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Of course, they left not by phone, a before, an eye in eyes, but to Oleg this call was more remembered. The last point in parting dots. More she didn't call. Oleg in several days from the general acquaintances learned that she already managed to meet with the one someone was to him. And it rezanulo is even more sick. He washed down, an in a month for a long time went to work for the country North. And here this call. Later a decent interval of time when already waters flowed away more, than in itself contains the sacred lake Baikal. ee voice all is so quiet, sure and easy as if and there were no these three years. The forgotten and unforgettable intonations. And for some reason heart was clogged, as before the first kiss with the schoolmate. — Hello! — Hi. — How you live? They agreed to meet in cafe, nearby from house ee where often liked to come earlier, in that still lives. Irina didn't change at all, only corners of lips aren't raised up now and eyes were left by naughty sparkles. No all it is also fresh and beautiful. It from her won't be taken away by nobody, except time. She long chattered about everything on light, he was silent and listened, in boobies at him the irritation wave accrued more and more. She said o the fact that changed work, o the fact that swore so the best girlfriend that dispersed so the man, and still god a message of o than. A a wave in boobies only became more and more. Why did he in general here come? — Ira, to what this meeting? — I wanted you uvidetyoleg looked at how she put the palm on his palm. Long beautiful fingers. He long looked at these fingers after what he got up, took ee for a hand and pulled to an exit from cafe. To Na Street already darkened, and summer heat was replaced with an easy cool. They got into the car which having sparkled headlights and having screamed tires, drove off from cafe. Oleg passed several quarters ahead and turned into the yards, having made the way through which, they came out to the small waste ground surrounded so all parties with bushes and trees. Oleg perfectly knew this place still so times of the youth. Since that time it didn't change. By that moment as Oleg muffled the motor, his dick already was in Ira's mouth. She always differed in speed of a thought and excellent reaction when she needed it. Skillful language and soft lips perfectly knew the business. A dense ring of lips, having strong squeezed a trunk, quickly moved on him up and down. Oleg grabbed with Irina's hand the light hair which are pulled together on a nape in a horse tail and literally pressed ee the head into himself, without listening to ee rattles. Ira choked, but didn't grumble though such relation especially was never pleasant to her. When at her tears from eyes already began to flow, Oleg, so for hair, delayed ee the head from himself and got out of the car outside. Irina, having got over via the lever of a box of transfers, I got out following behind it. She wanted to kiss him, but he developed ee to himself a back and hoarsely told: — Bend down. She bent down, having rested palms against sitting and felt as he lifts up ee a hard skirt to her on a belt. Everything went not so. And he conducts himself not so. No now-to chegooleg pulled together from her pants and having sat down before ee a bottom, I carried out by hands on elastic buttocks. Thoughts weren't, there was only a wild excitement and a beautiful bum before the person. Beautiful and till this time darling. And the watchman horse-radish with which though hammer nails into this moment. Ira, of course, could escape when he began to thrust roughly fingers into ee back pass. I could, nesmotrya on the fact that he healthy, vosmidesyatipyatikilogammovy the man to burst to him on ugly face Ne therefore that it is a hypocrite and never I was engaged in it, a therefore that he does it here so and here here I Could. No instead of it only I caved in stronger in a back and I screwed up eyes.Oleg squeezed a dick in ee to the priest, looking from above as ee a flexible body shudders from his blows. He understood that it doesn't receive from this any pleasure, a skoree on the contrary, but to him already was to spit. Having felt the coming orgasm, he sharply left it, pulled ee a hand, developing to himself the person. I pressed her on shoulders and she failed knees on the earth. Having seen before itself his trunk, only that scurrying about in a direct gut, Ira rolled up the head, but Oleg, strong holding ee, I already stuck with a head into a face. And again she could push away him, but only opened a mouth. Having buttoned trousers, Oleg poked into a glove compartment, got paper napkins from there. — Na, take — Yes you went — Ira got up from knees. Knees burned. She shook off, put in order a skirt, bypassed the car and, having sat down on the place, began to rummage in the handbag. Oleg sat down at a wheel and slammed behind himself a door. I looked in a mirror of a back look. The waste ground Na, having lit them with headlights, the cops' car drove and I stopped nearby from them, meters in five. Nobody went out of it. Probably behind that arrived most, Oleg grinned about himself and, having given the back course, left from the waste ground. In the road they were silent. When the car stopped opposite to Irinogo of an entrance, Oleg, looking before itself in front glass, indifferently told: — Good luck. Irina looked at him. If he at this moment looks with her in eyes, then would see in them black angry sparks. No he looked forward. She silently got out of the car and slowly walked to the entrance. Oleg threw a look in ee the party. Looking as Irina potters about in the handbag in search of keys, he lit. The whore, as in shit izvozilsya. And in own, therefore that this heap he did. All right, can be though it will be the last point in so prolonged dots of parting Time will show.