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The man was quite high, large legs and hands, massive features are dark eyes, the long straight nose, dark hair is slightly lower than shoulders, collected in a tail. He quite strongly stood out from the ill-matched youth crowd sitting in coffee shop. But most of all Yulya was surprised in his shape that he sat, having widely placed legs and, through fabric of jeans, the hillock appeared the impressive sizes. Involuntarily Yulya stopped a look on the allocated body and began to consider, thinking that now the man reads the menu, and doesn't look at her. Then the girl translated a view of his stomach, a breast, a neck, a small beard and … understood that the man everything stares at her also he, undoubtedly, noticed that she long enough examined his dick through jeans. Having confusedly reddened and having looked away, Yulya turned away and began to look in a window. A little later, Yulya out of the corner of the eye noticed that the man got up and goes to her. Heart was scaredly clogged: "Will meet me now".-She thought. The man sat down, having thriftily removed a chair. - Boris. He was presented, having given her a hand. - Yulya. Barely audible the girl stretched. Little by little, the conversation was started. New Yulin the acquaintance was an interesting interlocutor with good sense of humour and it was very interesting to girl to listen to him. The man began to tell about himself. From the story Yulya understood that Boris is an artist. Nearby there was his workshop and he made an appointment to the model who as it appeared, in general decided not to come in this coffee shop. - I have a concept, the idea, understand? Only thing that: I can't find a suitable type, – Boris with great feeling spoke. I found hardly this model, long I agreed with it, I discussed details, and it took and cancelled a meeting! But I understood when she didn't come that I lose nothing! - Why? – with astonishment Yulya asked. - Because I saw you and understood that you would approach much more, than she, me in the model. The matter is that the main thing in writing of a portrait is an interesting type. That girl, certainly, is very beautiful, but, now I understand it, in her there was no highlight. Besides she acts in advertizing, for magazines and other. Her face quite often meets everywhere. It, so to speak, is worn out. And in you there are a freshness, youth, spontaneity, understand? The spinning top was very much flattered by comparison of her teenage appearance with the known model. And the fact that she, according to Boris, even approaches for a role of the model more, than that model, great lifted her self-assessment. Yulya was a beautiful girl: a fair long hair, gray eyes, bright pink lips, white skin, but small diffidence I didn't allow her to present this beauty as it is done by the adult created women. - I want that we with you went to me to a workshop right now and I will try to make several sketches. How to you? – Boris asked and with expectation I looked at the girl. - Well. … In general I wait for the girlfriend. … But it can be transferred - Yulya solved. - Well, then I will pay for your tea and we will go - Boris resolutely got up and went to a bar counter. Boris's workshop was on the fifth floor of a five-storey apartment block. It was the large long room without partitions. Here and there were easels, paints and in a workshop there was the corresponding smell. In the middle of the room there was a red sofa, near it a table and several chairs. - Sit down here, Boris told and pointed Yul to a chair about a window. - How to me to sit down? I never posed for artists - Yulya Asked and confusedly I smiled. - It anything. I will change clothes now and I will show you what pose needs to be accepted - Boris smiled in reply. Having changed clothes, he returned barefoot, in a plain light shirt and linen dark blue trousers. Having become opposite, he began to examine Yulya attentively.The girl a little uncomfortably felt under this fixed frank look and in general slightly was rather afraid of this man and the fact that she is with him alone in a workshop, but all the same decided not to be confused and pose for Boris to tell about it to girlfriends at school, and can even show them the portraits drawn with the artist. - I have to you an offer, after long silence Boris told. - What? Already with other mood Yulya asked. - Give you will take off a shirt and linen. And we will cover a breast with hair. Yulya blushed crimson. It wasn't necessary to undress before men to her meanwhile. Though there was in her life a case very intimate about which it to nobody, even to the best friend, told. She was late after a physical education class in a locker room. It was the last lesson and everything Yulina schoolmates ran up on houses. But Yulya, tired, after the two-kilometer cross-country, didn't hurry anywhere and changed clothes. She heard someone's voices behind a door. - Well, Andryukh, all left? We close the gym? – it is students – probationers checked rooms. - Wait, now I will check women's and we will close – the second voice was distributed. Immediately the door was opened and the second probationer appeared - he was called Yura. To tell more precisely, Yury Aleksandrovich - so he spoke to school students to call himself. - Op-pa! And we have here here what swallow! And Yulya stood in some panties. The second probationer - Andrey, more precisely, Andrey Dmitrievich, came into a locker room too and closed behind himself a door on a latch. - Guys, you that?!! – Yulya scaredly looked at them - Nothing, Yulenka. Everything is good - Andrey laughed. You twisted all lesson before us buttocks in short shorts. I tried to draw attention. Here also I attracted! He approached her and began to pinch slightly her for nipples. - Юр, look what tits at her. Small - fourteen years of everything, and it was already issued as! Yura approached her behind and began to caress her buttocks, between buttocks and a leg. - Andryukh, and the girl in the juice! Legs need already to be moved apart to the right and on the left: a pussy and the daddy to develop! And it is, probably, a virgin still! Yes? He to himself turned Yulya's face? Yulya, stood, all red, confused and didn't know what to do to her. On the one hand, it was pleasant to her how these adult beefy men touched her maiden body and Yul there was a strong wish to touch their dicks, to try what they on taste. Yulya dreamed of it several times in day - represented how several boys fuck her, queuing as they merge her in a mouth the cum as implant fingers into buttocks and feel her from within. And on the other hand, she was afraid that Yura and Andrey will tell somebody if she allows them superfluous. But at her an exit except how to obey to their rules didn't howl - the gym was in the building, certain of school, and nobody, except them three in him weren't. Yura and Andrey were very strong and energetic. While one caressed her buttocks, the second already pulled together from it panties. - Virgin …. Quietly Yulya said. - Well it anything! Be not afraid! – Yura laughed now. He implanted a finger to her into a pussy now. We will a little work over your mouth, and we won't touch a pussy and, Andryukh? - We won't touch of course! To us a mouth enough yours will be. Povstavlyaem a little bit in a mouth to you, we will merge there everything that in a day collected and we will release. Andrey kissed now, licked her breast and sucked the bulked-up nipples. Yulya stood absolutely naked between the these, by the way, still dressed, adult men, and just expired. She very much wanted that they allowed to touch the dicks at least. - Well! Let's warm up a little, Yulenka! – Andrey told. We will play a small game. With these words he released it and began to undress. Yura began to pull together from himself sports pants too. - And you go down on all fours so far and bend a back, he told Yul. Yulya obediently went down on all fours, having slightly placed legs. Her rolls were slightly moved apart, having completely opened a wet pussy - moisture even flowed on inside of girlish legs, and having slightly opened a buttocks opening which slightly contracted. - Means so. Now we with Andrey will implant in turn fingers into your buttocks and a pussy. Your task - to guess, whose fingers in your holes. If you guess, we will release. If you are mistaken - you will suck away at both of us. It agrees? Yulya was silent. It was a shame to it to tell something. Just imagine, in a school disco she didn't even allow to kiss herself to Mironov Dima from the eleventh, and will be exposed to such humiliating game now: these guys will implant her fingers, and then, probably, she should suck their dicks and to drink a cum! - I don't hear the answer! Andrey began to slap her in buttocks.