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Vital circumstances were drawn in a type of my best friend Svetka with whom we go on life from a children's garden. Together studied at school, then came to different institutes, but always were on communication, and now we are on friendly terms families. Never it is boring for us therefore that we are antipodes. I am quiet, judicious, times even boring (it so about me is told what I don't agree with). She — a continuous impromptu, a rush, a whirlwind. With her you won't miss, even if strongly you want it. Externally too anything the general. And when say that beautiful girls (such as I) bring to themselves ugly girlfriends for contrast, I only ironically grin. In our case all as time on the contrary. For some reason on life I always am the second though you won't refuse to me beauty. Svetka manages all life me to arrange — and in years of school youth, and at student's parties (oh that was), and in marriage it is more successful than me left. It is visible, really men are conducted on a small stervozinku in the woman. First it enraged me, but with years calmed down a little — to everyone the. The next blow of destiny trapped me in day of a groundhog — May holidays. As in old Soviet time all country went to potato, now all go to shish kebabs. We weren't an exception as during the winter terribly missed heat, a grass, the sun. Therefore already by a lunch we were on the habitual place, rolled on an inflatable mattress which to us was carefully brought by husbands — the earth — that still cold, protect us! — also observed how mine Venya and Svetkin husband Serega fuss around a brazier. In the general, all as every year, only we became even more more beautiful. The sun warmed not on a joke, exhausted, bothered to stir, that more that all acquaintance of a bone was already washed up, and I just quietly dozed watchfully. A Svetka is so lazy began to thumb through magazines which had to be taken instead of delivery at gas station — trifle they didn't have whether you see. Lied, of course, it is necessary to sell him this glossy waste paper, a somewhere in such day nobody will argue, all on the nature hurry. Here Svetka also went deep into studying of star dramas and love councils though itself could such councils nadavat — only keep. When I in the next time slightly opened an eye, me as if that-to pricked, and I understood — again I somewhere was late. Svetka with concentration studied what-to article, an on ee to the concentrated puffing and brilliant eyes it was clear that the subject of discussion ee not only interested, but and is familiar to her not by hearsay. Already how many times she was ahead of me in life, so that to study ee a mimicry there was time. It was necessary to prizhmurit an eye and to represent the sleeping mermaid, but what here a dream! In the head any options and sverbilo curiosity — yes flashed that there, in this damned magazine! So it was necessary to be tormented minutes fifteen until it went to bags with supplies, to look for ketchup — shish kebabs already approached. Having fast opened the magazine on the bent page, I saw at once what so captured Svetka — article on three pages, with ordinary such name "Back Pleasures". Anything to! Fast viewing on diagonal only confirmed my guesses — the author of this literary trash narrated o pleasures of the buttocks. Such "works" flash in many magazines, and they didn't draw my attention. No here — Svetka, the best girlfriend, it is obvious in a subject, an I neither a dream nor spirit! At once in brains zamelteshili suspicions, I looked narrowly — somehow she strange povilivayet a bum, running up to the covered glade Fie, I spoiled all holiday! Sidi now also suffer suspicions. Then, under brochette and krasnenkoye, released me a little, by the evening it was already good (more true I was already good), so that home I arrived in merrily mood, than even I upset a little the husband who in this time had a role of the sober driver. Well nothing, on the next picnic compensates. Na the next morning to me was obvious not before memoirs and psychoanalysis, a then everything somehow calmed down — well you will think, everyone looks for pleasures in own way. My buttocks already suit me why ee excess time to strain? That more that I had the first experience in this area in youth — My God what fools we were! Having read the Spid — Info newspaper, popular those years, we with my first in life guy decided to expand the knowledge horizons. Here only to expand normally it didn't turn out — instead of the promised unearthly feelings was a terrible wish arose in a toilet. Business was at the dacha, the toilet lodge stood as and it is necessary, in a distant corner, well you won't reach in any way. It is good though raspberry expanded at the porch In the general, I received an inoculation for long years. No in life nothing occurs just so or not in time. So time I began to notice that my delights attract my promised already not so as earlier, and I lose more and more often to the computer at which mine Venya sits up late. I don't know, than this box so bewitches — a little what at work in him stares all day, still and you won't tear off the house. It is unlikely the cook comes from work and the plumber to a toilet bowl runs to a plate, a. Directly delusion kakoye-to. Sometimes just already I begin to be jealous the husband of this passion though in anything reprehensible he wasn't noticed — doesn't visit any wrong sites, itself checked. No all equally main attention has to be paid to me! A so we get out from the house less and less often, about bicycles and rollers we don't remember any more. From eternal sitting at monitor Venya I began to resemble already Winnie — moves a little, here and gets fat. To that the last time and in a bed became somehow dullish — on seconds I know when he sighs and as will turn me. Necessarily you will begin to think — an as at others? Can, it is normal? No behind the answer far it isn't necessary to go — I see that Svetka so the live more cheerfully, yes and belong to each other somehow more sincerely that whether. Obviously it isn't boring for them together. In the end of the ends, kakoe to me put someone as lives, I want that my husband on hands carried me and blew off motes. There is no A if it — means, so it is necessary to make. Here here the bed menu also comes to the head to diversify a thought to be for the husband zhelannee more interestingly. Than still it you will get at A? All my advantages to him are known and studied already long ago, became habitual. His answer on my draft murlykaniye became the last drop which overflowed a bowl of my patience: "Expensive, you begin without me so far, I will suit then a". And though I hokhmu before him on the Internet read this, it became clear — a few, and this joke will cease to be a joke. And then precisely will be not to jokes. It is told — made. I begin new life, I will fight for the light future. Behind science far it isn't necessary to go — I turn on the computer, I gather in Yandex — and in ten minutes I understand that on this garbage can I have nothing to do. Any my inquiry gives a continuous porno, you will obviously not get anything sensible. Yes, easy ways to lives don't happen. To run behind council to Svetka somehow a reluctance, it is inconvenient though also the best girlfriends. For me intimate life — business too personal, there is no wish to discuss with anybody. Means, it is necessary to switch off the computer and to include the head. So, what we have? An arsenal long ago the studied poses and actions painted constantly as the schedule of electric trains. Of course, here too it is possible and it is necessary to work, there is no limit to perfection. No on myself I know — on the present only the forbidden fruit which every day you won't break is sweet. And here mine zadnichka could become beautiful my competitor "apron", here only is two big HO First, at me no desires to such experiments appeared, yes and old experience doesn't give itself to forget. The second is Venya, the neatnik and the orderly person who already bored me the fresh shirts and socks. Pancake sits in soul longer me! It is unlikely the prospect to make an excursion to my not most fragrant places him will inspire. Means, we will solve problems in such order — at first I, then it. My repeated calling on Yandex was already much more certain, parameters of search are more concrete, and I managed to obtain the first encouraging information. It turned out that with running start here you will achieve nothing (it I any more and without you I know), it is necessary to accustom itself. As it is told, without work you won't get and a small fish from Isn't present, to a small fish not the place is obvious there. Having studied the offered techniques, I included the dumalku on the maximum power. And at once with gratitude I remembered school years and ours biologichku Jannie. So we nicknamed ee not on a name — Evgenia Aleksandrovna, an on a figure. When she appeared at our school, which-to of funnymen nicknamed Jennifer's ee Zhopes. And the occasion was — with an average growth of ee the top of the forty eighth size was based on hips as at least the fifty second. No it is ee didn't spoil at all, even on the contrary! It was all such accurate that from above that from below, yes still I wore the fitting skirts — in the general, at our mathematician Integralycha eyes got out over points, ka at raka when they met in a corridor. It knew the subject perfectly, and was able to carry away it, so that we fell in love with ee soon, and the nickname was reduced by itself to Jannie's darling. At me the biology in general became a favourite subject, and ee lessons were remembered for a long time. And now at once it was remembered — all our emotions, reactions and instincts nest in a brain, all the rest — only an alarm system. From it signals go upward, a solves a brain itself how to react. Means to learn to get pleasure from inconvenience in a bottom, I should reprogram the computer. Ne in vain I at school was botankoy, I will try to cope. I presented how it would be made by mine Venechka — would download the program, would insert what-nibud payment, and everything would