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Were put on Lindsay: black stockings, thongs, transparent black top, white miniskirt, green blouse, stylish shoe boots. She had natural hair. I approached Lindsay and started with her a conversation: — Lindsay, and long ago you are familiar with John? — Two years. And you Eduarda how long know? — Three days. He at once was pleasant to me. Tell, knowing tastes Eduarda, John has the same taste? — Yes. What do you mean? — I mean their choice of partners. You were a guy earlier. So? — Yes. Then I got acquainted with John. He protected me from hooligans. Then long time I didn't want to admit to it that I like to wear a women's clothing. Once he returned from work, and on me a women's clothing. He was made horney. We overslept. Then he made me the proposal to become his wife. I agreed. Soon I brought me to Thailand where to me made plasticity. To me made a breast of the fourth size, made my bottom elastically in order that three dicks entered her. 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I took off from me a miniskirt, and then I removed one movement of a hand thongs. My bottom was left without protection. Soon I felt something damp in my bottom. It was John's language. I decided to help him, moved apart hands the buttocks. At this time Eduard caressed the language Lindsay's anus. It was pleasant to Lindsay. It was pleasant also to me. But soon I felt a dickhead at a sphincter. John entered the dick to me slowly into a bottom. Soon there passed a half of the dick. The second half didn't want to pass. John left everything as is. I began to have me the huge dick. I enjoyed John's dick in the bottom. Lindsay at this moment sat down on a dick Eduarda. Eduard helped her with it, sending to the hand a dick to Lindsay's hole. When Lindsay sat down completely, at once began to jump. I wanted bigger. John took out the dick and laid down on a floor. I began to sit down a bottom on a dick Jonah, and John helped me, sending the dick to me to a bottom. 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