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Having approached an entrance, I saw on a bench of two old women of gossips. Having come into an entrance with two little girls I caught on myself their eyes. These gargoyles always gossiped about much "skanks, "who were driven to himself by "the rich boy". I lived on the ninth. Having come into the elevator, I leaned to his wall. Little girls nestled on opposite. Having decided to use the moment, I began to examine Vika's legs. She didn't notice it, but Polina noticed. "Arrived" - I heard her evil voice. Having gone out of the elevator, I sadly looked at a door of the apartment. Having opened her a call and having let in newly made hostesses, I locked a door. Though sense? To me and so nobody will come. I weigh in their power. It is unpleasant to feel that I am not the head of a situation, to twist always in my life was on the contrary. Having undressed, we passed to the living room. There I sat down on a favourite leather sofa of the father and directly asked "What to do?" Unexpectedly for myself I heard the answer from Vika. "I don't like your tone, address us on formal terms, call hostesses!" - she exactingly told. I decided to play their games. Though me it is unusual, but I addressed as she wants "I apologize madam what you will order?" Polina ordered me. "Undress to pants and wait for us here!" - and they, having turned, left the living room. I pulled together an undershirt, jeans, removed hours, socks and remained in some white pants. Suddenly I heard a sound of the rustling water. It is obvious that someone from them takes a shower if not both. It is interesting what they plan? I learned it in twenty minutes. Little girls entered together. On wet hair I understood that a shower was taken by both. Vika still was in the violet T-shirt fitting boobies and sports shorts. Polina left in a brassiere. Though this time her big breast didn't cause in me desire. Likely it was fought by my belt off it in hands. The belt was leather with a rectangular buckle from France. Means, she also came into my room. Shoot! "Kneel also hands for the head!" - she ordered. I grinned and executed the order. Polina bypassed me and got up behind, I couldn't see her. Vika sat down on a sofa opposite to me, settled more conveniently and became the spectator these are pictures. Her legs were in a half a meter from me. "And what is quite good, similar to role-playing game. Pauline to you needs a variety? So just would call? Why to me a gay appointment to arrange and to shoot film was?" - I made witticisms. "To be silent!" - she shouted and strongly I hit me with a belt in a naked back. I screamed. It was wildly sick. "I told to be silent!" - Polina began to squeal and began to strike new blows. At me slightly tears didn't act. After the tenth blow I opened eyes. The back burned. I looked at Vika. She had such person as if she watched a porn the movie, but not beating of the schoolmate. She sweated. Her suntanned moist skin demented me. Her breast quickly rose and fell. It brought me. The dick got up. Pants were inflated with a peculiar sail. Polina noticed it and shouted "Ah to you it also it is pleasant, rubbish!" - and blows became more ruthless. I screamed again. She beat me about five more minutes. Then I heard the new order. "Get up and don't open eyes" I got up. The back burned. But it wasn't kind of strange the dick stood. Suddenly I felt the movement of horney hands on the legs. Moist palms pulled together from me pants. They did it gently and I without opening eyes guessed that pants are taken off by Vika. The dick jumped out on freedom. Vika, having been lost in contemplation, I seized him and I moved a head. It terribly was pleasant to me. Suddenly I heard furious whisper of Polina "What are you doing?!" The hand recoiled. Suddenly I felt new blow already to a bottom. I cried. Polina continued to beat me. "Will be enough, Paul it isn't interesting, give further" - I asked Vick, I is grateful I looked at her. Polina rejected a belt and left the room. It is similar that she was doesn't mind still to torture me. Vindictive creature. "Sit down" - Vika ordered. "I will stand!" - I was afraid to sit down. That was sick to stand. It wasn't pleasant to her. Vika Vsklochila also presented me with slap in the face. "It is the order!" I sat down. It was wildly sick, the bum burned. Vika threw legs on a sofa, and smiling on all fours approached my ear. "It was warm-up, is farther more cheerfully" and licked me in an ear. I was stunned again. This little girl clung why I didn't communicate with her earlier? Polina returned quickly. In hands she had a long, thick banana" Get up, lean on a sofa and spread legs" - I ordered Vika. I executed, with horror realizing that they are going to do. On a sofa of the village of Polina opposite to me. Vika got up behind. I felt her hand on the buttock. To me it was sore. The back and a back burned with fire. Polina smiled enough. Meanwhile Vika moved apart my buttocks. To me it became terrible. As many times I did it with girls, even with opposite sitting. And now it will be with me. Vika began with what - that warm to smear my back. Having smeared with lubricant, she slowly entered banana inside. Also I left it there. "Get up" I heard her voice. I got up. Pain was not taken out, the bum both was torn and burned at once, I without having sustained cried. "Painfully babe?" - nearly laughing, Polina asked. "To you end creature!" - try to restrain here. Shoot! Would be silent more better! I right there regretted about these words. Vika pushed me in a back. I turned out in the same pose that was earlier. Vika, having taken out banana almost up to the end I began to hollow quickly me it. To me it was sore, but the beginning a time later is pleasant. The feeling was pleasant, though painful. My dick stood rooted to the ground. Suddenly Vika stopped and got banana. Polina jumped and quickly went to kitchen. Vika sat down on knees meanwhile and began to jerk off my column. I thought that she will take it in a mouth was going to cum, but suddenly to the room flew Weeding with a glass. Sowing near Vika on knees she put a top of the dick in a glass. Vika continued to jerk off. I couldn't sustain and terminated. The glass was filled with a cum half. I fell to a sofa enough, and right there enjoyed portion of pain in buttocks and a back. "Get up" a couple of minutes later I heard. Having got up, I looked at girls. "Go to the battery and sit down" - Polina ordered. Sowing by a back to the cool battery I closed eyes. Suddenly I felt that my hand is fastened in the battery. Having opened eyes, I saw handcuffs. Real handcuffs. I understood that I am chained … Here I naked sit in the living room chained by handcuffs. Girls, having taken a glass, left the room. "Where you?" - I shouted. Half an hour I sat and didn't understand where they. I precisely knew one, they were in the apartment. Either in the bathroom, or in the bedroom, or in my room, or in kitchen. Suddenly I heard a sound of the working shower. Little girls returned twenty minutes later. Polina put before me a glass and having sat down passionately kissed. I answered. Suddenly we stopped a kiss and Polina left. At the exit she told "Vick I wait for you below" "You where?" - I asked it after. Vika sat down before me, glanced to me in eyes and kissed. Kissing gently, she stroked my dick. It immediately swelled up. "You are incorrigible" having come off, she told and got up. "You what? And handcuffs!" - I spitefully cried. "No, the road you will stay so till tomorrow. All night long without food and water. You will receive them if till the morning you devastate this glass. You will drink, in the morning we will come and we will feed, you won't drink, tomorrow you will stay all day!" And having turned, she quickly left. A free hand I tried to remove handcuffs. It didn't turn out. Handcuffs were police officers. "Polina has a father полкан" - I remembered. But not to drink an own cum? I looked at a glass. It was full to the brim … And to twist I filled it to the middle … Having taken a glass I in a volley devastated it. Nearly блеванув I swallowed everything. It was awfully opposite … I am Maxim Sergeyev, the son of the international businessmen chained to the battery, I drink a mix from allocations. But the choice that wasn't … I understood what these two creatures will do with me now that will want. And the pain endured today still florets. And I have no choice … To be continued … (This part not the most interesting, but necessary for a plot. Following it will be more interesting)