earn. There is only no applet such for certain, yes and to insert into itself a payment doesn't pull at all — to such perversions to me still grow and raise. Though it was remembered how Venya called what-to thingummy "an expansion payment". Isn't present, we will extend in other way. So, on an order. We will present me as a set of the mechanisms and functions operated by a brain (oh, poor I, poor). We have the object in a cylinder form supplied with the sensor of pressure and the valve at the exit. As only the sensor gives o signal existence of what-to of unnecessary (fu-u-u), the brain gives a signal on removal, you fly to a toilet, and the valve works. There are no intellectual pressures, everything goes at the level of subconsciousness and reflexes. Means if to influence the sensor from other party, reaction will be precisely such. From here a conclusion — it is necessary to teach to compare a brain the direction of the movement and to issue different commands. As my purpose — receiving sexual pleasure, it is necessary to connect influence on popochku (the most charming in the world, between other) though with the brightest memoirs on this subject. Of course, it is more best to be engaged in it together with darling, but he for certain will spoil everything, so that so far it is necessary to count only on himself. The main thing is the sequence, slowness and aspiration to bring business to the end. In it I am a master, mine razlyubezny doesn't even represent what combinations I should play that he wanted to buy me what I looked for. And here in such reflections somehow there were I a shower in the evening, settled in an empty bed and under the muffled knock of the keyboard reaching from the neighboring room started action. At first I tried to relax completely — a figushka, it doesn't turn out. In the head of a drizzle run, yes and noise disturbs. It was necessary to get up, include quietly favourite jazz, and again under a blanket. In about five minutes it seems felt better, I calmed down a little. I bent legs in knees, without looking a tube with children's cream from a bedside table I took (the best cosmetics, between other, and always under a hand), I greased myself properly and I began to caress fingers of, from buttocks and to a clitoris, both back, and there, and back A itself I remember the most mad orgasms. It is good that thoughts aren't transferred yet — my blessed in these memoirs and didn't smell. Eh, years my student's! In the general, I didn't manage to focus on reactions of the anus — by force I brought Winnie Pukh in a bed and I raped with special cruelty. He was a little dumbfounded by my pressure, but decided not to resist and under the end even joined in process. In the morning, analyzing yesterday's, I came to a conclusion that everything it seems would go not bad. I tried to stroke a finger buttocks — nothing, I didn't feel special delight, but and negative reaction wasn't, an is the main thing. Means, you go a right way, companions. To hold so! The next several sessions took place more quietly, I began to mass more time an anus, an of reminiscence of far days were replaced by impressions of the next rape of the husband. He, by the way, became somehow zainteresovannee and is more sympathetic on my sudden attacks, too sometimes to give unexpected variations it would become seemed the learned melodies long ago. A can be, just I began to pull out it from the monitor already prepared for sexual joys. The last time he somehow didn't trouble himself preliminary caress, made the business — and a nose in a pillow. A is necessary for me for running start time, I am not the motorcycle which with poloborota is got, I should be caressed. To tell on conscience, his fingers getting into my depths bring sometimes at all not less pleasure, than usual sex. A that quite often it is ahead of me, I wasn't warmed yet, it already terminated an and begins to fade. So that banal massage of mine of "a brown eye" already brought revival in our life. No our task — not to stop on reached, a to move steadily to the gaping tops. That more that the first stage was successfully completed — the touch to buttocks caused desire and expectation of pleasure. Now it was necessary to go further, an if more precisely — that is deeper. We will try to get inside and to study reaction. And there was the next problem — than to get? Fingers don't suit for this purpose — manicure, too beautiful at me, that to leave it. Means, it is necessary to look for substitute. stories a sensuality Well, this good in network how many it is necessary what only I didn't see enough on the websites of sex shops. Sometimes the imagination was played and there was a wish to get TAKOE!!! — but fie, disappear, be gone, devilish delusion. I have quite concrete task — not to draw themselves a rubber shaft, a to accustom to presence of "a foreign body" at the native body. Means, we look for the vibrator or the simulator unpretentious, small, without any there frills and panels of management. Of course, with a size there were temptations, but I solved everything — it has to be less than what I have now (or which has me, without difference). That native can accidentally find A, precisely will begin to have complex if the size doesn't coincide. Na any lubricants it decided not to be spent yet, I also will have enough cream. Can be, then, when process goes to full growth In the general, in three days I was already armed and ready to go to the attack. No the first attack that-to it wasn't set. Lying on a side and having turned in knees, I in full compliance with the recommendations of "experts" tried to thrust the acquisition, but felt resistance of "opponent" — the buttocks didn't reveal, to push a by force — no, we already passed it. Na my arrangements the buttocks didn't react, mean we will think what to change. Well a not to vanish to good yet — tried to use a new thing in front. A little unusually, but it was even more convenient than fingers. Means, not absolutely useless purchase. The next day was marked by an event which would plunge me into long despondency earlier — I BROKE the NAIL! No now I was consoled much quicker — probably, it is the sign from above. In the evening, having ground a nail not to scratch the treasure, I quietly pressed an anus, and the finger began slowly, well very slowly, to plunge into me. Having started it honor at all length, I stood and I began to listen to feelings. More precisely, to one feeling — in my bum the finger, and all sticks out. Neither it is hot, nor is cold. Of course, I also didn't wait for special feelings if only it wasn't worse, but all... Vo has to be everything though what-to positive. That more that also a task at me global — to get pleasure. Means if it is absent, we will create. To tell so, rising of the sun manually. It was necessary to turn over on a back and to begin to caress itself in front. It became much more cheerful, sometimes even I forgot about this ill-fated finger, but then myself I straightened out and I tried to move it. I didn't feel the special joy of it and I understood that hurried. Ne we will hurry, to all the time. The next two or three sessions took place easier, the feeling of "nonempty" buttocks became habitual, didn't give any trouble any more. So that the second attempt of mine of "the rubber friend" crowned success, and somehow even routinely as if he dives every day into me. I already understood for myself that all movements have to be slow, even very much slow not to frighten off themselves or not to cause myself pain. Do now that you can, tomorrow you will be able more. Having thrust him half, I quietly lay and got used to feeling of prolixity of buttocks — it is not a finger any more, the difference is felt. The curiosity, awareness of "fullness" was the main feeling, but the negative wasn't. Well and slavnenko, bigger for the beginning it is also not necessary. Slowly I jostled it till the end and I was glad the foresight — hardly it would work well with larger "exercise machine". Having lain down so minutes ten, cautiously I derived "treasure" and I went to the bathroom. It is good that the husband of the house wasn't — in the bedroom I appeared easy zapashok, and smelled not of roses at all. No I already got used to these costs of process in the first sessions, yes and smelled absolutely slightly. And now the smell caused in me easy excitement — in the program of my computer this smell accurately contacted future sex. Having washed properly the vibrator and having rinsed under a shower, I went to kitchen, I welded to coffee, I sat down in front of the TV — and I caught myself on feeling that forgot to pull out the vibrator. There was a full illusion that he still there — by the way, feeling prikolnenkoye. So also I passed in the afternoon with a lascivious smile on a face until household chores distracted. My following exercises significantly expanded my opportunities — I learned to relax buttocks, sometimes tried to squeeze "captive", quietly to move with him. To stop possible negative feelings, I combined the manipulations with masturbation, and in the end of the ends I waited-taki: it began to be pleasant to me! Ne in vain I spent three months what-to useful I learned. Here the everyday irony — to learn to strain the back, at first was necessary to strain the head. So, halfway I passed. Now the main was necessary and difficult — to involve in this game of the husband. And it is necessary to make it so that he felt behaving, by a which isn't conducted. Again strain the head. In the evening, before a dream, I by absolutely everyday voice, as as if in kitchen at a plate, I said: "Venya, at me the last time appeared feeling that my buttocks dry and are shelled. Terribly unpleasant feeling. Spread ee, please, nails interfere that me with cream, a". Clear business, I washed ee to gloss that no slightest a plowing arose. A itself got up on kolenochki, fell on lokotochki, bent a back, well as there is a cat March. When he began cream to smear, I began to play occasionally, moan buttocks, doing a look that it brings me. That more that I and hadn't to pretend to be-to, it was valid very pleasantly and great got. Well, the final of this performance is also so already clear