting, the day before, and therefore he refused flatly to get up. — Yulka, take a cab. Catch the taxi and go itself on shops! — he muttered, in the sleep. — Forces is absent! I will get up later and I will drive up to you. — Zasonya — I called the lazy husband, kissed him on a cheek and began to get ready for a trip. It even to the best that I will take a walk in London and its suburbs one. I will be slipped on boutiques and shops, and nobody will ache near by that bothered him and it is time to come back how many it is possible to go shopping and to stare at any belongings and perfumery, all in this spirit. I put money and all necessary in a handbag, put on a velveteen blouse with open sleeves, over her a dark jacket. On legs I put on dark jeans and half boots. It is necessary to tell that in England the winter reminds more fall therefore when I went outside, it wasn't cold, but nevertheless it is frosty and cool. I wasn't afraid to be lost as earlier more than once I was abroad, and perfectly knew English. I passed to the next stop and began to wait for the taxi. I passed several suburban buses because didn't wish to go by public transport, more better I wouldn't pose as the doll, and reached to London by bus. Just I also couldn't assume what happens to me in the next hour. At last, the dark cab of the taxi with a checkered pattern in the distance seemed. Typical English taxi. I raised a hand and the taxi stopped near me. In a window of a driver's seat I saw darling the uncle, years of fifty with already slightly turned gray head. — Alright love where would you like to go? (That, the darling where to throw you) — he asked. — Could you drive me to a shopping center or something as I need to do some chrristmas shopping. (You couldn't throw me, to some shopping center, I need to make purchases before Christmas) — I answered. — Yeah I think I know just the right place, hop in I'll take you. (Yes, I think, I know where it is necessary to you, jump inside, I will give a ride to you). And I got on a back seat of the car. In salon it was quite warm and cozy. — Getting a bit cold out there today. (On the street it is a little cold today) — the driver Told. — Yes, a little bit. (Yes, it isn't enough) — I answered, settling down on a wide back seat and looking round on the parties. The salon was big and, only one huge seat for passengers, and a support for legs before a seat behind was spacious. The salon was divided by a partition between the passenger and the driver. In a partition there was a small window where only the head could creep, through her the driver also exchanged words with the passenger. Generally, regular, typical English taxi. At once it was pleasant to me that in the taxi very warmly, but it wasn't pleasant that the seat was very dusty as though long ago didn't clean up the taxi therefore I decided to pokapriznichat at once, having shown the character, having made the driver a remark. — It's a bit dirty in the back here don't you clean your taxi? (Here somehow rather dirty behind, you what you don't remove the taxi?) — Sorry! I've been busy, I haven't had chance to get it cleaned I will probably get it done at the weekend. (Excuse! I was busy, I had no time to clean up, I likely will make it during week-end) — the driver justified himself, and on it our conversation ended. Some time we went silently. I looked out of the window, peering at landscapes of England. Then the driver tried to start with me a conversation. — Can I ask you, how are old are you? (I can ask you, how old are you?) — I'm 26 (Me 26) — slightly perplexedly answered I. — Thought you looked a bit yanger than that actually. (You look a little more young).