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Having washed and having made toilet I began to think how to be farther, appear before children in a normal look or in image. As a result I decided that they so know everything about me and both fucked me so that me have nothing to hesitate. Having taken a shower I made up, took away hair in two tails and began to put on. I in a rush forgot sandals and a dress in the room. I just decided to dress white lacy panties in the form of shorts, white stockings, white sandals and a dressing gown. The dressing gown was white, fitted, with free sleeves too. It was so short that there where it came to an end already elastic bands of stockings were a little visible. The look turned out to put it mildly shalavisty. I left the bathroom and went to kitchen. Brat and Andrey sat at a table on a sofa, had tea and watched TV. — Here Olen'ka woke up. — it is pleased Andrey exclaimed. — You like to have a sleep. The brother just wished me kind morning and smiled. I looked at the watch, there were nearly twelve o'clock in the afternoon. — you just too tired me yesterday with the courtings. — I answered and sat down on a chair having crossed the legs. My legs fitted by white stockings had due effect. Children even gave a whistle. The brother gave me some tea. His relation that I all night long fucked with his friend was interesting to me. But I didn't manage to ask him, Andrey began a conversation. He admired that what I cool as well I suck and I do all the rest. — And when begins to groan... — the brother added — that in general from one it can be terminated. It is good that I slept tight yesterday, and that in a dream it would obkonchatsya. They began to discuss me and to share with each other the impressions about sex with me, and I having blushed sat at a table and had tea. — Well what we will do today? — the brother asked. — I don't know as you, but at me unfortunately I put and I run away now. — Andrey told. — It is a pity. — I told. — Apparently Andrey very much was pleasant to you. — the brother told. — I so can begin to be jealous. — Well, yesterday, when you fucked me in two trunks, you not strongly were jealous. — Yes I joke. On the contrary makes horney me to look as you are fucked. — the brother answered. I kneeled, crept under a table, and having settled on a floor between Andrey's legs began to caress his groin and to bite a dick through trousers. I felt as the dick shakes from my touches. Having undone a fly, I pulled together from Andrey trousers together with pants. His dick already stood as a stake. I took him in a hand and began to podrachivat. The brother sat next at this time and looking at us the dick through trousers rubbed. It was visible what at him already too costs. I licked a dickhead, Andrey shuddered. I took a dick in a mouth, slightly squeezed lips and began to do progress-headed. Andrey covered eyes and hard began to breathe. His dick strained very strongly. I slowly sucked, squeezing sponges is more and more dense, and his dick one hand at the same time jerked off. Other hand I reached a perineum of the brother and began to caress his groin. He didn't keep itself waiting, took off trousers and the dick gave me in a hand. I began to podrachivat him. Andrey caressed me on the head and pressed on a nape a little that I swallowed his dick even more deeply. The dick was big, rested to me against a throat and persistently didn't want to climb even more deeply. Periodically I let out him from a mouth to take a sip air. At this time the brother got up, removed a table and began to caress my buttocks. He moistened fingers with something slippery and got them into me, expanding a hole. I was made horney to a limit and made upward movement to it buttocks. I continued to suck Andrey's dick and to podrachivat the brother's dick. It was very not convenient. I came off Andrey, got up on all fours and the brother's dick took in a mouth. He was strongly horney. He just took my head hands and my mouth began to fuck, driving a dick on the tonsils. Yes, I thought, children strongly became overexcited. At this time I felt as the hot dickhead of Andrey touched my anus. He took me for hips and entered one push. From surprise I screamed, but the brother's dick at the same moment shut me a mouth. So they had me some time at good speed. The brother drove a dick to me in a mouth and its balls fought about my chin, and Andrey's balls in the same time fought about my buttocks. It seemed to me that their dicks once will meet somewhere at me inside. Suddenly the brother took out the dick from my mouth. In the same time Andrey left buttocks. The brother lifted me from a floor and put a back on a table. I instiktivno lifted and parted legs. He put them on the shoulder