to you — izmochalenny the spouse long came then to himself. Being afraid to frighten off a game, the following such arrival I undertook only in two weeks. Then so slowly I began to ask him to smear buttocks already in sex process. In the general, in one and a half months anal stimulation already became the habitual tool in our playful hands, and the husband reached already that sometimes I took in hands a tube with cream, without waiting for my request. It couldn't but please, but for some reason further he didn't want to move ahead in any way. It was necessary to be ruined on purchase of an anal shower and branded lubricant with its favourite aroma — nothing, it wholly will compensate then everything. And in the next time when it already inflamed, I a guilty voice whispered: "Darlings, a to me in the general, at me inside too is dry, grease me there", and then I added: "Only very quietly!". His finger stood, probably the congenital fastidiousness struggled with curiosity, then pressing amplified, and the finger occupied the place. I stopped attempt to move him scared: "Oh, isn't present - no-net ". After all earlier I completely controlled process, a was necessary to struggle now with his aspiration, natural to the man, to set poglubzhe yes porezche. Then I already moved buttocks a little — yes there is no distance training, fine, after all the result. For me now the main thing — that beloved I saw that it is pleasant to me. Everything came to the end with friendly compression of a finger and its release, an is farther already on the fulfilled scheme. So gradually I brought the husband to the first full contact which I wanted already long ago and of which I was afraid — a suddenly that not so will go. Now everything goes under my complete control, I measure each movement with an accuracy to millimeter. A suggest the husband to show an initiative — someone knows, will move sharply, will make painfully, all works to nothing. To start a conversation on it with the husband and to carefully paint everything as on notes there was no wish too — after all it is not production process, there has to be though the minimum intrigue and romanticism. Therefore the next brain storm issued the recipe of future happiness — the husband should be immobilized that he measurement. Na volume also settled. In the evening tender murlyka offered the cat the next entertainment — a game under the name "Stand!". In turn at any moment we will speak each other "Stand" and to create with it everything that will come to mind, of course, without special perversions. Darling rustled with crinkles, estimated the benefit and agreed. Naturally, my turn was the first, and I tried to surprise the husband, I don't know as far as it worked well. The next two weeks passed in continuous acrobatics, I also didn't think that mine Venya is capable of such imaginations. To list all poses and all places where I accepted these poses, I won't even be solved. Of course, to remain motionless when there is a wish to coil and shout, it was difficult, but and to him hardly it was necessary, so that all frankly. To that the novelty always updates a relationship, and the Broom became somehow more careful, more generous in manifestations of feelings, it is worth a lot too. So we also froliced until I caught myself on a thought that we begin to repeat, an it means — the imagination runs low. It is visible, time for the next changes came. And here in the evening, after my first orgasm when Venya fell off and I gave me time to take rest before the second series, I told him treasured "Stand!", instantly I greased myself and him, and I nestled buttocks on his head. The puzzled hubby didn't manage to understand my artful plan, a yet I already with dying down of heart began to strengthen pressing of buttocks him "a powerful staff" (well it I so, to a word, was in my life and pobogatyristee). Though I already one hundred times scrolled this moment in the head, an after all was frightening — suddenly that not so will go. To help buttocks to relax, I presented myself the anaconda swallowing production. Here I widely swing open towards to an unfortunate rabbit, I swallow the head and I begin to stretch slowly on him. "Rabbit" really began to plunge slowly into me, and I could even turn back and send a grateful smile puzzled krolikovodu which with some confusion on a face watched immersion of the advantage in unknown depths. Having reached a half, I stopped — after all became slightly uncomfortable, my buttocks didn't get used to such extensions yet. Therefore I just lay, getting used to new feelings and pressing a husband's hand to a breast — I when he to me twists nipples love. His end sat in me plotnenko, I even felt his pulse. Yes, it poluchshe vibrator, popriyatney. To steam of times Venya I tried to move, but my frightened "Oh, stand-zamri "cooled his heat. Therefore he just tried napryagatchlen that very much was even pleasant to me. In about five minutes the anaconda friendly to steam of times reaped the victim and so quietly from her slipped. Having turned back to the husband, I was dumbfounded — only the little child