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The pasha knew that the father of his bride had quite large business earlier, but in the last time departed from affairs and now together with the wife, Natashkinoy mother, enjoyed quiet and carefree life on a nature bosom. Seeing as the groom is nervous before acquaintance to parents, Natasha stirred all road, trying as could, calm him. — Here you will see, they will be pleasant to you! The father is a little bluff, but he kind and very much loves me. Even on fishing will drag you in the morning. You represent, he at all never fished earlier. A now as free time became much — the real fan became. He even has a separate room for any fishing hogwash! Estimate, the whole room! The mummy, the truth, is hung up. Ne knows already where to put his fish. He ee drags every day and drags. They even Jack, our dog, accustomed to fish. And all cats neighboring prikarmlivayutpasha though and long ago I knew all it from ee of stories, the bride I didn't interrupt. Ee chatter really calmed. The trip flew by imperceptibly. Potential the father-in-law with the mother-in-law met them on a porch. Victor Semyonovich was gloomy, but Nadezhda Grigoryevna shone brightly goodwill. Natasha was amazingly similar to mother: the person, growth, build and even a manner to speak. Only is 20 years younger. Though don't know Pasch of this fact, he could decide that she isn't a daughter, the younger sister. The mother-in-law, obviously, well watched herself and looked at most for about 30 years. The pasha was politely presented. Nadezhda Grigoryevna embraced him and kissed on a cheek, Victor Semyonovich was limited to dry strong handshake. Came into the house. The mother-in-law dragged off Natasha on kitchen at once, without having allowed even to settle, the father-in-law led the son-in-law on an excursion on the house. In process of this action, it on eyes quickened and even externally became kinder. It was visible that the house leaves a special subject of his pride. By council of the bride, Pasha admired much and filled up the father-in-law with questions: "A here at you that? Wow! As did you make it by A?" and so further in that spirit. The father-in-law very in details answered, sincerely rejoicing to the interest of the son-in-law. He left the fishing room for a dessert. There men were late almost for an hour. The pasha patiently listened to the detailed information of o characteristics and features of each spinning and rod accompanied with stories when under what circumstances and what fish on this device was hooked. In such way they managed to examine not more than a half of all collection. — A here at me plugs! — nearly with awe Victor Semyonovich, and Pasha internally zastonalk to happiness said, Natasha came to the rescue, having called them to a table. — All right, Pavel, went — the father-in-law disappointedly told — It is impossible to force ladies to wait. Then we will finish. I still didn't show a rod for a flyfishing to you! There such copies are! I specially from America ordered. — Yes. It would be curious to look — Pasha — Aha courteous answered! Too hooked?! — Victor Semyonovich enthusiastically exclaimed and in a rush of feelings even I patted the son-in-law on the head. — the person! — he shortly commented in the answer to an interrogative look of the wife when all sat down at a table. The dinner passed on interrogation more. Pavel patiently answered numerous questions of new relatives. No if the mother-in-law was interested in his family, hobbies, household things, habits more, then the father-in-law tortured about work, income, potential career and other plans for the future. Natasha was silent more and with sympathy looked at the groom. From Pasha took a promise to the following days off to arrive together so the parents, a then a subject jumped on preparation for a wedding. For Pasha it was already above his forces. And if earlier the excursion on the fishing room seemed to him torture, then now he perceived ee as disposal.— Victor Semyonovich, a you still wanted to show plugs to me — with hope he asked — Yes, yes, of course! Ate up? Went. Then, when your parents will arrive, o to a wedding we will talk. — No Vitya! — Nadezhda Grigoryevna objected — do you Think your fishing to someone it is interesting? — Why? Very interestingly — Pasha answered — I spoke! The person! We go, Pavel. They examined plugs. Then rods for a flyfishing. Then the father-in-law took an interest whether Pasha is able to throw vnakhlyst and, having received the negative answer, dragged the son-in-law on the street, having taken couple of rods. The next hour men spent for developing skill, so "useful" to him, at Pasha. Directly in the yard. These "fascinating" studies were interrupted only by the come darkness. It was time to lay down to sleep. Here to Pasch waited for an unpleasant surprise. Him with Natasha laid in different rooms. — Well, Pasch, don't take offense — Natasha admonished the groom — Mother told what at ourselves we can do that we want, but at them the house prior to a wedding she will suffer nothing it. — what-to Brad! — Pasha flared up — We already submitted the application! — Pasch, well so it is necessary. — they Think don't guess what we have sex? We aren't children long ago! To what all this circus? — Ne be boiled. For them we are children. You can come ko to me when all settle. A you will return in the morning. Well? This option of Pavel arranged. He kissed the bride and started wandering in the bedroom allocated to him. The room was adjacent to Natashinoy, and both had an exit to the general balcony. Pasha when sounds in the house calmed down also decided to use him. In Natashinoy to the bedroom it was empty, but from the bathroom water noise reached. "Bathes" — he thought and I hid, having decided to arrange to the girl a surprise. When noise stopped, he waited a little and quietly came into the bathroom. Natasha stood to him a bottom, having bent down to the floor and carrying out what-to manipulations so by the nails. Ee is the equal, slightly slightly opened equal chink there was all on a look, a between slightly moved apart appetizing buttocks directly the anus peephole looked at him gently-rozovy. From such temptation of Pasch couldn't resist. He crept to the bride behind, fell on kortochki, sharply clasped ee for moist hips and, having buried the person between ee of rolls, resolutely got a language tip into ee a hard back opening.