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A body everything ached and I damned myself, in a voice swore and groaning from pain left the room, the first door opposite was kitchen, at me in I rub several days there was no water drop also, went and I stepped to the room. Having opened the crane I substituted palms and a saw having inclined over a sink directly from hands, the cool calmed my throat it burned down and it seemed that the cool of water disperses a vivifying stream on all body. I didn't know how many I провалялась in a bed and didn't hear anything, slept. — did You oklematsya already? Without turning the head I answered with a hoarse voice a question. — Yes, you are hungry? I heard steps, he approached closer me and put a palm on my hip and here I shuddered, came off water and was quickly developed to the person who stood behind me, it was brown-eyed, he without emotions faced to me. — I came... — he sharply became silent and I was thought what now will tell that behind a debt, but... — I came to you... Dima was fond then strongly beat you, I worried for the bitch... — his palm slid on my body and just now I thought that I was naked, it were greedy stared at my body, rounded shapes and when he looked at my bruises, it was slightly bent. — to You it is painful, want I will stay with you? — I was shocked, quite recently, these teenagers had me in all holes, and now he, came to feel sorry for me?! — You in general normal? Tell more better how many my son has to... — I hardly stood on the feet, nude and barefoot, on a body goosebumps from cold went, and places where touched his palms, it heated me them, slightly massing a stomach and stroking my breast. — your son, lost you... I knew at once what I want and then still, I already wanted you initially. — he put to me a palm on a nape again and scratched me on a neck, I covered eyes. — You, washing... A kiss, he stuck lips into mine and I answered him why... perhaps I never before belonged to anybody, and he such young, and already knows what wants, domination over the woman, not over the girl, the girl, and the woman... he wished me for a long time and I was for him as if a prize. While our lips were densely compressed, he continued to caress me, touching places where my body most of all was ispolosovano, I didn't embrace him, there were no forces... He took my palm and kissed, my hand already nobody touched so long ago, and his lips burned. He squeezed my palm in the. — we Will go, you need to have a rest. And brown-eyed I led me back to my bedroom, my bedroom and my husband. Every night we made love, I didn't refuse to the husband caress, but it at us was mutual, and with this boy, I felt the girl, everything was, at his desire, I caved in under him... also it was conducted. — Lay down. Obediently I sat down on a bed again, sides already hurt because of long stay in a bed, I laid down on a stomach and densely squeezed legs, he sat down to me on a bum and touched with slender fingers my back, carried out by a nail on the most sore points, I moaned. Then it became warm, I felt everything in the same places him, a lip. He conducted language on my wounds licking them. — What are you doing? — I didn't understand why he does it, I am thirty four years old, and I didn't understand that is wanted it by the boy. — I told that you mine and I will do with you everything that I will want. — and he clung lips and language to my wounds again, drawing in detail patterns, I shuddered, it was sick and pleasant at the same time, he went down from my bum below and sat already on my legs, palms touched my buttocks, it was sick, I loudly moaned and was twisted in a pillow, he moved apart my buttocks and I felt as cold air concerned my anus, and then warm, and then and his lips. He licked to me a bum which absolutely he quite recently and had. — You still smell of me, it is so lovely... — I shuddered from these words as though he gave me slap in the face, I reddened, and my crack juice began to flow. He drove the shivering language on my sphincter and I involuntarily, moved apart on how many it was possible legs, he stood up a little and licked my current crack, his firm and rough language concerned my flesh, he was in me and pinched my juice from my vulvar lips. — the Aunt, you with pleasure and delicious smell, you know, I want that you, terminated. — I moaned again and caved in in a back, pain gave this my movement I howled from pain again from what I heard a snicker, warm air from his mouth went on my delights and became me shchekotno I began to smile and shook buttocks a little. Brown-eyed, I grasped me palms by hips and I raised, I was pressed by the person in a pillow, and my crack completely opened to the fellow, he moved apart my buttocks more widely and clung lips to my bosom, licking me. — the Bitch, you such sweet, you so flow, I am glad... that you mine... — after everything, I was already ready to terminate, he came off me, but I didn't move, my legs started over again shaking from tension, he felt it, well already knew my body. — Prepare, now I in you will terminate. — I sharply rose, came off a pillow and faced him, palms closing the opened crack, he grasped me by wrists and wrapped hands up, I howled from pain. — Here why you so, I don't want to do to you even more painfully, but at me already a stake costs, I want to set to you... — and he at once after these words pressed a dickhead to my hole, fidgeting him on me, I howled he fear, I didn't want that he cumed in me, I wound the head here and there, and he only raised my hands above from what tears were rolled on eyes. And he entered, pounding a stenochka of my crack, the head entered me as a knife in oil, it was firm and at once I strained muscles, he moaned and intercepted my hands one palm, the second slapped me on an ass from what I relaxed and again his dick squeezed that was in me, he didn't even do any movements, I felt as he pulses in me, and I in reply to him again even more often squeeze. A free hand he caressed my bum and implanted into my anal two fingers at once, he didn't enter more deeply, didn't move them just inserted and turned them in me. On me the shiver went from a breast to a stomach bottom, I squeezed him stronger, both fingers and the dick in myself and choking in a pillow loudly groaned, from me juice flowed and it seemed that фалас in me I increased, he made a push and I right there howled, this movement was enough what I would terminate and right there I ceased to squeeze him, pulsing in me proceeded also he having made some more pushes in me, left and plentifully I terminated to me on buttocks and a back. I released my hands and I pressed me in a bed, my legs shivered, but already were not in the bent state, all body shuddered. I seem strongly became overexcited, didn't cum from one everything, a push. — washing, the girl... — he laid down near me and covered me with a blanket, put a palm to me on a breast and slightly still pinched from time to time my nipple. It seems, we fell asleep together...