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The question will be asked at the end of a fragment and I will wait within 3-5 days of your reader's comments with the choice how to arrive to the hero, and also if you want - options of actions. But I want to make a reservation about what you can ask option - I because the main image of the hero is already created will solve, and, no, I won't tell it, but if your "option of actions of the hero" is beyond this image (i.e. the hero will refuse to do it anyway (for example to bathe in a rural toilet) I will tell you.!!! Strong languages and expressions, also scenes of sexual and physical abuse occur in the story. Also all this the fairy tale and imaginations so don't take everything seriously :)!!! Likely ridiculously even to remember what ordinary-looking and inconsistent gray mouse I was no more than three months. The teenager who isn't issued in the charming woman yet, all the appearance a repellent look of an opposite sex, no, I wasn't an ugly creature simply... That let's return on three months ago to that significant event. I was only 16 years old, before leaving school there were two more years, and I saw guys only on the Internet and magazines. And I lagged behind the contemporaries that very much confused me. My breast didn't even begin to grow, and in a groin unless the children's down appeared. On the contrary at my schoolmates the breast already grew, and on sponges beautiful ringlets appeared. As I wanted too... The sight - with mine-7 on both eyes was necessary to wear glasses for what I was called four-eyes. The only pride is a fair hair which I had to collect in a bunch that эт (especially for - I was afraid will look back, and female hands already freely slid on my body. And here in the head the voice "Was distributed you will be a good sister...." and after that a gentle kiss to me in a neck. I turned back, but behind the car of the moving-off train only whistled. What was it delusion or reality? I wasn't sure. Everything what I was enough it run for, parting forcibly passersby to rush off home. I did all way to an entrance run, and in an entrance flew a bullet - here a gossip in the yard to grandmas will be, but to me was all the same. The shivering hands I opened a door and having slammed a door, having lifted up a skirt to a breast and put a hand to myself in panties directly in a corridor. My pussy burned and flowed. I never thought that I can emit so much lubricant. Having carried out by a finger on an intimate section I moaned from pleasure. I tried to masturbate already, but it was never not so pleasant to me only from touch. My hand began to finger small sponges, periodically rising to a clitoris pea. My breath got off, and legs gave away and I fell on knees. I was covered by the first in my life orgasm. Just incurred me from that as it was pleasant to me... I don't know whether I shouted or not, but having recovered I found out that I lie, отпятив the back, in a corridor with a hand in trousers. Panties and hips were wet. Having got up and being unsteady as if drunk I passed to the bathroom where began to take off the clothes. Having thrust the soiled clothes into the machine, I got into the bathroom. Having looked in a mirror I began in details and greedy as though the first time to examine the body. A lovely face which beauty is distorted by awful points, two such heat-spots for the place of a breast. But accurate and flat tummy and direct legs. Strong buttocks, without fat gram. Though isn't present, stop. it seemed to me? heart was clogged for nervousness. Yes! hurrah! at me the breast began to grow! of course not at once the 4th size, but any more not just two heat-spots, and two nipples on, meanwhile still small, a hemisphere. Gently and timidly, not to frighten off this delusion I carried out on it. so pleasantly and well. My whimsical kitty requested attention too and I decided not to deprive her of attention. Having sat down on edge of a bathtub I moved apart legs in front of the mirror and began to finger the prankish gently. But me there was it for some reason a little. Moreover and my anal hole began to itch. Other hand not to lose pleasure from caress of a perineum I reached an anus and rubbed it. And it is pleasant too. And that if... coward I began to enter into myself a finger phalanx. Oh what pleasant feeling. But I nevertheless cautiously stopped what it with me? Never so I behaved. Likely just teenage toxicosis caused it. But there was one more reason - the entrance door creaked, and it could do only one means - my stepmother, Beladonna and if she sees me in such look came will state to my father any mucks about me again. It was necessary will stop and having slipped on a dressing gown to leave the bathroom. Here I ask to love and favor - in a corridor my stepmother - the high platinum blonde of 19 years undressed, with a face and a figure of the model, and bitchy selfish character - it is ready to lay down under any hog if that buys her a present. With my father she was lucky twice - he isn't bad appearance, has the well-founded company and consequently so the money loved by her, and also doesn't interfere with her life - circulation on boutiques, clubs and other institutions. She understanding the benefit that her trump the appearance spent not less couple of hours in the gym supporting itself in shape. She looked at me as on a small insect - that for those two years that I with her live I already I got used to it - I try not to catch sight to her to avoid excess problems and instructions from her party. In a disgusting way. And here now again will begin...-What do you cost? descend on kitchen yes put a teapot... - she threw to me going to the hall. Having heaved a deep sigh I went to kitchen, but it was this time strange. If earlier I habitually make everything without thinking and without accepting is close to itself, then now in me the anger bubbled. "Yes someone is she such to specify?!" I thought pouring water in a teapot... And now attention question: Whether "Should overcome themselves or to revenge the stepmother who is stood by two years?"