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There was in her something like that, imperceptible and attractive, exciting. Installation approached the logical conclusion, and I was excited by uncontrollable desire to approach Elena Nikolaevna behind, to embrace her a juicy body, to drive into the corner, to inhale aroma of her hair, to taste a gentle skin on a neck, to seize her delights and to subordinate consciousness. — Well, at you everything is ready? — tenderly Elena Nikolaevna asked, without coming off the stand — and that I will have a lesson now. Her question interrupted the course of my erotic imaginations. I quickly translated a view of the monitor, got it together, and answered with a quiet voice: — In principle and. There were small things. But it after a lesson. — Means, till the evening? — Yes, I will approach by five o'clock. I will finish everything only here... And actually, everything was almost ready. After a lesson, having delivered drivers and programs, I planned to finish also one more, very important issue. But for a start, it is necessary to return back in time to understand as, why, and why. After army I came to study to institute as correspondence department. Having studied year, and having wasted on various, temporary jobs, I got a job in school the system administrator. Work was very useful. The good training material was available to me to the examinations, the help from teachers in critical situations, and the main thing — is a lot of free time. This time, generally I borrowed with what earned additionally on the party. I stuck announcements "Repair of the computer, the Windows control, filling of cartridges" on the area. In the investigation of what, I began to receive orders and to go on clients. So there was enough money. From the first days, working at school, I felt to the person, not weak such interest. The collective that was, generally women's, and those teachers of the man who we had were not in that age any more to confuse young and unmarried teachers. Besides, all men were married. Therefore I, the bachelor, for obvious reasons, was held in high esteem and a favor. Teachers not differently as Igoryok addressed me. Probably, because I was the youngest employee in collective. Even those, most very young and inexperienced teachers, were more senior than me for two-three years. To tell the truth, not strongly offended me, or such address upset. Even on the contrary. I, as well as it is necessary, I addressed all on a name and a middle name. I distinguished from all teachers for myself three. All were young, and each in own way beautiful. Evgenia Nikolaevna is a teacher of English. One their most very young and beautiful teachers at school. It is always stylish dressed, though without bright make-up, I looked sexually and effectively. I don't even know what she does here, at school. There is nothing to be engaged, or perhaps just dements seniors, or still something. Generally, mysterious from all directions and unapproachable, as Brest fortress. Plus to everything, she had love affairs with some businessman. So prospects almost any. Svetlana Aleksandrovna is a teacher of geography. The aged woman slightly for thirty, not high growth, sociable, kind and rather cheerful personality. Not to tell that she was a beauty, with long, slender legs. No. But she had a breast. Even not so — she had a smart breast, divine. Her it was noticeable that she didn't put on herself. It was simply impossible to hide her. Yes she especially also didn't try. I didn't measure by a ruler, but it wasn't difficult to guess that there the third size, at least. Once, on the next office party, we remained together in a teacher's room — the others someone left home someone just left to smoke. Svetlana Aleksandrovna approached me closely, and asked for permission to kiss me. Celebrated the eighth of March, and I couldn't refuse to her and didn't want. Having a little tarried, I embraced her, and began to kiss gently. In process, the hand itself got to her breast. Oh yes was there what to undertake. Suddenly I realized that I hold in hand not the teacher on geography, and an unknown clot of sexual energy. If not coming noise of crowd in a corridor, I don't know, than everything would end. After days off, I expected continuation, but Svetlana Aleksandrovna behaved as if nothing occurred. However, I accurately for myself beheld that a geografichka, quite available lady. On the other hand, as option, I not strongly considered her as she already managed to visit for the husband, and had the child. Elena Nikolaevna is a mathematics teacher. Very pleasant, nice and modest woman. Such approximate impression at me about her developed at acquaintance. Of average height, very womanly figure and strict appeal. Her was up to thirty years, and judging by a ring, she was married. So it developed that in her office put the computer. As the fates decree, I to her was attached. It turned out that we divided this new computer for two. I had no office so I held the things also at a matematichka. In general, we often spent time together in Elena Nikolaevna's class. This fact inevitably pulled together us. I liked her character and externally she was good. Here only the slight grief in her light eyes, haunted. Besides, it concerned me more better than others. Never I said to me no, and I didn't refuse anything. So, from three options, Elena Nikolaevna was the most acceptable and balanced, but improbable. Svetlana Aleksandrovna, quite probable, but not to especially desired. To N and Evgenia Nikolaevna, the most improbable and, perhaps, the most desired option. Having finally got confused with these options, I sent them to all devils. Besides, I already had a girlfriend — Nastya. Well, it was so, is clean for sex. If to understand, then my Nastya was stupid as an axe butt. She fucked, of course, as the devil as that hungry and insatiable the bastard. But it was not enough. Here so, I worked year. Anything happened during this time. But it that strongly influenced my business, you won't tell. Means, and you shouldn't remember. One event forced to start business me. I just changed a network card in one of offices. Well, and not to bother, just I climbed under a table, I unscrewed a cover, and I started performance of an objective. Having hardly stopped fastening a new payment, I heard as someone entered an office. — Oh, there is nobody. Let's talk over here. — Well. Give, spread. What at you there? I learned voices. It were two teachers. The second teacher on English, and, on literature, seems. Generally, they began to discuss Elena Nikolaevna. For some reason I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. — I say to you what the husband changes her. — From what you took? — Listen. I notice for a long time that Lenka changed, recently. Do you remember what she was at the beginning? — Yes, I remember. — There now, she was cheerful such, open. And now that? Goes on the wave, almost to anybody doesn't talk. So, hi-so far. Will you here remember when you with her told the last time about men?