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And here you notice one of the pupils who entered a class after all You looked at him somehow in a new way, not as at the pupil, and at once began to drive away from yourself these wrong thoughts, but process is already started, it isn't so simple to stop him now. He was always allocated against the background of the others with the appearance and sharp mind though very reluctantly I directed him to study. He was always allocated against the background of the others and though this summer to him it was executed 18, he was still a child, the same pupil as well as all others and to you never these thoughts came earlier. But now it isn't simple the pupil any more, he stopped being the child for you, something happened to him for this short summer, he matured, matured very much considerably. Now it is the tall, handsome young man of a sports constitution and faultless sense of style. Around you there are a lot of girls and guys, all actively tell something to you, but your thoughts and a look are directed slightly further. He sits at a school desk, listens to a player and thoughtfully looks out of the window, the sun somehow gently lights his face, you understand what somewhere not there incurred you that you don't listen to the pupils at all and probably strange you look from outside and sharply you tear off all thoughts and you switch to work. And day after day there passed several weeks, you successfully coped with the wrong thoughts and desires all this time, but today all defense failed. Perhaps, because you had no several weeks of sex, can be because today it somehow specially looks and from him some unusual energy proceeds, you understood that you can't resist the desires any more, the wrong thoughts completely took your mind, you had a plan *** I spent remarkable summer, very much everything changed in my life, I became a man. I noticed that my body somehow sharply matured, the most important that it was noticed also by girls. There were many travel in new places in the summer, I now not only about the cities and the countries) I got a lot of pleasant experience, now my life changed very cardinally and forever. Strained one — the summer ended, it was necessary to return to school, encouraged that I in a graduation class and am at school several people who have to recognize me from a new storonyya came to school, the mood was not really good, I listened to music and felt nostalgic for summer, for all adventures, for all new acquaintances. It appears not only I matured, several schoolmates and girls from parallel classes opened for themselves something new this summer too, it was felt, but my attention was drawn not by(with) them. Already several years at us the very young form-master and, it is necessary to recognize, very attractive form-master, the special charm to her was given that she taught French. I often represented her in different situations and not only I, guys often dreamed into her account. I entered a class and at once noticed her, she was dressed in a tight black skirt to a knee with a high belt and a white blouse, her hair were collected in a bunch, she was high-heeled, probably she spent very saturated summer too and looked very well rested, her skin was covered with beautiful equal suntan. It seemed to me that I drew her attention, it even somehow excited me. Likely it seemed, I thought, school life entered the habitual course. *** you had a plan. In your subject all pupils had to take examination in the end of the year, and you decided to call his parents and to express the concern apropos whether that he will pass examination, several minutes of telephone conversation with his parents and — voila — you are his tutor on French several times a week. Business remained behind small. *** I didn't expect such turn of events, parents forced me to visit several times a week the tutor on French if someone else would be a tutor, but not our cool, business would be in general rubbish. I liked to watch it during a lesson, but the lesson strained me. It was always dressed stylish, with taste and in official style, but even this official style gave food for imagination. *** you took the first step, several evenings in a week you remained with it alone, but, after all, common sense and not up to the end prostrate conscience still constrained you. Perhaps all so also came to naught, but because of small accident everything exchanged. *** there was something improbable! We were engaged in French, sat the friend opposite to the friend, but at different tables, I at a school desk, and it at a teacher's table. It, as always, was dressed in official style, in a skirt and a white blouse this time. As always, her blouse was buttoned on all buttons, but at the same time it looked excellently. It gave me a task, and something thought, I performed a task and I had a question which I right there sounded. It stretched through a table to look in the textbook which lay on my school desk and suddenly several buttons from her blouse with noise swept away. *** you already sat and thought that it is necessary to stop all this disgrace what all this is wrong that you are after all a teacher and how to go further how to take the second step? Suddenly your thoughts were killed by his question, you so sharply stretched through a table that pulled out several buttons from a blouse so that it was possible to see your beautiful breast in very beautiful bra, you put on a sexy underwear on each occupation with him. And here you are above him so that your breast just at the level of his eyes, his look in the right place and he is obviously impressed. *** buttons swept away, and directly before my person the great view — very beautiful breast of the form-master which I so often tried to present opened, but she surpassed all my expectations, she attracted my all eyes. I looked several seconds at this miracle, and then came round and looked slightly above and was stunned completely, in her eyes I saw insuperable desire, a storm of emotions, a passion hurricane. From her eyes I escaped a tornado which captured me and twirled with an enormous speed, I stirred up mind, I just attacked on her, stuck into her juicy red lips, such passionate kiss at me never before was, her passionate breath demolished to me a roof, she broke from me a shirt with an inhuman force and threw out it in a corner, put to me on a breast a hand and here slowed down a little. She slowly, slightly potsarapyvy, began to lower her and very gently to caress kisses my torso. *** you had some memory blackout, just you sat at the table and wanted to cancel everything, and you already are on a table and you kiss passionately with him, his shirt, before you his young body, a relief torso which you somehow saw on the sports ground, and to which you already some time very much wanted to touch got to somewhere. You began to study attentively him, from time to time kissing him, you passed to his powerful hands, on your skin the pleasure went. *** she caressed me very gently, I was made horney to a limit, sharply seized her and broke from her her blouse and a bra, in my hands there was the most wonderful in this world — her breast. I began to caress her breast and would do it eternally, her nipples bulked up, it strong pressed me to itself. I lifted up her skirt to top, under it there were very sexual stockings and very fragile panties which I broke from her. Under panties I found out such beauty that I wanted to kiss it at once.*** He very much grew bolder, you didn't expect that he will behave so surely and it very much made horney you. It was pleasant to you how his muscles when he tore on you clothes and panties, and his confident look looked and from where he at him undertook at his age? Unexpectedly he began to caress you below, and is so qualitative that it became very interesting to you what else surprises he for you prepared. *** when I began to caress her, she began to groan loudly, strong grasped a table and began to coil from excitement. There was such feeling that she also will terminate right now. *** he so qualitatively caressed you that, from surprise, you nearly terminated. (Erotic stories) it became wildly interesting to You to check still something. You escaped from his embraces and took the initiative, the initiative surpassed your expectations, you even mentally greeted it. *** she escaped from my embraces and very quickly I appeared already without trousers. She took my dick in hand and began to massage it, then very sexually looked to me in eyes, let hair down and I felt on myself her juicy red lips, I threw back the head back and couldn't hold groan of pleasure. She did it as nobody before. I represented it many times at myself in imagination, but even it couldn't be compared to the events. *** he pulled you to himself, on the road you kissed his torso and stuck into his lips, dipped hands into his thick hair. You all burned, you couldn't wait already so far he will enter you and sat down on him. You began slowly, erotically coiling and increasing speed. He strong clasped you with the hands and began to caress your breast. He got up and you continued standing, he carried you to a wall and pressed to it. He decided to take the initiative.