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That day when, I went to meet the husband at the airport, on confluence of circumstances I became a whore. I will describe an approximate situation. We with the husband in marriage five years, nesmotrya on it we can't frankly speak about personal sexual desires, but here before his departure, there was a holiday, and we great got drunk and began to discuss what to us there was a wish, he told that he wants to be engaged in sex in the public place what I answered not immediately: we will try therefore I also go to meet him, but before it I agreed to meet so the former girlfriend on study, to the husband's arrival four more hours and at me are full of time. Having gone out of the subway and having gone to the place of a meeting, I noticed that I passersby, without cramping eyes from me, in a particular from my breast, put on for this event most attractively, a thin light green dress, with straps on shoulders, well showing my fine breast, it very well fits my body and does my legs open slightly higher than knees. Passing by a mirror, it became visible that my nipples stuck out, besides a dress on me there were thin panties which can be removed at occupation sex. So I held Ann Taylor handbag in hands, in her lies all my cosmetic accessories and lubricant which I ordered by mail. Here and my girlfriend Karina. — Hello, Yulichka as long ago we didn't see each other, you why so sexually put on, accidentally didn't become the lesbian? With a smile she told, I laughed the matter off told that I go the husband to meet after our meeting, and asked where we will go, we decided that both aren't hungry, but wouldn't prevent to drink. Especially to me, considering what I want to make through couple of hours. Karina told it is possible to go to her for work there, free of charge pour her and her friends. To me it became curious where she works — A where you work? Maybe to me to work, in the place where alcohol is given daromkarina burst out laughing I told that I will see all itself now, already through couple of minutes we approached as there was to the place of her work it there was a strip club on what I burst out laughing and told that there was no wish to work here. It knocked at a door, several time passed kakoye-to time, before than we heard a rough men's voice — Here is closed, go away. Karina told that it she with the girlfriend after what there was a huge man, one word the typical bouncer. — Hmmm, can you and by the way you come. Karina quickly passed at a door, and I in bewilderment followed for her, asking her what he wanted to tell. The club turned out quite spacious and absolutely empty, not including us three. The place was chosen in the opposite end from a dancing rack, on the way to her about among the room there were several poles, places were more than enough for one hundred people here. Anton, so called the muscleman who met us at a door, I began to serve us, drank tequila had a snack on a lime, all was just wonderful, o got to talking how on the first and second course we studied together until she was deducted. Anton that time stood at a window, passed near to half of hour after what he left as I he understood met guests. So as Karina sat the person to a door, she with horror looked, at the been guests, them was five, one of them was an owner, at once clear someone is he it was allocated with a new suit expensive hours, the others were similar a small group of bandits. Karina bent down the head ko to me and told — Oh, now will be, here had to be nobody that to do pancake. While they went I heard scraps of phrases, "the whore's o already here" "we agreed at first to drink" — I answered her don't worry, now we will leave, that time all five already approached us and her boss started talking — Karinochka that you do here, all have a day off today, a you likely came to work here as appeared not in vain, now there are clients.I saw what horror on her person, she said fir-trees, we just came for a while to sit while we wait. Only now it translated a view of me while all others considered us, one already had a hand in pockets, it wasn't visible to me that he there to do to it, yes and there was no wish to know. — A you are a crumb, you I see the first time, the newcomer? — I am called Yulya, I just came with the girlfriend here, I didn't even know what the place and I to you not the whore is.