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Book cases of a dark tree were lost in darkness under a ceiling, the monumental written table trampled a carpet of long pile in a parquet, heavy emerald portieres confused residues of light in the folds. Opposite to it, having put hands on a breast and having slightly leaned against a table, there was an inquisitor. His face was motionless and severe, haughty and impartially the white insert of his collar shone. And it didn't give a hand for a kiss that was already absolutely bad sign. Thin, ideally manicured fingers of the novice fingered a hem of the mini-cassock which was hardly covering buttock folds; her long legs braided with stockings - a network, shifted from one foot to the other, breaking on dvadtsatisantimetrovykh striptizyorsky heels. And without that prushchiye from a deep decollete her snow-white, round, huge breasts at each uneasy breath actually stuck out outside, threatening or to tear black silk of a cassock, or to escape from her captivity. The inquisitor terribly was silent. — the Monastery is full rumors — at last he told. — You rolled in a sin. — O, is a lie, the Saint father! — the novice uttered indistinctly. — to Be silent! I see a sin so hundred meters. And you, Laura, wallowed in it. A sin прёт from you, like your vicious flesh!!! — having furiously shown, the inquisitor stuck with a finger into poured, is elastic-podatlivye, Laura's tits which are painfully squeezed by a corset. — And your sin — arrogance — it for a second became silent, gathered a full breast of air and shouted: — How did you dare, having entered ko to me, to remain to stand?! Na knees!!! Having sighed, Laura fell face downwards, far forward vyprostav hands. Her graceful back caved in, the skirt of a mini-cassock spread to a waist, having bared charming round yagodichki, crossed out very narrow tesyomochkoy thongs. The dismissed hair were beaten out from under a scarf and scattered on a back, shining gold on black silk, the spread o a floor appetizingly stuck out huge boobies on sides of a slender body. Whining and crying, the girl beat o a floor a forehead. — the Sinner! Sinner! Sinner! — the inquisitor roared from above, slowly bypassing an open body. Having appeared behind, he for a long time stopped, with displeasure examining appetizing buttocks. Thongs slipped between sexual sponges of the girl, and were lost in them as as if pizdyoshka has a snack a tape chubby gubyoshkami and now it is active slyunyavila fabric — moisture, darkening tesyomochku, crept away on golubenkim to panties up and down. — In the monastery say that you plunge men into a sin — the inquisitor pizde told. — It is a lie, the Saint father! — Laura cried in a floor. — O, no! — the father is an inquisitor I continued a round of the shivering maiden body, sliding a look on bends of a fine-molded waist, rotundities of the breast which is sticking out from under a body, gold curls which so esthetically spread on black silk of a cassock and, of course, lingering on the round, elastic buttocks sparkling whiteness. — Say that you tempt them with a look. — No you bought for us cassocks in the sex shop — the novice ached. — it is correct. Therefore that you have to realize every minute that you are vicious one existence. The most flesh you, the woman — an incarnate sin! — No in these cassocks we are wanted by all counter men! — You all look, all behavior, all person have to show A, is how pure, inaccessible and Saint! From you has to bear such spirituality that men in a trice lowered the sinful body! Khm. I had in view of — eyes. He stopped before the girl: — And in confirmation of my correctness you are ashamed to look to me in a face. In eyes to me! Laura scaredly threw up the head. The inquisitor thoughtfully stared at the crushed o which opened to him a floor and is elastic the sticking-out boobies, directly in invitingly the darkening depression in the ground between them: — Well of course As with such whorish person in general it is possible to show to men sanctity? — No you force us to be painted brightly! The inquisitor strictly looked at the girl's face on a fine kurnosenkoye.— It is correct. Therefore that the Christ's bride has to be similar the beauty to an angel. A you learn to represent arrogance. Inaccessibility. That you burn with A green glazishchami, like a cat lewd! A as you go, forgive My God?! I saw how you entered the loose woman's gait here! — No you imposed on me eternal epitimyyu "High heels"! — the novice who stiffened in a knee - an elbow pose exclaimed golopopaya. — That I, tested inconvenience at each step and didn't forget that I go on the guilty earth. — Yes, but I didn't teach you to wag thus an ass!