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A even more me concerns a question: where the report with yesterday's night-school students?" — the angry voice of Mike Becker when she after all lifted a tube rumbled. "Will" be — Vlada laconically responded and it was disconnected. She didn't afford it in a relationship with him earlier, Mike let and the friend, but everything is equal the chief, the administration should be respected. She trudged to the bathroom, on the course thinking what to tell Becker why she didn't set Dyachenko several questions. At o thought to Nikita heart of ee jammed, such universal melancholy pulled hard though a wolf howl. Ne there was a wish to go for work, there was no wish to speak with anybody, a just dreamed to bury under a blanket and let though all world will burst. No it is, of course, nonsenses. Na work she will go, and will work, to the seventh sweat, a will forget then that it was at night today. A how to forget? When it such close and native lay absolutely nearby, was engaged with her in love, kissed ee. Though and at first it was a little sore, but then Vlada got such pleasure that experiments in soul will seem her a children's entertainment now. Probably, it is also the peak of pleasure — to be engaged in sex with the favourite person. She the ambassador Leshki had nobody A, there isn't even enough-malskogo romanchika, devoted all herself to work, without noticing the interested views of men. So and without having thought up anything for Mike, Vlad went to work. "Well tell!" — with these words Becker met ee. "Yes there is nothing to tell! People didn't depart from him all evening, I had no opportunity to drive up to him neither on a curve goat, nor on a straight line" — she began to come true. "The devil, it is a pity, of course! Well you everything is equal the good fellow, started useful communications?". "Aha, Denis Smolensky on a step didn't depart from me all evening" — Vlada sniffed. Mike only went into eyes on this message. Smolensky got finally all. All working day she didn't leave the office that happened to her extremely seldom, scribbled articles for the magazine, looked for the necessary information on the Internet, in the general, created vigorous activity. Towards the evening to her the courier with a smart basket of roses glanced. "Vlada Bazhenova? Undersign it to you". Flowers? From someone? Well of course, Smolensky! She undersigned for o notebook receiving, gave a tip to the boy and sat down back in a chair. In a card it was removed: "Call me and number of phone", without signature. Incognito. This is Denis, there is nobody more — Vlada solved, I won't call and thank, he probably, only also waits for it. Having left flowers in an office, she came to the street, got into the car and thoughtfully looked round on the parties. There was no wish to go home categorically, there everything reminded o of yesterday's night which she would prefer to forget. To fight further for Nikita had no sense, she in the black list. If he wants what-to relationship, then wouldn't run away yesterday so quickly. They even plainly didn't manage to talk, he preferred to keep silent, an itself didn't want to be imposed with a conversation or inquiries it. Vlada resolutely started the car and went to the party of the favourite cafe to Slobodke. I ordered as always fragrant tea with additives, I opened MacBook taken from work, I put on points and I prepared for what-nibud writing of interesting article for the magazine where she earned additionally. In Vlad's soul always I dreamed to write the book — the novel, but to write in big forms at her it didn't turn out yet, there wasn't enough patience, yes and the imagination was quickly exhausted. And instead of article she wrote the first lines of the novel, them with Nikita of the novel. And let it so quickly ended, nothing, she will think up continuation and the end. *** even in America Nikita always thought o of Russia, about the first house, America, began to be, was his second house. At him even the TV was ready for the Russian canals. He sat in the office and touched important documents until at all eyes began to stick together. Having wearily rubbed the red inflamed eyes, he found out that a night, in a window there was a gloomy darkness. Nikita didn't even notice how day was replaced at night, a he so also didn't find an exit from a situation which forced him to return immediately to America from cozy Russia and to solve important questions almost day. Hours showed exactly midnight, he mentally transferred time to Russian, at home now eight morning. He clicked the