to whom allowed to take a treasured toy can have such person, a took away then. It was necessary to send him to the bathroom to sanitary cleaning, then to compensate to the moral damage suffered by him. After this night Venya several time I tried to show an initiative and to satisfy the curiosity, but I was unapproachable — such pranks can be afforded not more often, than every two weeks. Otherwise itself can and do much harm, yes and the husband to overfeed sweet. The following "posazheniye on a stake" passed much more quietly and more comfortably. Already and I wasn't nervous, and the husband participated with full awareness of importance of the moment. So that I without work was stuck on it on most don't indulge, I lay down nepodvizhno, an even tried to move then a little back and forth. Specially I moved as it is possible more slowly, goosebumps on my back ran much quicker. Darling courageously suffered, keeping immovability, probably already understood that he will come off on full soon. I allowed to move only with a hand which was engaged in the business — squeezed a breast or caressed a clitoris. In the general, the excellent prelude before rough sex turned out. The real understanding that it is quite independent type of sex came ko to me only on the fourth time when I had an uncontrollable desire not to lie a motionless carcass, a to move, jump on this probe. My buttocks at last woke up, aren't necessary to it steel of team of a brain any more, she began to live the life, the feelings. I turned beloved on a back, got on it and cautiously took seat from above. I already understood that my movements have to be much more slowly, than at usual sex, and in it there was the charm too. I caved in forward, back, representing the wild amazon, the fearless horsewoman. Though, if more precisely, then vzadnitsu. In result mine Venechka, and so already overheated and exhausted, didn't keep and presented me with the hot fountain. It was unusual and very pleasant, urged on my passion even more, but In one or two minutes his cum rendered the laxative action, and I a bullet rushed off in a toilet. When I returned, Venina the smile blurred more widely than a pillow. We with him never used condoms, and an opportunity to terminate with impunity in a native little body was for him an invaluable award. Here and let two more weeks pine now, will appreciate more. Though he already and now became a little another — hurries less, caresses more, is played. New year we met by the noisy company at the dacha. All as always — a table, noise, a salute. No among night when the people already began to creep away on beds, mine Venya called the taxi and, stopping attempts to leave us till the morning, took away me home. I wanted to leave not very much, but and to argue with the husband too didn't pull. That more that already all beforehand is known, not the first year so we walk. On the road I dozed on a shoulder expensive and only, so without having woken up till the end and into the apartment came. After the cheerful party and good wine me exhausted, I was as the rag doll which became soft and dissolved in the good mood. I threw off clothes and on the autopilot I reached a bed. In the head everything was turned, I departed somewhere, or on the contrary failed. As always at the falling asleep moment, I didn't feel the body any more, but here familiar hands didn't allow me to fail in a dream finally. Akh as it is healthy when you are so gently and carefully caressed! Well a my cat inflamed not on a joke, started up in the course all ability and abilities, from hands to language. Therefore when my legs appeared on his shoulders, the buttocks felt by an a familiar chill of lubricant, I had no desire any more what-to to control. Tea, not for the first time, it is possible already and to trust in darling. Therefore my brain just hanged on the pleasure team and didn't disturb me in any way. Having completely got rid of fears and fears, I at last just enjoyed the feelings. The dream already ran away, having left me one on one with my passion. Tut-to I was also trapped by an unexpected surprise — it was my first orgasm through buttocks. I wildly shouted, yes that there I shouted — it was what-to animal roar, with an open mouth and goggle eyes. I was heard for certain by all entrance. The scared hubby even stood without team, an I somehow was blown off at once, failed the person down on a bed, absolutely weakened and devastated, so that he had to cum already in a lifeless carcass. From that night passed several years, a lot of things in life exchanged, there were children, but our feelings to each other weren't gone. Of course, any more there is no that sharpness of feelings and novelty, but remained careful attention to each other and desire to give joy to darling, to give themselves to him and him themselves. It isn't necessary to dream any more to relax buttocks — everything goes itself, slides on habitual lubricant. Yes and what there to dream — I am just a hole in which there lives a Rabbit, and Winnie-the-Pooh goes to him in guests. Well and let he in me climbs if only didn't get stuck.