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From other sources, the author subscribed as drewtreysi tried to calm a class, but to achieve that she was heard through the noise and din reigning in the bus it was almost impossible. — So, the people when we reach chemical plant, I want that you conducted yourself as it is necessary, there they have very poisonous substances, and we have to observe their rules of safety in accuracy, to a letter. Whether the main violators of an order hardly listened as she continues to carry out instructing in safety equipment. As always, in epicenter of this disgrace there were Mary Stewart and Brad Brown, Ken and "Barbie" of their school; he was the captain of football team, an it — the leader of cheerleaders. Both they, high, fair-haired and suntanned, were the most popular pupils, but not therefore that were lovely; on the contrary, they were the rich spoiled wretches, but Tracey always kept with them on the lookout — their fathers were in board of school and were on friendly terms with the Director Chambersom. It was very hard for Tracey to bear responsibility for seniors, and she very much wanted that everything passed smoothly. The bus passed through factory gate, everywhere there were signs warning people of o availability of dangerous materials and o constant strict observance of policy of safety of the company as for personnel, so and for visitors. At a rack of registration they were met by the nice girl and welcomed with arrival in "Johnsons pharmaceuticals", then she was run on precaution measures, told what their excursion will consist of and showed a locker room with which she begins. Brad and Mary, as always, rushed around, without turning on anything attention, but what-to words which Brad whispered to the girl, forced her to redden. Having shown them a locker room, she explained: "You have to change clothes in our safe uniforms. We have locker rooms for boys and for girls. It is very important that you removed all without exception your clothes, then put on a protective suit and tied him, carefully bound your head attire and protective points. Some substances which we will see are extremely toxic and though they aren't deadly, but are extremely infectious, so that if you though for a minute are left without protection, then it is necessary to pass a quarantine. Be careful!" At division of flows of boys and girls there was a fuss again and loud laughter was heard. Mary giggled: "Ne to spy!" Tracey heard as Brad, rather loudly that all heard, joked, addressing the crowd: "Abruptly, we will be able to see Ms. bushes the hard back Jones" (probably, the author mistake. Jones — a surname of other character — a comment perev.), it was also filled in with paint. The girl guide heard it too and not to confuse her any more, told that for teachers there is a separate locker room. Tracey with feeling of gratitude took a uniform and began to undress. In twenty one years it looked as the picture, so the light hair tied behind and opening a long graceful neck with a big breast and a flat stomach, the investigation of long occupations in the gymnastic hall as also elastic buttocks which she quickly and with pleasure inspected in a mirror, how to pull overalls. She felt strange feeling — to be absolutely naked under material, thin, similar to paper, so freely hanging down breast and o which slightly hardened from friction a dry surface nipples, unusual feeling — to understand that her only protection against immodest views — very thin paper layer. She joined group again; all were already ready, they looked a little ridiculously in the white uniforms which are completely closing from the head to heels, so the built-in boot covers and points. The girl who met them at an entrance changed clothes too, at her the microphone was built in a suit. She was presented as "Tara Jones", and told that she will hold an excursion. Even through a white uniform it was visible what good figure at her, and Tracey heard kakoye-to an impudent remark of Brad again.— We enter a green zone, so that be very careful — we don't want any unfortunate cases — she told and continued an excursion, showing different technological processes and zones of their performance. In this time they passed along a corridor which one party represented itself thick, but transparent glass. — We now in a quarantine zone, you will see that there are a drainage zone and a zone of survey. If someone-nibud enters contact with dangerous materials, we have very good system of disinfecting and, at need, rooms of the victim in a quarantine, we carry regularly out tests, but, to happiness, our level of safety still of 100 percent — I told Tara, moving along a corridor. — There are questions? Brad immediately threw up a hand: "Ms., Ms. Jones, you couldn't tell us what would happen if someone-to appears under influence of these substances, and you sent them there?" It is obvious, Tare it was very unpleasant to speak about it. "Well, the young person — she began — if someone-to appears in contact, it will be not very pleasant — she slightly shuddered — I can tell you it from own experience, here each employee had to endure it, so that we know what to do in an extraordinary situation". — And after all what occurs, Ms.? — Brad grinned, having noticed ee discomfort. — Well if the alarm signal is distributed, then you are placed in the cam at once, then the staff of service of deactivation dressed in special suits comes and carries out disinfecting process. — She tried to move further. — A what process is, Ms. Jones — a flattering voice said Mary, obviously enjoying feeling of awkwardness of the young woman. Having understood that they won't lag behind, Tara told: "So, first, you have to take off your infected overalls which immediately are subject to burning". — It what, means, you naked, Ms.? — Mary giggled. — Mary and Brad, stop acting up — Tracey warned, understanding that poor Tare, it is obvious, unpleasant to endure own experience anew.