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Legs of girls were put in light sandals, and on hands gold bracelets flaunted. Girls melodiously laughed and joked, going down to Gold Coast, and began to throw off the attires to bathe in cool waters of the lake. — Sissel! You where? — one of girls asked. — I Will walk, I soon! — Sissel answered and I went woodward which always attracted her, attracted and bewitched. Perhaps because him it was strictly forbidden to go there. — But... — Nothing terrible will occur, Tiariya! I only will walk and will return! Sissel was a beautiful girl angel, with long gold hair and bright blue eyes, scarlet lips were chubby and juicy, and a body flexible and ideal. White wings with long beautiful feathers, were put behind the back. She slowly entered the forest, admiring the bound branches of century trees, singing of birds, to gloss of foliage on which beams of the sun fell. Nothing unusual and terrible was here, and the girl angel quietly went deep into where all sounds gradually ceased, and the silence shrouded everything around. But it didn't stop her, and the curiosity took up, having forced the girl to go further. Sissel came to a glade which was as if it is burned out and desert. On perimeter big columns with not clear patterns on them were placed. Was it seems that it is one of ritual places about which Sissel remotely heard. The girl angel with interest began to consider the mysterious place. "Really because of it we are forbidden to enter the forest?" — she thought, having slightly run by fingers on a pattern on a near column, and suddenly felt easy pricking in fingers and receded from a column as he began to shiver. The crash was heard and columns began to rock. Sissel was frightened and tried to escape, but suddenly came across the invisible barrier which isn't starting up it glades are farther. The girl angel was surrounded with a transparent wall which was strong and soundproof. Then she tried to fly up, but rested also against a transparent barrier. And meanwhile the earth in the center parted, and to a glade there was handsome. Sissel recognized in him the hated demon and is proud raised the head, having crossed hands on a breast. — So-so-so... and someone it at us appeared here?! — with a predatory smile the demon spoke, with interest taking of it a view. He was tall, a muskulist, with long, to shoulders, black hair and dark eyes. On his head small, but sharp horns flaunted. Sissel was silent, considering to enter below the advantage dialogue with this demon, and only quietly watched him. And that began to turn around her, each time getting closer to her is closer and closer. — And you know that you came on my territory, an angel? And I ооочень don't love when someone without my permission interferes here... So to do to us? — he appeared near her and squeezed her chin fingers, having brought closer the person to her. — I Advise you to release me! I didn't know that this place belongs to you, the demon! So, we will disperse and about everything we will forget... — Yet really?! But, a problem that everything that here is, mine... And you also belong now to me, an angel! — with these words he clicked fingers, and hands and legs Sissel clasped thin chains which were quite strong. — I demand that you released me immediately, the demon! Otherwise you will have big problems! He only laughed, and his eyes flashed fire when he, sharply pulled her the hanging-down lock of gold hair, having forced the girl angel to scream from pain: — From this point, my good, you dare to demand nothing... Now you washing, an angel until you bother... — with these words he ran a finger over her lips, a cheek, a neck and went down below, to a breast.Sissel moved from his touch and tried to escape from fetters, but couldn't. The demon continued to smile, having noticed flash of fear in her eyes when he began to outline circles a thumb around her nipple, and his hot breath burned with it a cheek. — Call me Damon, an angel... — he whispered, and his lips covered her half-open sponges. His language was long and rough, and thriftily wandered on her mouth, forcing to tremble Sissel with the contradictory feelings which are tearing apart her. On the one hand she was afraid of him and what he with her did... And with another — in depth it was interesting to her and it is somehow pleasant... Here his palms covered her buttocks and attracted to themselves so that she felt his horney flesh, and suddenly I regained consciousness as if from a hypnotic dream. — Let me, immediately! — she ordered, and that having furiously sniffed, pulled out a feather why Sissel screamed from pain from her wing. Having carried out by him on her face, Damon twisted a feather in fingers and threw on the earth where the feather right there burned down and was burned to ashes. He pulled out one more feather again, having forced an angel to moan, and having kissed a feather, sent that after the first. — Still, an angel? — he whispered to her on an ear, and again I stretched to her wing. — No... — she deeply breathed, still feeling the aching all back pain. — Remember, every time when you decide to order me, I will pull out your plumelets while from them nothing remains, an angel! And you, know what happens to angels who lose the wings?!