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Shines, sparkles beating out all thoughts saved in the head while you ran on streets, carrying telegrams and other on what you contracted in May. Freedom till the evening, and then a dream till the morning, then rise, hasty oil sandwich, and for work. Also having not felt hungry till the evening. Eh, grateful time of youth! When in sixteen years you are concerned by only two questions — how many you will earn, carrying these newspapers, telegrams, and an opposite sex. The rest somehow was lost, retired to the background on the importance before these two major questions. But, if with the first it was more or less clear — that ran, I received, with the second I had more intense situation. No, girls stared, scuba diving straightened me, created a thorax on which some girls liked to put the head, having a rest from kisses in the best friend of youth — darkness. But further kisses and stavings which loved both parties business didn't go. The hands sliding under short edge of skirts beat off, T-shirts refueled, the voice became offended, but full of that trembling behind which it would be necessary to pass to closer communication. It was understood by both parties which wished it, and were afraid. Were afraid to take the first step after which nobody knew how to behave. One business stories in the yard, "feats" of friends, girlfriends, another — you, the girl, with which at you a priyatstvenny relationship. Usually this condition of balancing on the verge was carried away home where it was dissolved in masturbation, onanism under a shower or freedom of the apartment which calmed down together with the fallen asleep parents or didn't cease after leaving of parents yet. But, kind of that wasn't, I am sixteen years old, there is no work for today, evening is an evening, and the summer sea here. Attracts, promising a cool. Someone lived at the sea, that knows that the city beach it for visitors. Everyone local has places which you open itself and where you seek to get away, far away from the loud mixed bathing. Of course, got away the companies, in couples, one by one, but with obligatory "aggravation". The benefit on the way to the beach there were stalls, small tents in which wine was on sale. Having used cool wine from which in the head rustled, and the organism rejoiced, "aggravated" moved to the place in the aspiration to have a rest, be bought. And can be and get acquainted with somebody. My place was far in the sea — among boulders, the remains of once terrible bulk wall which in the years of war whether prevented sudden landing of troops, whether complicated actions of submarines. Dilapidated, she slowly plunged into the sea as the fighting ship, sticking out stones — fighting cabins. Here among these "fighting cabins" there was also my undercover place. Of course, except me there were many people, but I considered that this interval between the remains of two boulders — my place. To which I had legitimate right as автохтон this coastal part of the land. I float on the place slowly, pushing before myself the small cam on which my clothes went in, wrapped in cellophane bread with sausage, the Pamir cigarettes and also fruit. Couple of apples which and aspired, having escaped from the balsa, to go to free floating. To the people on the beach it isn't a lot of, he subsided, without having sustained a pressure of the sun, on a narrow strip along the railroad, also single figures. To me sun not a hindrance. I love it, and it me pays the same. I hang on the place, I admire a view of the coast from the sea, feeling as my body cools down. Then, one movement I pull down from myself pants, I put them from above on the balsa, and I dive, feeling freedom of a naked body. Having come up from depth, sniffing as a walrus, I catch up with the balsa and already surely I conduct him to "the gulf of Carelessness" — the name which I thought up to the place, having read some novel in the shabby book. The text amused me with the letters "yat", a statement syllable, a nenachatost and not completion owing to lack of pages in the book. In general, I read everything that fell then of me into hands. Especially pre-revolutionary books. They attracted me the singularity, style of statement and, in general, they were from "that world". About which old grandmas, grandfathers told me a lot of things interesting, pushing involuntarily in search of the truth, the answer to a question for which some people were in trouble, "and how actually was?". Boulders heartily welcomed me, friendly tried to put about the greenish walls several sharp blows of waves, but knowing their character I slipped by, having left old friends with anything. The weakened, not paying attention to the world around, I rounded edge of a boulder, pulled out the balsa on a boulder, was straightened, feeling each section of the organism, and here failed back in water. On we wash the zagoralny place the woman covered with a towel sat. To face the woman naked then for me was, perhaps, strong test. In soul, after section, with the same boys, naked it was possible play the fool, to loaf about, fight towels and so on. But before the woman?! — Do you what do here? — The first question I had this. Having come up from under water, I had to hold myself hands and legs, clinging to a rusty rod. Boulders were joyfully rolled me water, seeking to wash up to the high sea without pants, a flat key and my other wealth laid on the balsa. — And you? — She pressed a towel to a body. About! She is naked? Two lumps meaning top and a bottom of a swimwear lay nearby. — This my place. — The statement was natural to me — an avtokhton of these boulders. — Here I bathe in the summer. — Naked? — She obviously was not from shy ten. To reach here, to make the way through boulders to this narrow gulf where transparent water allowed to see lazy movements of seaweed and vanity of crabs among them. And then to sunbathe naked? — Aha. — I grasped a rod with a hand, having plunged up to a throat. It is a little more and will take out me from "gulf". — And you too, naked, bathe here. — Turn away. — She picked up the right hand fabric lumps. I shrugged shoulders, was developed, having pressed a leg in an erose concrete wall. Put on the beauty. Behind my back fabric rustled. — Throw to me pants. — I wasn't going to sit in water. Especially, it was required to warm up a body. — you Catch. — She passed on a boulder, threw pants to me on the hand given sideways. But I missed, having sent their strip to the most artful place of "gulf". Cowards were curtailed, involved in an underwater stream, disappearing from a look. — you that specially? — I, shining a naked body, breakthrough I jumped out of water, trying to catch up with pants. Alas, they disappeared in depth between boulders. Now long I won't see them if I see. There, in depth still were lattices from fittings on which this part of clothes of my underwear will pass away. — Excuse. — She began to laugh, but tried to constrain the laughter, covering a mouth with a palm. — I is unintentional. — For unintentionally beat desperately. — I muttered. What do I do now? To sit in water? — Turn away, let's get out. — Yes, yes. — She gave a hand. — Give, I will help. — She still scoffs?! Let will plunge, time so! The breakthrough sent her to a zalivchik. But I wasn't a bad boy. I held her by a hand, without giving the chance to boulders to drag off stopped further or wounding about fittings. She plunged into water, having drenched with waves of splashes, her hair sprawled on water, reminding me the beautiful picture seen somewhere in the book from the Greek world. There the water maiden got up from the sea before seamen or fishermen that's it with such hair. — Well that? — I brought up her to myself, clasped for a waist. — Will you take my place now? — Release. — She unexpectedly told very quietly, without raising the head. — If you hear, then release. — And what she gentle and warm in my hands! Even goosebumps ran down a body! — Climb, give, upward! — I picked up her from water, placed, pushed under a wet strip of panties, a free hand. — Oh! — She flew up on a boulder, spread hands, having pressed in it. — Let! — I breakthrough pulled out myself from water, put near it, closing the front with already recovered Maxim. The dick I called Maxim. Why? Yes, I don't know! Maxim he is also Maxim. If during him not to stop, he began to stick out from pants, shorts the hardly hidden knob. Impudently, foolishly, as that hero of the movie. — You are strong. — She did up hair, having taken away them from a face. — And bad. — And you have beautiful hair. — That truth, truth. Beautiful hair, slightly red, slightly light, slightly curl. And she is, actually, a girl. Years eighteen — twenty. With very fine figure. It is proportional the developed figure slightly covered with a bathing suit. — And not bad I, angry. Swimming trunks were import. For the bonds bought. For competitions. And here you are really bad. To be secured here, one. To lay down naked to sunbathe!