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The very young boy as as if waited for him a signal behind a door that that hour was before light eyes of the owner. — Yes my mister — bowed he and stiffened in expectation of orders. — Tell my beloved wife Samira that was in my rooms. I wait for ee. The servant bowed still time and slipped in a door. Samira looked at herself in a mirror and damned the destiny: — How could I get into a harem? What does Allah so punish me for? Why I?! — tears were shed from the eyes brought by antimony, east make-up threatened to blur on a beautiful face. She hated the husband sheikh Aziz who made ee the fourth wife and the sexy slave. The unloved husband called every day ee for himself and was engaged with it in sex, often anal, and he wanted to spit that Allah doesn't approve this way of copulation! The boy the servant entered ee the room and reported that mister waits for Samira. — the Damned pervert, can't wait for night! — the evil was told by her in Russian that the servant understood nothing. Na the business Samira was called Oksana, he the Russian from Moscow, a got to a harem under the contract. I got acquainted in club with mashate — the sheikh's representative, he took beautiful girls in a harem. Oksana wanted to cut down on-bystromu easy money and to leave back to Russia, but the sheikh fell in love with the young profligate and made ee the wife. Oksana had to obey destiny and Aziz. In day of a wedding she received the Arab name Samira. Then the days and nights awfully similar the friend on the friend began: she slept till a lunch, then directed beauty, ate rice with chicken, walked on a garden, drank tea with dates, a visited the sheikh's rooms in the evening, remaining with him till the morning. Mister young and full of energy used ee all night, a when nakurivalsya hashish, and the dick him didn't want to stand — he forced Samira to suck it won't get up yet. All night as lollipop, she caressed his faded pod while the sheikh didn't fall asleep. These minutes she hated most. Samira quickly accepted the bathroom with oil of a lavender and hurried to the husband, in avoidance of anger and fast punishment. She entered his rooms and scented a smell of hashish, there is no o! — mentally she moaned and I prepared for the worst. — darling Called me? — having obediently lowered the head as the approximate wife, the slave asked. — Go my beloved wife here. Stay so me — he inviting waved a hand and was imposingly stretched on a bed. She fell by knees and, without looking him in eyes, began to mass a foot. — Take off from me clothes — the sheikh ordered. The first business Samira removed from his head a gutra — the scarf surrounded with a plait then a white shirt and the lower trousers. Arabs didn't wear pants and therefore the sheikh was absolutely naked. Hair at him grew everywhere, black and curling, covered all body. Samira squinted eyes and saw that his dick is in serene rest. She should work fairly to bring him into a working state after smoking! — A undress itself now and dance for me — Aziz asked. The girl took off a silk Arab dress and remained in a suit for dances which represented from itself(himself) the red bodice embroidered with gold and the skirt which is hardly hiding buttocks. She included music and began to dance before him, manufacturing various "pases". No and dance his sleeping dick couldn't wake! — Stop dancing! — with irritation the sheikh exclaimed. Lick him — he removed the top part of flesh that the small red head seemed. Samira went down on a floor before the husband on knees and the dick took in hands. Language carefully I licked and I involved it all in a mouth, then I began to drive lips up-down, being stuck by a throat on the sluggish end. sexytales In half an hour of efforts the sheikh angrily pushed away ee: — There is enough! You aren't able to bring to the man pleasure! — he hit Samira on a face and turned away, showing offense. She lay on a floor and waited for further continuation of a show. Now he will grow furious and will implant the small willy to her into the back, won't be made horney yet. As if having heard thought ee, Aziz pulled down from her a suit and directly on a floor delivered to ee in a kolenno-loktevy pose. Ee appetizing buttocks appeared otklyachennoy up. The sheikh got up on knees before her and thrust a finger into an anal opening. Samira moved, he hit with an ee on a buttock on which the accurate trace of a palm imprinted here. Fingers he entered deeply ee the back, treading a path for the morel. His wife was silent and patiently waited for an inevitable execution. His dick all still stayed in narcotic intoxication and didn't react to a desired hole in any way. The sheikh began to insert it, but that constantly dropped out of a gut and continued to hang. Desperately creaking teeth, he began to fuck fingers Samira, causing her improbable pain. Tears the river began to flow from ee of eyes, filling in beautiful east carpet. Aziz got fingers from a hole and is noisy pulled in nostrils, feeling a smell of elastic buttocks. She before a meeting put an enema and now was clean inside. Probably, what-to trembled at this moment in it, his dick became firmer and was slightly poured by blood. Ne losing minutes, he drove it in already developed hole and began to fuck desperately, forcing Samira to shudder from unpleasant feelings. The pubis it with a force whipped buttocks of the wife. He jumped as the Arab racer on a hippodrome, growling and strongly squeezing buttock ee hands. His dick finally came to himself and woke up, feeling a hard gut of the woman. She felt nothing any more, lay as if without consciousness until he with shout pulled out the root from a hole and began to jerk off him as mad, I didn't fill in all back of the supruzhnitsa yet. Having splashed out everything to a drop, he wiped the писюн o ee of a half of a bum and climbed on a bed. — you Can when you want — I uttered spouses — A go now, I want to sleep! — I swear, I will poison him — Samira whispered and left the bedchamber of the spouse. Quickly I gathered to myself a bathtub and I plunged with the head. Miriam came to help madam to be washed and found that all in tears. — Akh, madam, mine what happened?