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The fall already entered the rights, was a little cool and damp. — Well that, the son, home? — again the father addressed ko to me. I according to nodded, there was no wish to talk because of the spoiled mood. Leaving from the house, I anticipated as I will with own hand shoot a partridge and I will bring ee to mother and she made from her fricassee — my favourite dish from hunting kitchen. We quietly went on the wood, the sun already almost set for the horizon, making up for dullness around. — Eh, I remember we will go with men to hunting earlier, we will take vodka a box, women available. Go on nature fires, songs, sex, a now what? All druzhbany family, are attached by belts to the wives — the father hit in memoirs. I thought that I am great so, with girls in the forest to come off, on fresh air, put a nested doll to a tree and hill so all the parties. From thoughts guilty my dick began to move, but the father inopportunely continued the story: — Somehow we reveled vusmert with children and fell asleep in the forest. Woke up, the head pig-iron, to drink hunting, water an as to spite isn't present, all was drunk up. The benefit a reservoir in two steps. There are we, and see from far away the mermaid sits near a water edge, white on shoulders are let hair down, the back naked, the back to us turned and sings that-to. Well were drunk up, glitches began! — chorus we thought and rubbed eyes. The picture didn't change, the wonderful nymph continued to sit, having lowered a tail in water and to sing sad motive. We approached poblizhe and we see indescribable beauty the young lady, she was quite human, the fact that we took for a tail, was a long green skirt, such during that time in villages carried. Us was three: young, healthy men, all as on an exaction the real males, a she wasn't even frightened of us. I saw, I smiled and I continued to sing, getting water in a palm and applying ee on a breast. We so were also stupefied when wonderful tits considered ee! They were similar to two air balls, such big and full as as if helium mumpish! I would give everything then if only to feel these delights in the hands. Na time we even forgot o to water, in a mouth was dry, but we didn't notice such trifles, were only all eyes on the magician, everything around her was shrouded in a secret. The Little Mermaid got up on legs and threw off the green skirt on the earth and in what mother gave rise rushed in water, loudly and modulatingly laughing. Probably, I amused ee this situation. We came round, posbrasyvali the things jumped in water also too. It floated not quickly and soon we surrounded ee as pack of sharks the victim. The girl didn't stop laughing, she kept on water and teased us, putting out the charming boobies from water, hiding them back. The first I didn't sustain Shreds, he clasped the maiden for a waist and easily lifted it is necessary water. Now we with might and main could enjoy ee delights. The nymph clasped with legs the Shred and nestled on it. I can argue that she felt his trembling nature here. My stake stood as the knife switch if I kiss ee of nipples, that second would terminate. No we with Zhekoy had to observe only so far. Shreds I kissed ee grudochku passionately, fitfully, as as if it the most desired in the world. We even found unreal ability to see through blue water: here Shreds raised ee for hips and I spread on the sticking-out core. It shook on it and continuously looked at us, licking sponges language and teasing us. Green eyes of ee burned with fire of passion and lust. I didn't sustain and grabbed the eldak, a swam up then to her behind and rested it against a back. I rubbed the dick of o ee a gentle back, buttock o, wet hair of ee tickled my breast. Suddenly ee the hand grabbed my core and directed to the bottom. I understood everything instantly: here I groped ee a hole a hand and the dick set on a circle, then I pressed a head and the trunk obediently entered a back peshcherku. I clearly felt how the dick the Shred moves to ee to a vagina, having caught speed, I began to fuck the nymph to the back. For the first time, we set together to one lady, I didn't even represent that it in general is possible. Zhenya who remained not with affairs began to be sucked with the forest beauty in lips. I don't know how many our fucking proceeded, but I terminated the first. I began to roar and irrigated moist buttocks with a hard stream of a cum, it flew and flew from me, leaving outside and mixing up with water. Following I terminated Shreds, probably I felt an improbable pulsation in ee to a bottom which my dick shuddering from an orgasm arranged. I didn't take out the trunk from ee of buttocks and therefore felt how my friend pours out the cum. He cumed long and many too, none of us wanted to leave the chosen holes. No there was Zhenya, he a long look looked at us, urging to include conscience and to allow him to enjoy too delights of the nymph. We understood the friend's friend with poluvzglyada: I and Shreds the dicks got, a she turned over on a back and swam up to unsatisfied Zhenya. He thrust her on the balls here and began to fuck quickly-bystro, so that slaps on water were distributed. I held the girl for a waist, helping to keep on water, and caressed ee big grudipapa suddenly became silent, probably it mentally returned there where all it occurred. I so shame felt that my dick strained and began to stick out from trousers. I also couldn't assume that the father who was born in Sovetsk the Union could accept participation in gruppovushke! This thought so made horney me that there was a wish to come for a tree and to drive bald. I had no girl therefore I jerked off often, nearly an every day, but never at me was so strong desire to masturbate as now. No even more I wanted to listen to the end of the father's story, but was afraid to remind o to myself, suddenly he will leave drowsiness and will refuse to tell further. I put hands in pockets of trousers and stroked the pod, trying though somehow to pacify the raged friend. — the Sonny, look someone there goes? — with amazement the father asked. I looked in the specified direction and not less father was surprised. Between trees filtering, there was a high girl with white long hair. What is done by the beautiful lonely girl in the forest? — This she is a forest nymph — the father finally descended from mind. I quietly burst out laughing, well as it can be that girl if it was twenty years ago, then how many her now, forty? The going beauty was young as Turgenev Asya. I didn't know what to do farther if there would be one, then, undoubtedly, would stop krasavishnu and drove her on the tomatoes whether she wants it or isn't present. No the father was near At him I couldn't conduct myself in a similar way. — the Girl, wait! Did you get lost? — my father shouted. She turned back and stiffened, then smiled and answered: — Well, I live nearby, always through the wood I go to the neighboring village. — Here there is a village a row? — the father specified. — Yes Selivanovka. A you are, probably, hunters? — the forest guest guessed. — We got lost — the father for some reason told lies. — Okh, the unlucky creature, well goes so me. I will take away you to the village, than I will sing, you will be warmed. it is visible that you don't stand on the feet — she regretted us.