panel of the TV and stared in the screen, thinking the o. "Hello dear TV viewers. In air the Kind Morning program and with you I am Vlada Bazhenova. Today we have in guests a famous actress of cinema Tatyana Arntgolts" — by a melodious voice the TV couldn't stop and I blew up silence. "Vlada, Vlada, the poor girl who in twenty five years appeared the virgin I didn't manage to warn you that urgently I depart to America, will worry, endure, consider myself thrown" — Nikita thought and one movement I switched off the screen. And before than to fall asleep, he after all thought: "And why you didn't call?" *** Vlada's Affairs went to the mountain. Thanks to kind Mike Becker who lit ee on several telecasts in a particular "Kind morning", ee noticed and in eager rivalry invited to cooperation. Ee the person perfectly looked on the screen, was photogenic, the necessary people couldn't but notice it. To Vlada even the offer to advertize the French cosmetics of the known brand arrived. Works was too much, so that to the girl o to Nikita was no time to think. I didn't forget to forget him, and in the evening, looking at a white silk sheet, she remembered that wonderful, but such short night. A ran in the morning for work again, turned as a squirrel in a wheel, returning home late night. Sometimes ee invited to various parties on which as Mike spoke "it is worth visiting". Denis Smolensky to more Vlad didn't covet, said even that he had a new passion with which he is madly in love. Role of Casanova fell directly on eyes when it appeared so the mistress at parties and all evening gently held ee by a hand, without noticing anybody around. "It and to the best" — Vlada noted, having lost the admirer. He I remembered that the roses presented by Denis still long stood at her in an office, pleasing an eye as as if he presented them from clean heart, a not from desire to drag in a bed. Vlada carefully watched the body and appearance, every day visited fitness Koketka club, so she had a personal trainer Yaroslav. He developed for her the individual program of occupations which she diligently worked. No she devoted all free time to writing of the novel which main hero was Nikita Dyachenko. LINES FROM VLADA BAZHENOVOYZVONOK'S POMAHA of the outposts ee when she accepted a bathtub with favourite aromatic oils and sea salt. Called, it seems, at a door. Having hastily rubbed off a body a towel and having thrown with a bathing dressing gown, she directly barefoot ran to the hall. Heart for some reason set a mad rhythm as as if very important, long-awaited guest came. especially for Damp a foot slipped on a parquet, and she a sack failed on a floor, having clumsily hooked on a leg on a hanger with clothes. The incredible roar was distributed that calling on time I released a call button, probably listening that is created behind a door of the apartment to which he wants to get. Swearing on all frets, she rose by all fours and on any case shouted "Ida", having estimated the injured knee on which blood droplets seemed. Limping on one leg, she koe-kak reduced distance to a door by the extended hands and began to unlock numerous English locks. Na a threshold there was OH and shifted from one foot to the other from a leg on a leg, confusedly smiling and holding a smart bouquet of white roses in hands. Favourite Ee. From hair water as tears desperately flew down, groziv to fill in all hall. "It is possible?" — he asked and stretched her flowers. "Of course, pass" — she receded deep into apartments. He entered and instantly filled soboyvse space of the hall, Vlad already and forgot that he is such high, real Heracles.Nikita wasn't hasty undressed, accurately put shoes on a regiment and in some socks marched on kitchen. — Tea you will give to drink me? A that in America I also forgot taste of the real Russian tea, such native, giving an ice-hole and still it is unknown what herbs. — A I don't drink tea. I have a coffee. Real, I in grains buy it and I cook in a cezve — she smiled. — With pleasure. She turned away to a plate and began to conjure with coffee, feverishly thinking that it to tell it. A can ask where it vanished? Passed three weeks from that night when he ran away from it. Nikita approached to it behind and kissed on a neck. She moved as as if from blow and I stiffened on the place. The actor untied a dressing gown belt, one movement pulled off him and hung up on a chair. She stood naked, defenseless, in the middle of the kitchen and small shook. Nikita took ee the person in palms and turned to himself, looking in these two silent wells, he said: — You forgive me, all right? ***