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The doctor who examined her declared that Rani is pregnant and needs rest, a privacy and rest. The pleased spouse sent her with devoted Pia and servants to the country palace near the capital, promising to remember and visit. The first she was visited by the vizier accompanied by the acquaintance on the spotted man's orgy. That from a distance bowed to Rani and remained to expect Ayaz-sardar, having dismounted at estate gate, accompanied by soldiers. Devouring with eyes the well rested, perfectly looking Gia. playing with servants on the blossoming meadow, the man pulled her in rooms. The girl puzzly refused, having reminded that she carries the successor and is obliged to protect him. A wave of a hand having sent servants, Sardar lewdly embraced the resting Rani and whispered to her in an ear that her pregnancy – the fairy tale for court and the husband that she can't conceive as gave to drink to her herbs from conception on his order. And that now he, and nobody else, will make her pregnant with the child. The shaken Gia threatened and cried at him. Laughing, he seized her and incurred, resisting, in sleeping. Two eunuchs undressed the girl, laid and tied hands to a bed back. The grinning vizier slowly undressed, looking in furious Rani's eyes. – Let, I will suffer, all this a lie, my kid already lives in me, - the ray of hope fought in Gia while the man furiously seized her, hurting. Having felt that she grew weak, he untied her, turned on a stomach, pulled hard from above, pushed into her a trunk, squeezed boobies and after several intensive pushes terminated. After a while the hope abandoned Rani: conception didn't happen. She sent the messenger with the letter to the husband, asking to arrive, but didn't wait for the answer. I was going to come back home, but protection didn't let out her, executing the order. Whose? The security officer repeated that the order – rajahs, but Gia understood that – the vizier. She is powerful Sardar's hostage long ago, but it is so obvious, for show he showed the power over her for the first time. When he arrived, she was locked in rooms. Having sent away servants, he broke a door and, надавав to it slaps in the face, violently took it several times, without having refused to itself pleasure to fill with a seed all her openings. Then he left, surrounded with group of bodyguards, and visited it several times. Gia didn't revolt any more, was indifferent and obedient. They made long horse and foot walks, visited neighboring villages, markets, swam in the pool, washed in a bath. Never spoke about foreign things, about themselves and the rajah. Crushing under itself her slender coiling body, hollowing the pulsing piston of her opening, he saw how it changes and from the frightened angular girl turns into the young beautiful woman able to give to the man inexpressible pleasure. And he passionately wished this woman who matured at him in embraces even stronger, than then for 1.5 years before. He left, and all pointed that Gia became pregnant. She was come to be visited court led by the spouse. The vizier smugly observed how spouses talked in a tent in the middle of a garden. Then they walked on the park, and didn't lead the conversation on a privacy of spouses. The husband was glad to see it in good health, inquired after about her health, about situation. Rani hardly answered, they avoided the words of love, the conversation didn't turn out. Gia asked for permission to return to the palace, the husband refused, referring to the ban of doctors. Having come for an instant into rooms at her request, having hardly looked round, he hastily started to hurry. The wife rushed for him when he was in the doorway of the bedroom. Having fallen on knees and having embraced him legs, she begged to protect her from all, to be her a support, not to leave her. He called servants and charged to them the crying wife, having promised that his close relative is a vizier to take care of her and will protect from all, as well as him. Captured by despair, Gia looked from a balcony as leaves gate of spouses accompanied by the nobility. She didn't see hardly familiar military standing under a balcony and watching her accompanying Sardar. Having heard as to her the vizier who remained by order of the rajah enters, and having seen his self-satisfied look, it was bent through a handrail and I rushed down. She fell from height of several meters to the magnificent bush growing under a balcony. Peeled, unconscious, I brought her in rooms Sardar's companion – the military and I gave to uneasy Ayaz-sardar. The called doctor confirmed that she as it should be, term it is insignificant is small to do much harm to the child, only in unconsciousness for nervousness and a fright. The recovered girl was calmed by faithful Pia, long abused, cried. Gia long was ill: she constantly tensely thought, often cried, refused to eat to anybody I didn't talk, didn't sleep. In Sardar's attempt to approach, to it there was a hysterics. Seeing her struck the changes which happened to her: she looked bad and obviously endured a great grief. Watched her, didn't leave one, servants were at her bezotluchno. Having recovered, Gia began to leave rooms, to eat food. Somehow Pia pointed to the low young military, having reported that he the first saw her falling and brought to the palace. He comes to the vizier from the capital with reports from the sovereign. He is a notable military leader always is interested in her health probably for the report to the spouse. Rani ordered to call the stranger whom she remembered almost at once – that 4th participant of an orgy about whom Sardar didn't wish to extend. To speak with him it was ceased to want: all friends of the vizier are spies and her enemies. She said several nothing not meaning phrases and released him, but he asked for permission to speak. She indifferently nodded. Having come nearer and having looked her in a face a serene look, he said: - It seems to you that is more unfortunate than you isn't present on light. Perhaps it and so, but it not forever. All has the end, also your troubles will terminate. Suffer and you will be very happy, and your offenders won't be. Having bowed, it left. Gia grinned: good words, but only words! She didn't trust in the future. And again the girl reconciled to destiny and obeyed circumstances. The child, her kid, grows in her, making her more and more clumsy. She hates his father? Yes, it so! But both men wishing to impregnate her don't love and they don't feel sorry for her, her not a support. Only force her body and soul, trying to break it. What her difference, which of them child's father?! The kid isn't necessary to any of them, and and she isn't necessary to the husband. The child will become her life, her friend, her future. And she believed in the best again. Transported to the palace shortly before childbirth, she gave birth to the girl. Similar to her.