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But I will hope that it still will appear ahead even all night. Mr. Clayton went out of the car and bypassed it, helping me to leave also cars. - Oh, Mr. Clayton you are so polite!!! - All for the sake of you Ms. Mallory, and only for the sake of you! I stated as the fact the action Mr. Kleytonmy was passed in the house where already in the living room on a sofa Katharine and Mr. Shepard settled down and lovely cooed. We sat down nearby. - I already disposed of Ms. Mallory about a dinner and about your room where you will spend the night!!! And only at this moment I could consider the house and understand as far as he beautiful though the house in itself was also not it big, but is executed very beautifully, all walls in pictures on a floor everything is carpeted most likely by the Persian. In general the house was executed style of a neogothic style and mix of a modernist style. Yes undoubtedly the designer tried wonderfully well. In a few minutes there was a butler jet-black, high sports 35 it is no more years whose muscles with ease were guessed through a light shirt with a tie and trousers. Also I invited us to a table. We passed to other room where there was a table laid by an easy dinner on 4 persons. We sat down to eat and process of absorption of food, talked on different subjects. And everyone got different subjects. I and Mr. Shepard was the most active in a conversation. - Ms. Mallory tell me about you and your brother!!! To me will hesitate there is nothing, well actually I told everything how it is, of course, lowering some moments, well you understand me about what moments I speak. But probably Mr. Shepard didn't want to stop, and got new subjects. As a result so far this subject didn't concern my relationship with the brother. Slightly began to strain me this subject for a conversation. Too many people became interfere with my life and with the brother's life. - Mr. Shepard, you want to hear, that I fuck with own brother!!! Personally from my lips! I told it with voices raised. - Forgive me, Ms. Mallory I am guilty to you!!! Than I can wash away guilt, allow me to grant any your desire. - Once again forgive me for my tactlessness!!! I undoubtedly was aware of your relationship, my daughter dared to tell, about you with Mr. Jason. - No, it you forgive me, I have to ask from you forgiveness for my behavior, I shouldn't …. - I am guilty, I on a visit once again apologize to you. I calmed down and smiled I sat in the company in which there are no moral standards at all. Then Katharine transferred all of us to a new topic of conversation which brought together us to business. Actually where everything finally was reduced to further cooperation in the company as which I work and the companies of Mr. Shepard. After a dinner we came to the nature. Warm air drenched us from all directions. Without hesitation all of us went to the pool which resembled the pool, but by the sizes 10 times more but without falls and with a big dzhakuzitak as I was without panties, it was necessary to undress completely, Katharine and old men stripped to the skin too and all together dived into the pool. We swam long enough until I appeared near Mr. Clayton who having taken me by hand, I suggested me to leave water and to walk on the wood. I agreed at once as I remembered what for me is, a debt and it would be simply tactless to leave the old man without delicacy. Katharine and Mr. Shepard continued to float and talk on the subjects and I got out, put on on a wet body a brassiere from a bathing suit and a skirt with slippers and having taken Mr. Clayton by hand we went at night where, probably, he was waited by the most unrestrained sex, in his life. We left quite far, light from lamps of the house is already invisible our way stars and the moon lit. I, without hesitating, I can tell that it was, probably, the most romantic night for all my life. We went and were silent didn't come to the small waste ground with a small reservoir and falls in height of the 10th meter yet. In a bag which himself was taken by Mr. Clayton there was a big cover, he spread it and we settled down on him nearby with each other. And here just now we started talking. Mr. Clayton gave me compliments in very erotic character. I wasn't in debt too, reminding it as his dick, getting into my mouth, gave me not less pleasure if it visited at me the pussy and buttocks. Such eloquence from our parties proceeded until I didn't feel any more that already the poteka and is ready to accept the old man in any of my holes in which he will wish. And without thinking twice I put a hand on already strongly noticeable camber in trousers and began to mass it slightly. - it will Be just possible to call I you Clayton!!! - Yes it is possible, but I you will call just Mallory too!!! At the same moment I overturned Clayton on a back and sat down on him from above. I began to undo a shirt and to kiss his hairy and gray-haired breast I didn't reach a belt on trousers yet. Will cope with a belt, didn't make problems, and here with a fly there were problems, roofing felts I from overexcitation couldn't cope, roofing felts it broke, but by means of Clayton to me towards to a face the massive dick with a big head jumped out. I admired his dick not long, his hand laid down on my nape and strongly bent down me to his dick. I in in a hurry opened a mouth and felt as his dick plunged at all length, reaching me the throat. Now I on the head had both hands of Clayton. And he began to direct my actions. Forcing me to take in a mouth all dyne of the dick so far my nose didn't touch his hairy pubis and having taken so me several seconds released and then began everything on new. Actually Clayton fucked me in a mouth without giving me he will come round I planted so deeply as far as his dick allowed. It seemed to me, his dick be longer, he and in a throat with pleasure fucked me. So I proceeded very long so far I didn't begin chokes. And I began to rest hands letting know Clayton that good little by little. Clayton calmed down. - Sorry, I was fond of Mallory. - Nothing terrible I just got used to it. Clayton right there turned us, and I was from below now. And having sat down from above me on a breast the dick put to my lips again. slightly the police officer over a blast furnace he began to enter to me him into a mouth I tried to accept him on all depth. Now it was easier for me Clayton itself moved, and I lay with an open mouth accepting his dick. Clayton moved very rhythmically, observing all proprieties and didn't give me will choke, in time pulling out the dick. such game and me already took I put hands on his bum and pressed on her