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Having asked for leave at mother with spending the night to the girlfriend, she came to the street and called the taxi which arrived in several minutes. Already through half of hour Roma had her. — Pass to the hall, there everything is ready — I invited to Rohm's Gel, an itself went to kitchen. It quietly passed to the hall, to a sofa opposite to which there was a coffee table. Na a table were located to steam of plates with various fruit and meat cuttings. — A here and I — Roma exclaimed, keeping in one hand a bottle of vodka, an in another of wine. — what to thump me did You call? You know that I am not able to drink! Also I don't love it! — I began to shout Gel at Roma having got up from a sofa. — Believe, for you this most necessary means now, sit down, relax, friendly we will sit, we will chat — Rohm's ee calmed. She listened to him and sat down on a sofa, he sat down with her nearby, having opened vodka, poured to himself a glass, a Gel stretched a glass of wine. — Well that, Gel, for you? Ne it deserved you, honestly, don't take it in the head — Roma told, having looked, in even Gels, red from eye tears — give, more safely — he said. Gel I made couple of drinks of red wine after what I told: "Rum, you are such beautiful friend. Without you I would already fall long ago into a depression and cut to myself veins. No you You always know how to calm me and than to help You very sensitive friend". After these words she drank a glass of wine in a volley. — Gel? You that? Wine? In a volley? Went mad? — with these words of Rohm took away a glass at Gels and having looked I added to ee of an eye: "You as?" — Everything is good, Rohm. To me it is very good — it is slowed A little down she answered, having embraced him and having put the head on a shoulder. Roma sharply turned ee the head on himself, having told: "Bothered me", and I began to kiss ee. At first Gel resisted, trying to hit Roma, but it well clamped ee of a hand and her there was nothing how to give in to him and to get pleasure from the events. Later he took ee on hands and incurred to the bedroom where threw ee on a bed, at once having snatched on her, having torn a checkered shirt. She screamed and tried to hit him, but he managed to stop ee a hand, having told: "You will twitch, it will only become worse. Do you know how long ago I dreamed to fuck you as the last whore?!" — That? Rum! You not — tried to shout she, but he stopped up with her a mouth, the first got rag. It was the napkin which lay on a bedside curbstone already long ago. Further he broke from her a brassiere and pulled together from himself a t-shirt. — Lie don't twitch. A that will be painful to you, even very much. Ne force me to tie you to a bed then to beat, for not good behavior! — he shouted. Gel I tried what-to to tell, but it came out only faltering low. a porn stories of the Tear began to flow down on cheek ee together with ink. — do you Roar? It even it to be pleasant to me — Roma told already quietly, undoing a belt and taking off the trousers. Having pulled together trousers, he began to undo a fly on ee jeans when he made it, sharp breakthrough he pulled off them, a then and panties, light pink in a floret. — Mmm, you what, you have a shave? Means, you were prepared and wanted it? It is surprised — after these words, he removed from himself boxers. Under them there was a dick brought to a condition of an erection already long ago after what I approached ee to the head and told: "Will you cry? If yes, then you it is very bad, so that be silent more better if you don't want by the end of ours with you evenings harkatsya blood!". She quietly pomotala the head "Is not present". He pulled out a napkin from mouth ee. — the Creature! Why to you it! Release me, I ask those — I Tried to shout Gel, but Roma stopped up with her a mouth again. Hasty I approached her from other party, I got on a bed and I raised legs Gels to myself on shoulders and sharply I entered her. She tried to shout, but the napkin disturbed. With each time he only added speed.— O yes, you are my whore, I will have you all night! — Roma, an everything that could Gel shouted, so it try to shout, but because of a napkin in a mouth it very much disturbed her. So about 15 minutes proceeded — Turn, vividly! — I told the increased Rohm's tone. Gel I expedited his order, and Roma bent ee, having begun to fuck dog-fashion. Speed was quicker and quicker. Gel it seemed that there is no place quicker, but isn't present, that I accrued and ee of force were on an outcome, yes and understood that "to shout through a napkin" is useless. Na hours 4 mornings already reached, a groans from the bedroom stopped only for several minutes and continued to reach again and again already on an extent of several hours. — Give, a skin, give! — Roma when he fucked in a mouth to Gel spoke, he removed a napkin long ago, it lost all forces. Now it didn't resist at all and carried out absolutely everything that Roma ordered her. — Okh, everything, give, give! — with these words of Rohm terminated her directly in a mouth — the good fellow, the tearaway, went to the bathroom — he continued, but at Gels there were no forces even to get up. Therefore he took ee on hands and went to the bathroom.