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By 17 years I became pregnant, and it was necessary urgently to solve something. Mother through acquaintances very quickly found to me the husband from Moscow, we were in absentia zasvatat. "Future husband" called Karen, he was engaged in business in Moscow, of average height, an average constitution the young man of years 35. My future husband "fell in love" with me according to photos, and without long podgotovka I married. Especially magnificently didn't note, and I moved to Moscow to the husband at once. Where that in 7 months after "wedding" I gave birth to the daughter (scandal nearly ran high, but all peacefully settled with participation of the mother-in-law and mother). The husband very much wanted the boy, but the daughter was born, and Karen very much I was upset. Besides after the delivery I a little bit grew fat, and the husband began "to remain longer at work", or was at meetings, or it was necessary to sit with friends... though I felt that he changes me, but didn't begin to inflate scandal from this. I lacked attention, caress, is banal sex. Besides the husband began to give less money, a pier of business go not really. For the first year of a marriage I got used that the husband bought to me expensive jewelry, a fur coat, expensive clothes and footwear, drove in restaurants and clubs, and now all this remained in the past, and to me there was that only 18. Well though my uncle with families (mother's brother) lived in Moscow, and the cousin — Karinka, paid a visit, entertained me, we together went shopping. A little bit about Karinke. She is one year more senior than me, high, thin, with slender legs the brunette. Karinka was born in Armenia, but grew up in Moscow, graduated from school and entered the University. I studied as the journalist though it is difficult to call it study — the party participated in all, I was at all parties and secular actions. I knew all interesting places and I was aware about all interesting parties. I liked to put on in expensive clothes, to wear jewelry, to go to expensive salons — to the best hairdressers, makeup artists, and in general I loved a dolce vita. I didn't understand from where she takes money for all this as the uncle seems not so much earned. When I the next time I began to complain Karinke that the husband doesn't give money for a new pair of shoes and won't buy new phone, Karinka asked: — The sun and why you don't try to earn most, you are already adult girl? — you that the silly woman and how I will earn? Without education, without work permit, without qualification, besides likely Karen will be to the minding work for the whole day, and on half of day hardly in general I will find something. — at what here education? Here I, finish the first course, but I earn all the money itself, only I take money for decency from parents, and so I have enough the. — well you likely as write to magazines, to newspapers, after all you study as the journalist. — You that the silly woman, Anyutka? what magazines, well cerebrate someone will give me big money for any columns in magazines and newspapers and how many I will earn from journalism? Karinka mysteriously began to smile, and cunning looked at me, and continued — you aren't a silly woman, you already adult, you understand that is wanted by generous and rich uncles from very young and cute girls as I and you. While we are young it is necessary to use it, then late will be. It is necessary to place just widely legs, and dads will ask that you took away money. — You what you suggest to become a whore? — why it is so rough, to become the mistress, the beloved for an hour. Here you sleep with the Karen, and he brings money to the house, you don't become a prostitute, though before a wedding didn't even know him. Here also and at parties, just favourite all for the evening, also pays much more blessed. — And it is possible to earn so much — I asked, having a little bit been embarrassed. — depending on where and as, but 10 — 15 thousand are possible quietly. in an evening to earn, but if carries, there were also 1 — 2 thousand dollars, but it not always. Anyutka, give don't break, tomorrow I can arrange a rendezvous, just tell Karen that at me you will spend the night, we will leave the daughter at the grandmother and we will come off — and we poyebtsya wonderfully well, and money we will earn, Ok? I didn't manage to agree or refuse how Karinka added — tomorrow to five I will come for you, be ready, prepare yourself, don't dress panties, and I will bring a dress for you that you respectively looked and wasn't allocated, understood the sister, the whore?! — we laughed, and went on houses. Next day, I told Karen that it is necessary to stay and help at Karinka to her about the house, and I will leave the daughter at his parents. I saw off Karen for work and I began to prepare. I made an intimate epilation, it was washed, I made a klizmochka, it was rubbed with aromatic oils, and I began to put on. I put on a brassiere and stockings in a network. There arrived Karinka, and brought a dress, or more precisely something that she called a dress. The back was completely open, and the buttocks are tense by fabric strips (a dress photo in the picture lower). Prikid finished sandals on a high heel — 12 cm, and a fur coat, nevertheless neighbors shouldn't have seen as I naked I leave the house. — and you are a born whore, Anyutka! — Karinka told — today you will be the focus of attention. Now listen, we will go down now, below waits for the jeep, we will sit down and we will go to a country house to one of my regular customers. I told about you, and he invited you too, and will pay 2000 dollars in an evening. Take money at once and you will give me, I will hold them and I will give everything to you on return home, Ok?! I nodded. We went down to the yard, there we were waited by the jeep. Karinka sat down on a front seat, and I on back. Near me the young man sat. — Get acquainted, this is Anyutka, my sister! Anyutka, and it is Artur and Garik, they will entertain us today, and not only they — all of us together laughed and the car moved! The car moved a little, and we at great speed went to Artur to the dacha. While we went, Garik (he sat behind) transferred to me and Karinke on a pile of notes. I took money and transferred Karinke. After payment, Artur began to touch at once me through a dress, and did everything extremely inconsiderately. To me it was unusual — not that I was never touched, but Garik did everything very impudently and publicly. I bent to Lasche, in hope that he will kiss me, but he pushed away me at once, and I felt easy slap in the face.