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The time of sessions ended and, having just perfectly well passed the last examination, I could relax, forget for two months about any study and just derive pleasure from life. "Were going, it seems, for the South to go the company — in the head the thought — more better somewhere to Europe rushed, of course: to Prague, for example, or to Amsterdam. But it is already absolutely other quotations so, most likely, we will go to Sochi... though after the city was announced by the venue of the Olympic Games, the prices too obviously many times grew. All right, there it will be visible, all the same to Sochi already went so it is necessary to think up something new". Scrolling in the head of pleasant thoughts of rest was interrupted with a familiar call from the opposite side of the road. — Well you — swinging the pancake deaf the head, the high broad-shouldered guy with short dark hair hurried to be indignant with "hedgehog", having stolen a march, at the same time having caused several hostile alarm beeps what answered the whole world with the known obscene gesture of a middle finger. — Sorry, thought — absolutely carelessly I shrugged shoulders in reply — thoughts just in the head. — Thank God that though something in the head. It is bad when they are absent. — Hear, че you want? I thought at you a training. — Indeed, only I decided not to go today — that crookedly smiled — well itself think: only handed over a session what, to hell, a training. To me children tinkled and told that today we walk, they there. I tracked the movement of his hand and saw the small company of the guys and girls sitting at doors of one of numerous cafes around a round table with an umbrella and is cheerful about something exchanging words. Having noticed that I look in their party, several people friendly waved to me a hand. — And me че didn't call? — I asked a little with insult not how many because strongly I wanted to go with them, how many just from offense at the fact that didn't remember me. — the Pasha called you several times, you didn't answer. I got phone from a pocket. Well, all is right, on the screen the inscription "4 the missed messages" shone, and the call was transferred to the silent mode that God forbid I didn't ring out during the examination, here only forgot to include. — Well — with a smile the friend looked at me. — La - and - adno — stretched I — there are no claims. — Thank you, your Majesty — the healthy fellow imposingly bowed, fixing several inquisitive, cheerful glances of passersby — and that I already and didn't know how to apologize to you, already wanted to kneel all company. — And че, it is a thought. — Aha that else? Do you want nothing any more? — Is shorter what at you there for the plan for today? — Now here we eat ice cream, little girls wanted, then we will a little take a walk also in houses, to change clothes also in "Ecstasy" till the morning. — Yes, isn't original, but I in business! Now, however, I home, but in the evening I with you when you gather? — Aren't sure yet, hours in nine or ten. I will call you for half an hour before coming for you. — Ladas — I strong reaped the given hand, once again waved a hand of the company across the road and, having slapped the friend it can do, a fast pace went home. To sit in cafe and to speak about anything now somehow not really there was a wish especially as in that company I disliked some. The club is already another matter, there it is possible to spend cool time and to release energy. If carries, then can even with somebody and get acquainted. In the company we had many beautiful girls who were pleasant to me, but generally they were girls of my friends, and to beat off off them girlfriends was not in my principles in spite of the fact that I considered myself if not handsome, then quite nice guy who is able to tell and amuse beautifully and interestingly public. Anyway, it was hard to step through border which I established myself in spite of the fact that sometimes there was a strong wish.I reached the house slowly, enjoying weather. I climbed steps on the second floor and, having already been going to open a door to the apartment, I stood for a moment. There music played, ware rattled and unfamiliar voices were heard. "Someone it to us was secured — I half-heartedly thought, having deeply sighed and having shaken the head — here guests only and wasn't enough".