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There were also brightly painted cats, scarfs with a national Egyptian ornament, some elaborate vases and gorshkizavorozhenny all this colorful magnificence, it gave a hand behind a beautiful pyramid and suddenly the nravitsa shuddered from unexpected touch of male hands to the talii-Tebe, washing sweet the beauty? Mena call Ramesses. Lena was developed and saw widely smiling suntanned Arab, very tall and brawny. The Arab nestled on it and Lena felt as something firm was stuck with her into buttocks. - Oh! – Lena was frightened, having understood that it is the huge dick - be not afraid! Take that you want free of charge! - Free of charge? - she turned the head and looked to him in black, a little sad eyes. - Yes! Also come to the seashore tonight. Nobody learns, and you won't regret. We Arabs it is more best than vashy Russian men. Did you come to have a rest in Old Palas? My relative works as the driver there. - with these words the Arab moved the dick according to Lenina to the buttocks which are hardly fitted by jeans shorts. - Release! - Lena was resolutely released, having torn off tenacious fingers from itself. - Ne of a lamaysyaa come. You will like my sweetbig dick! Lena without answering, I slipped out little shop. When Lena left, to her the girlfriend Yulya jumped up her. - Yulka, tell! I saw how this nice Egyptian embraced you, and you made eyes at him. What did he want? - He invited me to an appointment at night to the seashore. Well you understand why … Yulka's eyes were rounded also she having embraced the girlfriend, began to chatter: - As I am glad for you! Sex on the seashore it is so romantic! - Sex? I refused! - Well and the silly woman! Silly woman! It is such chance!!! The same I divorced already as year. Would relax in embraces of the hot and beautiful man. – disappointedly Yulka spoke. - Itself relax. - I? I can't. I am married, and you are the free woman who arrived to Egypt to have a good time and distract from severe life. What do you lose or it on was pleasant to you? Lena remembered hillocks of muscles on hands of the Egyptian and coquettishly shot eyes towards little shop: - It was pleasant. - Well, then what is the matter? I will go to him now and I will tell that you agree to everything and refused to him because of constraint. And if you don't go, we are with you not than the girlfriend any more. Before Lena dug out a mouth for the answer, Yulka was developed and whisked in little shop. In five minutes she appeared. - He very much was delighted and waits for you at one o'clock in the morning in a lagoon near hotel. Says what there happens at this time nobody. - having thievishly looked back she whispered, and clapped the hands. - Lenka, the man really beautiful!!! As I am glad for you!!! So you will go? By the way, he gives you a pyramid which was pleasant to you. Lena took a pyramid, turned her in hands, smiled and nodded. … Tropical night quietly sprawled on the seashore, lulling itself slightly audible rustle of waves which, were softly rolled on the coast, receded. It seemed that the big pyatizvezdnochny hotel became completely uninhabited and stood waiting for hot day with the scorching sun and crowds of tourists. - Yul, nothing is visible … Where to go? - whisper sounded and in a moonlight there were two female figures going to the coast. - Gin didn't need to be drunk, you don't see any more there is nothing. And that is for bravery, for bravery … Go forward, a lagoon in meters of thirty. And I come back to hotel and if that, – call... Well to you to spend time, the girlfriend! Lena went on very tall heels and in the twilight stumbled about coastal stones. I ridiculously look, very tall hairpins heels and bikini, she thought, carefully coming into a lagoon. I turned back. The hotel behind stones wasn't visible. Lena resolutely sighed, did up hair and hardly took a step forward as before it there was an athletic figure of Ramezes. - I thought that you нэ will come. What is your name? - he prorokotat and I put heavy palms on her shoulders. - Lena … - You don't mind if I you call Kebi? It on Arab means honey. The girl nodded, feeling some shyness. - You are married Kebi? - It is divorced. - You aren't Jew? - I am Russian.- Perfectly! In such cases, Allah orders to conclude temporary marriage of ORFI. Sign, Kebi. - with these words Ramezes stretched her a leaf on which letters were closely written Arab. - But I understand nothing … - Lena became puzzled, playing with piece of paper. - Tebe also shouldn't understand anything. Сэкс with incorrect without marriage it is forbidden in Islam and temporary marriage of ORFI is for this purpose thought up. I will be your temporary husband, you will be my temporary wife. Lena grinned and with bitterness remembered a city REGISTRY OFFICE where they undersigned with the husband, and then in him divorced. - I Mean I marry Ramesses? And where guests? - cheerfully she inquired. - Guests at ORFI aren't necessary. It is secret marriage, only for a seks … Sign Kebi! The girl hesitated. She looked at the bright sky covered with stars as if small diamonds … Then I was solved.