and entered me. He held one hand me by a waist, and the second leg in that place where there was an elastic band from stockings that I didn't crawl on a table from his mad movements. Andrey approached the head which is hanging down on the other side of a table and the dick to me entered into a mouth. He entered the throat and its balls touched my nose. Having made several movements he began to cum to me in a mouth. In spite of the fact that we fucked all night long, he had a lot of cum. I hardly managed to swallow of it. At this time I felt as the brother drove in me the dick to the basis and too began to cum. His hot cum drenched my interiors. He didn't hurry to leave. His dick continued to pulse in my buttocks. Andrey smeared the cum remains on my lips. When the brother left me, I weakened, but very happy with such rigid fucking, got down from a table and laid down on a sofa. Andrey left soon. We with the brother remained some. I to him helped to be tidied up. I walked on the apartment all in the same dress, it was obviously pleasant to it. He literally devoured me with eyes. This day he tried to incline me to sex several times, but I refused to him because felt that my buttocks need to have a rest a little. In blowjobs I removed his almost not passing strut. He admitted to me that except sex with me he likes to observe how I am fucked by others. And very much made horney him when his friends tried to tempt me. — Let's go with you to walk. — he offered. We will dress you more dissolutely, you will go ahead, and I at some distance also will observe how guys will glue you. — You that? I of course can walk on some quiet dark places, but here so to come to the middle of the street moreover and one... No way. — But my friends guessed not at once that you aren't the real girl. You perfectly look and nobody will suspect anything. — No, I so can't. We will allow will suspect nobody. But if I am glued? How to be? To answer or not. And if invite somewhere? I should refuse, to explain that I am not a girl. Someone knows what there can be consequences. And if suddenly someone begins to stick? — Well don't worry. I will be near and if that I will come to the rescue. — And if I as from courtings am made horney yesterday and I will want continuation? — Well to do, then you can satisfy the interest, and then you will tell me as everything was. But of course it is more best to see all this. So we were secured till the evening. To me it was terrible, but at the same time it is madly interesting that will leave this invention. And the brother nevertheless managed to finish me. We decided that we will go to the park and there I will walk. In the park there are shops, cafes where it is possible to sit and also it is a lot of secluded corners where the brother could watch me imperceptibly. I prepared and took a shower. Then I made a bright make-up. I left hair dismissed. I put on a black brassiere, thongs and stockings with a pattern, the checkered kleshenny short skirt to the middle of a hip fitting a t-shirt and a short jeans jacket. On legs I put on the favourite sandals on an average heel. Image, quite habitual for me. We left the house, got into the car and went towards the city park. On the street were already sumerki and when we reached, the darkness was almost condensed. I went out of the car one quarter prior to the park and without hurrying went on foot on the sidewalk in the direction to an entrance. The brother passed forward, parked the car at an entrance and observed as I come nearer. By me there passed people, sometimes guys turned around. So I passed through an arch of an entrance and came to be on the main avenue. She passed through all park and conducted to other entrance. To the left of me there were attractions and there was rather briskly. Along the avenue there were several open cafes and the observation deck. On the right there was the most green part of the park. There were no razvlekalovka, only walking paths, small benches and greens. This part of the park was as usual poorly lit as to the people there was a little. Passing by cafe I felt views of guys on the buttocks. And can just be to me it seemed. It was dark. The easy summer breeze rushed under a skirt and caressed my buttocks. I passed on the avenue to the observation deck, sat down on a bench, crossed the legs and lit. To me the great view of the night city opened. I didn't manage to finish smoking a cigarette as two young guys approached me, by sight 17 — 18 it is no more years, and mudflows on both sides from me. They were dressed untidy, in some grated jeans and undershirts навыпуск. One impudently put a hand on a shop behind me kind of embracing, and the second drew near closely me. — Oh, the girl misses. — I began one of them.