that he got more deeply so far I all person didn't bury to him in a groin. - M-mm, o-au-au-h-h!!!! Probably, all island could hear our groans and low. So we continued until Clayton's dick didn't become absolutely stone. He right there got down and turned me on a stomach, spread my legs almost on a twine. My already short skirt was lifted up even stronger completely baring my buttocks. His dick rushed into the same moment in me holding apart walls of my vagina. Clayton took high speed at once, exhausting a dick on all depth of my pussy. From his powerful blows at me grew dull in the head. In eyes everything blurred, my body shuddered in convulsions, all this made horney me very strongly. I am a young woman and I am fucked by the old man under 75 years. And me it, without doubts it very much is pleasant. I tried to make upward movement to Clayton, but his weight didn't allow me to make it, and I gave up to him on favor, let this night will be him, let do with me everything that will want. And he did everything that wanted. In a few minutes Clayton turned me on a back and put my legs to himself on shoulders and started the gallop over again. His dick became just incredibly big sizes. I probably went crazy when his dick really saw he is capable in me will be located, but I in vain was afraid. - And - and - and-and, okh-okh-au-au-au!!! I groaned as the madwoman and saw Clayton's face. He was intense, his face reddened, but his movements said that at him it is more than enough of health. And probably Clayton wasn't going to stop, already in following second I lay a stomach on a cover again and inside his dick with even more powerful blows entered again. Both hands Clayton grabbed my bum and strongly parted halves so I even screamed from pain. And right there to me his forefinger previously moistened saliva intruded in an anus. Really he will fuck me in a bum. I understood that it will be sick as I didn't accept such sizes yet. But I reconciled after several minutes of work of his finger, I calmed down and already itself was stuck on his dick and a finger. When Clayton pulled out the dick, I put the buttocks to his dick. Clayton was tactful. - If it is very sore, at once speak!!! What is sick, I already wanted to feel his dick in a bum, representing as he with a force will enter me. I have a snack a piece of a cover when felt the strong pressure upon my anus I tried to relax and already a head completely in me slowly and truly, the centimeter behind centimeter his dick got into me so far I didn't feel his egg on my pussy. And Clayton began to come back, having reached a half back, the dick against the stop again conducted. And so several times so far I got used, dull ache which I felt the beginnings to fall down and I already began to be stuck slowly on his dick. Clayton saw it and began to gain steam gradually. Having raised my hips, Clayton rested me the person against a cool grass, and began to enter me even stronger. At some point I didn't even understand that there are I didn't feel legs and the pussy, my body ceased to obey me, I was covered by some veil unclear to me feelings. Began to carry away me somewhere … … … I terminated with such force that nearly I bit through a cover, Clayton without at private didn't remain his growl, it was growl not of the person and an animal who won fight for survival or after successful hunting. And in the same second in a subsoil of my bum streams of a hot cum were splashed out. Burned me from an interior, my body everything burned, Clayton and remained to stand on the earth, on halfbent legs shuddering in convulsions without ceasing to groan and growl as an animal. My consciousness began to be restored to me Clayton already got down from me and laid down nearby, and I and was kneeling with the hung head, the cool grass pleasantly weakened and massaged to me a face. The moon is even brighter than a star overturning the mysterious light on us with Clayton. - My God as it was pleasant!!! And right there I fell near Clayton and curled up. Clayton embraced me for a waist and even stronger pressed me. - Yes it was something supernatural. I didn't test it any more very long ago. So we also lay till the morning so far the sun didn't begin to appear on the horizon. We occasionally stroked each other. Here what means, rough sex without obligations he wanted a female body, and I gave him such opportunity at all, regretting for the action. Especially it was my debt, it gave me pleasure in the car, and I paid off with him. The only thought which slightly disturbed me how Jason will react to all this. Probably he understands that I catch not a small fish here and back I for the present didn't arrive. So, he on any thinks of me I after all his sister. Even the picture as the brother was presented to me makes to me a row of jealousy. The devil where we with him will be brought by such relationship the brother who fucks with the sovy sister who between other seduced him. And the sister fucks nearly with everyone. Yes, probably, after all it is necessary to talk somehow to the brother on ours with him a relationship and as to us with it to live further. Probably already all on the island know about their relationship. The next thought forced me to begin to cry roofing felts from a grief roofing felts with shame of all events (You look, you look rather, this is the woman and her brother they fuck and it is pleasant to them. The family is lousy). Through my thoughts Clayton broke through. - Mallory, why you cry??? Here me on true broke through, I was developed to it and all poured out that was at heart. - Clayton to me at heart it is painful I with the brother … … - you Understand, I love him he the only thing that at me remained. - Well don't cry Mallory. Always there are explanations for everything that occurs in life. Or a certain chain of events which affected your relationship. - doesn't follow you will hesitate of your relationship talk to the brother that he thinks, and draw on your relationship to yourself so conclusions necessary for both of you and continue to live further. - Yes so probably it is also necessary to arrive too many people interfered with our life for very short time and all this enraged me here a little probably why I insulted Mr. Shepard. - About the beauty for him don't worry he I didn't take offense. He is a strong old man and believe that to offend him, it is necessary to have a lot of skill now. When already finally it is light and the sun lit up a glade on which we lay. - And us won't begin to look for, already the sun got up and it is time for us to return. - Yes most likely it is already time and it is necessary for us will return and I should get to work too.