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Of course, it is more best than any clothes – her absence, but, I am afraid, in the city I would be understood not really, go outside I in some panties. So I with pleasure accepted Christina's invitation to live at her in a cottage. In the company with Alenka such rest was one continuous orgasm! In the beginning it was, however, more cheerful – with us there was still Katya, but in several days the little sister received the invitation from someone from the boyfriends to spend time on the lake which she, having rumpled a little, nevertheless accepted. As the woman, I perfectly understood her. So at the dacha there were I, Kristinka, Alenka, pool and two Labradors. Oh, how many tenderness I received from the girlfriends! Little girls rushed with me as if chickens with egg! Massage, a uvula in my buttocks, frozen, new linen, a uvula in my buttocks … oh, seemed it already! To put it briefly, any my whim was executed instantly! If it is frank – in the end, spoiled, I simply feigned indispositions and anguish, impudently exploiting girlfriends. But someone would know how it was pleasant! One day the brunette with the blonde called me on a serious conversation. Having shrunk, I sat on a sofa, expecting a reprimand for the impudence. But business was in another … - We want you to ask about something … - Christina said. - Yes? - You understand in what business … Alenka has a brother. Is slightly younger than you, - the hostess of the house began to state an essence. – A figure at him very good – legs, buttocks … well you understand … - Yet not absolutely, - I admitted. - We want to make of him the same girl, as well as you, - the blonde explained. - So do, - I shook a coat hanger. – I here and? - And here and! And little girls stated me the plan. In general it was pleasant to me, except one moment – I needed to fuck Alyona's brother in buttocks. Just I also didn't love it! When fuck me – it gives me much more pleasures than when I fuck! For girls and the little sister I did an exception, but only for them! I can't tell that it so was opposite to me, or on the contrary – so strongly it was pleasant, simply some useless movement, and faded similarity of an orgasm – weak reflection of what I test when pull my buttocks! I was already I wanted to bargain, but Christina in a sleeve had a powerful trump – she suggested to pay back me with that for the night to remove that amazing black stripper. After that I was ready for everything – not that to deprive of virginity buttocks of the brother of the blonde, but also the whole battalion of brothers! By the evening I was already ready – put on the tiny panties thongs fitting shorts and short to the indicator with a deep cut, opening both my breasts, and a flat tummy. I did myself hair, I guided a make-up, I fastened several jewelry from Kristinki's arsenal. Shoes on the high platform completed a toilet. I was looked in a mirror. Very long ago I already so didn't dress up – weeks two was limited only to panties, and that not always. And now, that bitch that looked at me from a mirror, seriously brought me. Be I a man – would fuck her! Soon also conspirators with the young fellow – were years 17-18, tow-haired, as well as Alenka, with thin, beautiful features. He and the truth had just wonderful figure – roundish hips, the charming buttocks excitingly pulling tight shorts. But his lips – full, sensual were the most tremendous, they and asked to make up them and to dress on a dick. I even envied is sensitive – me to have such charming sponges, it was necessary to spend nearly half a year on hormones! - Yura, - the guy was presented. - Sashenka, - I answered. Pancake, and still I already too got used, men, usually, stare at me, undressing a look. My new acquaintance almost didn't pay attention to me – only slipped eyes from below up, and slightly stood up on tiptoe, looking in a decollete. But he didn't take eyes from a huge breast of Christina, heatedly licking sponges, and striving as if accidentally to touch her boobs with an elbow or a shoulder. The girl perfectly understood everything, but didn't give a sign. But Yura touched with such behavior my female pride! - Nothing, - I mischievously thought. – Your sponges will caress only dicks, hands soon to crumple a sheet when you coil under the man, and the buttocks – to ask that she was fucked again and again! But it will be then. For now the cheerful Trinity went to swim in the pool, and I remained in the house not to give out before the boy small секретик ahead of time. I prepared the movie for joint viewing – Emmanuel, that part where do to the main character bodi-massage – one of the few scenes with the absent men but which is making horney me over any limit! I got beer from the refrigerator, I spread out in plateaus chips and cheese sauce in pialochka. It seems, everything is ready … Just bathers – wet, happy returned, excited … this flush on cheeks of the brunette and gloss in her eyes I well knew – probably, in the pool the guy natiskatsya much her. And at Yura swimming trunks puffed up from a pressure of his impressive tool. But now, without clothes, I could enjoy more his body which and really was women's more, than men's. It will leave the excellent bitch! Easy stirring, drinking beer and jamming it chips, we watched Emmanuel. In comparison with a modern porn, it, of course, was as "Good night kids", but when business reached that scene with bodi-massazhy, all, with bated breath, stared at the screen. It was heard only music in the movie, sighs of the actress and a crunch of chips. - It is pleasant to you? – the hostess of the house at the boy took an interest. - Akh, - he delightfully nodded. - And you already had girls? – Kristinka continued. - Фи! Of course! - It is a lot of? - It is a lot of, as I didn't consider! - Lies! – with conviction Alenka said. – He had nobody yet! - You went! – Yura muttered, having thrown in the sister chips. – At you at most, except the vibrator, was nobody. I hardly hid a snicker. If the guy knew that she had not only a vibrator, but even the couple of dogs … - Is a pity, - the brunette sighed. – I thought that you are a young, innocent boy, and you, turn out how all … - Well … actually not so many girls at me were, - the blonde hesitated. - And you are a courageous boy? – Christina continued to press. She pressed the guy the bust, directly hypnotizing him. I can argue, at such distance the girl felt his breath as skin of the breast. Yura controlled himself less and less – swimming trunks didn't maintain pressure, and from above, having delayed an elastic band, the head of his dick leaned out. Hands shivered, the person reddened, and breath became deep and faltering. Well, nothing … remained only a little! And the boy will dream not of sticking to this breast, and about that he had such breast! - Akh, - he nodded. - Let's play cards on undressing? – everyday tone I offered Kristink. - Akh … - it is excellent! – she grinned. - Sasha, distribute! - Akh … - Yura repeated. – Hey, wait! Same it is dishonest! On me only swimming trunks, and on you also brassieres! Really – shorter game on undressing that will take place now, is difficult to present! On all its participants, except me, there were only bathing suits! I on their background looked so as if was going to the North Pole! - You told that courageous! – the brunette reminded. – Besides, you already agreed! Stop breaking! You want to see my breast without brassiere? The last argument was the most powerful, and the guy gave up finally. I handed over cards. A game began.Incredibly, but we nearly didn't fail at once all invention! The matter is that someone loses the last – we agreed in advance, and here in what order – no! Little girls so tried to lose that as a result there were I! It is clear, that I was the only article of clothing which I could take off the indicator! Without heels my legs would look already not so tempting, and without shorts my surprise would open! But now Yura stared at my breasts, and so that it became clear and clear – a naked female breast the guy saw for the first time … However, in the next tour Christina won back advantage, having lost and having taken off a brassiere. After that at the boy brains were at all disconnected, and his sister had to make a lot of efforts to lose. Now at a playing table (is more true – a playing carpet), three girls topless, and the guy in some swimming trunks which are strongly delayed sat. I think, many dream to appear on his place! My turn to lose came, and I took off shoes. Yura remained the following. He was long rumpled, looked for an occasion not to undress, but our arrangements convinced him to leave the only article of clothing.