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Step by step to pass under an arch and to go to falls. Water is deeper and deeper, the current licks the skin covered with water droplets, and small fishes swim up and are stuck into legs. Water tenderly touches hot lower lips, calming the body which was tired in a day of a heat. There are moments when there is a wish to live forever. To get up under a water wall, to close eyes and to be fenced off by noise and purity of water from everything that tried to stick in the city – views, words, thoughts washes away from skin and soul. Even the internal cynic relaxed and became silent. To set up a stream the person, and fingers to play with the pussy (the combination of external cold and internal heat give indescribable pleasure) and to stand so until the spasm doesn't begin to cramp legs, and skin won't creak from purity. To leave water – wet hair stuck around the head and a neck, nipples from cold stick out sharp burgoka, and inside warmly and purely. If still someone stretched a towel and kindled a fire …... Werewolves weren't long, but as soon as the attention weakened couple jumped out of fog at once and still unpleasant silhouettes loomed. To jump aside and nestle a back on a tree that behind didn't get, on the run кастуя treatment, a board and again treatment on the workmate. Began to smell blood and a wet dog. The devil, as you fight! Fun is simple …. One of werewolves fell, but to him on change two more, here not luck – a furious, and damned krog-Egyptian vulture to a heap jumped out. Treatment, a fiery wall, treatment, still, of Mang flows away as water from the broken jar, treatment, in soul to the place of fear the mad delight, treatment, a chaos arrow in a krog, treatment, treatment, on the manna remains - a nightmare takes up, creatures for a moment recede, to take a sip of potions, and turn - treatment, treatment, a rain of fire, treatment, treatment, treatment … and suddenly everything came to an end. On a glade the blood-stained corpses of werewolves which are densely strewed with down of a krog rolled. And silence, even svetlyaki don't buzz. The zavonyal fake wool and the burned grass is impossible. And you are almost whole, this time from me the quite good nurse turned out. To approach closely, to glance in eyes, still mad from a fight, and to understand that yes. Here and now. Quicker, differently the world will fail. To nestle all over, the baked lips will reach your lips, to exhale from your strong embrace. So it is quite good to remove weapon, and that cold edges is absolutely extreme behind the back. My hands already try to let loose to the touch a fastener of your trousers … it is necessary could remove the pieces of iron. And your hands, hot and sticky from blood of creatures, under my jacket. Yes well her besides line as late krog. Yes, here so, is stronger fingers on a backbone. From intolerable desire in eyes darkens. I hate the trousers with a belt. At the most inappropriate moment jams a fastener, but you just pull more feasibly and strong fabric with a lingering crash is torn. We pull together trousers the friend from the friend, to the middle of hips, to undress completely it waste of precious seconds. and still creatures, but this thought absolutely on a background still at any time can appear suddenly. Having dodged, I turn to you a back, I nestle buttocks on your groin, firmly and hotly. At me it is so damp from excitement that, apparently, flows on inside of hips. I press you to myself and I kneel. And here the dead werewolf should serve as an emphasis for hands. You the powerful movement enter my vagina dying of desire, a daaa, our razmerchik. big! Hoarse groan from pleasure. You hold me by hips, movements quicker and quicker. Yes. Yes. Even stronger, more rigidly. Daa. The wave covers. Forces will choke, and here you with with groan catch up with me. Legs and hands refuse to hold, and we fall on the former battlefield. In the head loudly it is also empty … the foggy landscape of Vorlaks seems sharp and bright … it is good … the smell of death mixes up with a musky smell of life. - Well you, pancake, give, children, ha-ha-ha, – suddenly through a glade is noisy some crusader breaks on the riding animal. - Silently envy, cattle! – he is lazy I extend a hand and I begin to kastovat файрбол, and the tactless moron esteems for the best will accelerate and to disappear. - Now to those falls, - you rise to the feet, you pull trousers and you give me a hand ….