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She found herself ugly and to nobody necessary. Gave me a great pleasure to prepare her, every day step by step to approach the planned purpose. I repeated her that she the most beautiful, told her a heap of compliments, then several times drove her to walk, embraced and kissed her "friendly". But it was necessary to notice how after my embraces her gentle cheeks flashed, and the tiny little body began to shiver. Once my boyfriend left on work, and I invited the girl on a visit. I understood that today she has to become mine. I couldn't wait more. I bought a little wine and fruit, put on a silk dressing gown, muffled light, having left included only in a lamp and lit aromatic candles. But before her arrival it was necessary to remove them that she suspected nothing. There was only a gentle exciting aroma. My Ksyushenka was in the jeans fitting her small buttocks and in the stretched undershirt. On the head a negligent bunch of a fair hair which continually fell it on eyes and was stirred. It always carelessly corrected them and with confusion looked at me. I suggested to drink wines, it surprisingly quickly agreed. After two glasses of her cheek blushed, she lay down to me on a shoulder and began to cry quietly. - Ksyushenka, what happened?, - I asked. - do you remember, I told you about the guy from the neighboring house? - yes, Vitya seems. - Vitya, aha. I thought that it am pleasant to him. And it appeared, he needed the help with the course paper and he because of it drove to me. I am pleasant to nobody as the woman, Vick. All look at me as on the friend or as on a botanichka which can help … I was so tired …. Ksyusha buried to me in a shoulder and began to cry. I caressed her thin back and kissed on a temple. As it is delightful! Such fragile, gentle, small … - don't say so, my dear, you the best, the most beautiful. I will prove it to you, you want? She with suspicion lifted tear-stained eyes, looked into mine, and then her face was accepted by some sarcastic expression. - an akha and how you will make it? Will you organize poll? - I don't need to organize poll. I need your opinion, it is necessary that you understood everything. And I promise you to prove it. But on condition that you will obey me and to do everything that I will tell. Her brows rose, in eyes passion sparks appeared. She stretched me the small handle. - a bargain! - on hands. Look, back the way won't be! So, and now get up and we go with me. I led the girl to the bathroom. - get up directly, the darling. Now we will study your body. I gently stroked her on a cheek, carried out by nogotochka on a thin neck and kissed on her. She shuddered from my touches, but was silent. She reconciled and was ready for everything. - lift handles, the darling.I took off from her an undershirt, kissed her breast, warming with breath her small tits, I felt how through fine linen her nipples begin to appear. - so, now we will take off your brassiere. Mm what pretty tits at you. Small and firm, with beautiful nipples. Any will want to touch them language, Ksyushenka. I licked her nipple, then took it in a mouth and began to suck, at the same time massing other boob. Ksyushenka closed eyes and panted. I decided that it is time to stop. There was a wish to torment her.-let's take off your jeans and we will look at your pussy. Her girl was delightful. Accurate sponges, small, pink klitorok. As I wanted to stick into it lips and not to release. but I got it together and continued the game. - watch what beautiful pussy at you, just charm! But this пушочек should be removed. Now we will shave her, expensive. Jump in a bathtub. I included warm water and began to wash the girl. 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Ksyusha accepted it as an appeal to action and in couple of seconds I felt her hand on the leg. She caressed my leg as if getting used to me, slowly rising to a hip. I moved apart legs more widely and mopped tails of the robe. Before Ksyushenka the type of my pussy, same gladenky, as at her opened. My girl fell by knees and hardly concerning licked my pussy. As it was fine! I hardly restrained that won't finish directly at that moment. Ksyushenka very much tried, smacked the lips, licked, sucked a clitoris, she understood how it will be pleasant to me more because itself I was a girl. And I all this time hoarsely groaned and patted her on a back. Costed me huge efforts to order her to stop and lay down on a bed. She unwillingly came off my pussy and laid down. I opened a dressing gown and began to kiss with greed soy the girl. Her nipples were firm for a long time, the pizdenka flowed as at the bitch. I wanted to fuck her! All my tenderness disappeared, there was only wild desire and anything else. I bit her nipples, kissed a stomach, then got language into her mouth, greedy studying it, licked ears, then I raised up her legs (so with me my Sashenka does) and licked her pizdenka and buttocks. Ksyushka groaned as abnormal. She was horney not less, than I. I long kissed her buttocks, licked it, weakening a uvula. And then slowly I entered it a forefinger and I began to caress her buttocks from within. At the same time I licked her clitoris and fucked language her a pizdenka. I don't know how long it proceeded, despite the excitement, Ksyusha couldn't get an orgasm because I had no experience at all. Another I stroke-oared the pussy, but it was necessary to stop all the time, I wanted to terminate together with it … and at last I felt as the body of my girl strains, I pressed on the clitoris a finger, and pressed her lips, and we got an orgasm … Ksyushenka shouted at the top of the voice, and I only hushfully moaned because my mouth was occupied … I licked all juice of my Ksyushenka and lay down with her nearby. As it was delightful … Now from that diffident girl nothing remained. Ksyusha now a small stervochka which breaks hearts and dements. We with it sometimes meet and have sex, it became incredibly skillful mistress. And Sashenke I anything not rasskazalaj